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BT deals

BT is your one-stop-shop for broadband, phone, and entertainment, offering everything from cheap standard broadband to superfast fibre and TV bundles with 5G mobile plans. And you'll find plenty of special offers and rewards to save even more money. Here you can find out everything you need to know about BT deals.

All about BT deals

BT is the largest broadband provider in the UK, delivering totally unlimited broadband to homes across the country, with a wide choice of packages to suit most budgets. And in addition to its broadband packages, BT also offers a TV service that provides an affordable alternative to premium TV deals.

There are lots of reasons to get BT, but if you’re a new customer considering BT deals you might find the choice confusing. Broadband Genie is here to guide you through the broadband maze and find the perfect package.

BT Broadband

BT provides ADSL and fibre optic broadband over a fixed-line connection using the Openreach network, which is available to most homes and businesses across the country.

To get BT Broadband you only need to have a phone line; line rental is included in all packages, and BT can arrange for installation if you don’t already have a phone.

To find out more about what BT Broadband has to offer, and compare the latest deals, visit our BT Broadband deals page.

BT ADSL broadband

ADSL is the cheapest way to get BT broadband, so this is the place to start your search for a new deal if you’re looking for ways to save money. And coverage is rarely a concern as ADSL is available at the vast majority of homes across the UK.

But ADSL is an older technology and not particularly fast by today’s standards; ADSL services provide an average download speed of 10Mb and a maximum upload speed of 1Mb. 

It will still let you do whatever you want on the internet, but big downloads and uploads will take longer, you might not be able to stream very high definition video, and it’s not suitable for supporting multiple users.

If you require faster speeds - and especially if you’re sharing the connection with other people in your home - look for a fibre broadband package instead.

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BT fibre optic broadband

Fibre is a significant upgrade if you’re using the broadband for activities such as large downloads, gaming, streaming HD video, or uploading files to cloud storage. 

Even the cheapest fibre deals have average download speeds which are more than three times as fast as ADSL.

It’s also a must for handling the demands of a family or shared household where many people may use the connection at once. 

Fibre optic deals are a little more expensive than ADSL, but still very affordable.

Most BT Broadband fibre uses Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) technology. With FTTC, a fibre line runs up to the street cabinets then the telephone cable carries it into your home. This service is available to most homes and can provide average download speeds of 36Mb, 50Mb, or 67Mb.

However, BT is deploying new fibre optic technology offering even quicker speeds. 

Some areas will get Fibre To The Premises (FTTP, or FTTH - To The Home) where the fibre optic cable runs all the way into a property. FTTP can deliver much better speeds, including ultrafast gigabit broadband. 

BT is also upgrading its FTTC service with new ‘G.fast’ technology, which can provide speeds up to 330Mb. 

Coverage of both FTTP and G.fast is currently quite limited compared to standard fibre, but over the next few years, more homes will get access to these new services.

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Or if you’re ready to buy, check out some of the latest BT offers:

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Only available from BT as a bundle with BT Broadband, BT TV is an affordable alternative to the premium entertainment packages from Virgin Media and Sky TV. 

BT TV offers a choice of flexible packages which provide access to popular sports and entertainment channels - including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and Sky Atlantic - with the option to swap your channel bundle for free every month. You can also pick from a range of bolt-ons for even more choice.

In addition to the premium channels, every BT TV package includes the full Freeview line-up plus free AMC.

BT TV includes a YouView box which provides easy access to catch-up and on-demand content, plus recording on some models. 

Learn more about BT TV and what it can offer on our BT TV deals page.

BT landline phone packages

A phone line is required for all BT Broadband packages; the price displayed on our comparison tables is the monthly cost of both the broadband and line rental.

Most BT broadband and phone packages do not come with inclusive calls, so you’ll simply pay for what you use at the standard rate. However, you can also add on a package of 500 minutes or unlimited minutes, which apply to any UK landline or mobile number. 

If you need to make international calls, BT offers the following inclusive calling add-ons:

  • Friends & Family International: Discounted calls to 236 destinations for £2.02 per month.
  • International Freedom: 600 minutes to 36 destinations, discounted calls to another 199 destinations. £8.61 per month.

BT Mobile

BT Mobile uses the EE network (which is owned by BT) and offers SIM-only deals, family SIM packages, mobile phone deals, and tablets. 

BT Mobile supports 4G and 5G, so you can enjoy the fastest mobile broadband speeds.

BT Broadband customers get a £5 discount on mobile plans, and you don’t need to be the account holder - you only need to live in a house with a BT account.

BT bundles: broadband, TV, phone, and mobile

Bundling up your broadband with other services such as TV can save money on the cost of purchasing individual packages, and a quad-play provider (one that offers broadband, TV, landline phone, and mobile) like BT is a great choice if you’re trying to reduce bills. 

You’ve got several options for bundles with BT:

BT Broadband and phone
All BT Broadband deals include a phone line and line rental is part of the monthly price, but if you regularly make calls you’ll save money by signing up for an inclusive calls package to go with it.

BT Broadband and TV
BT offers a variety of sports and entertainment TV bundles, which include flexible channel bundles and optional add-ons for services such as Netflix. Your BT broadband and TV bundle includes a YouView box with integrated streaming, catch-up, and recording.

BT Broadband, phone, TV, and mobile
If you have BT Broadband (in your home, you don’t need to be the account holder) you can get £5 off a BT Mobile plan. BT also offers an unlimited data bundle for BT Halo customers which provides unlimited home and mobile data.

BT Broadband pros and cons

What we like about BT broadband

  • Truly unlimited broadband
  • Regular special offers and free gifts
  • Excellent Wi-Fi router
  • Competitively priced broadband and TV bundles
  • Unique 50Mb fibre service is good value

What we don’t like about BT broadband

  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Not the cheapest provider
  • Fastest fibre speeds only available in a handful of locations

Want to find out more about BT, and whether it’s right for you? Read our BT Broadband review for the full breakdown on what it has to offer.

The best BT offers

Ready to buy BT? Here are a selection of the top BT offers currently available. For the full range of deals, check our BT deals page, and don’t forget to enter your postcode to see what’s available in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BT

  • Is BT expensive?

    BT is one of the more expensive providers. However, its TV and broadband bundles are cheaper than some packages from other TV providers, and it offers an affordable 50Mb fibre service which is unique to BT.

    If you’re simply looking for standard broadband and line rental service then there are many cheap deals available, though it’s always worth looking beyond the price and checking other aspects such as customer service and free extras to make sure it’s going to meet your requirements.

  • Does BT offer existing customer deals?

    BT doesn’t explicitly offer deals for existing customers, but if you're an existing customer and want to stay with BT, it’s worth calling up and haggling as they will likely offer you a better deal to stick around. Before doing this, check what else is available so you can compare what they offer to the current deals.

  • Does BT offer business broadband?

    Yes, you can get business broadband from BT. For more information about BT Business and other deals, visit our business broadband page.

  • Can I get BT TV without broadband?

    No, BT TV is only available as part of a BT Broadband bundle. If you want a standalone TV service you can get this from Sky or Virgin Media.

  • How long are BT contracts?

    All BT Broadband packages come with a 24-month contract. If you cancel early you will have to pay a fee, so don’t sign up if you aren’t certain you’ll need it for that length of time.

    Short term broadband deals are available from other providers if you don’t want a long contract term.

  • Can I cancel BT services for free?

    BT Broadband can be cancelled for free if you are out of contract.

    There are other circumstances where you may be able to cancel for free - such as the broadband being too slow - but this is not guaranteed. Visit our guide to cancelling BT Broadband for more information.

  • What router will I get with BT?

    BT supplies several different routers for free with its broadband packages.

    BT ADSL broadband comes with a Home Hub 4.

    Standard BT fibre packages come with a newer Smart Hub.

    You will receive the latest Smart Hub 2 Wi-Fi router if you get BT Complete Wi-Fi (a Wi-Fi mesh kit which improves wireless signal in your home) or a BT Halo package.

    If you have an older BT Hub you can upgrade, though it is likely that you will need to pay for the new router.

  • What TV box comes with BT TV?

    BT TV includes a YouView TV box. In addition to giving you access to the premium content on BT TV, it also supports Freeview broadcasts and a wide choice of catch-up and on-demand services.

    There are three different models:

    • YouView box: a basic TV box which supports live and rewind, but cannot record.
    • YouView+ box: record up to 300 hours 
    • Ultra HD YouView+ box: view 4K broadcasts, and record up to 600 hours of TV.
  • How do I contact BT customer services?

    You can call BT customer services on 0800 800 150.

    For other contact details, including live chat and email, visit our guide to BT customer service.