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Cuckoo Broadband review 2022

Is Cuckoo Broadband any good?

Our Cuckoo Broadband rating: 3.5 / 5

Cuckoo offers fast fibre optic broadband, including ultrafast FTTP, with a fixed-price promise, UK support, and optional no-contract deals. But it does not offer phone call bundles and upload speeds are a weak spot.

Cuckoo Broadband review

Cuckoo broadband deals offer fast fibre optic broadband with speeds up to 900Mb, all available with a choice of either 12-month agreements or no contract. Customers also benefit from a fixed-price guarantee and UK support. But there are no inclusive calling bundles, and upload speeds could be better.

We like…

  • No contract deals: cancel any time for free.
  • Offers very fast full-fibre broadband.
  • Fixed-price promise
  • No end-of-contract price rises; you'll always have the best price.

We don’t like…

  • No inclusive call bundles.
  • Disappointing upload speeds.

Cuckoo Broadband: in summary

  • Download speeds (average): 67Mb / 98Mb / 900Mb
  • Upload speeds (average): 8Mb / 20Mb / 115Mb
  • Data usage limit: Truly unlimited
  • Type of broadband: Fibre optic (FTTC & FTTP)
  • Home phone line: Yes (required for some services)
  • Inclusive phone calls: Optional extra
  • Wi-Fi Router: Technicolor DWA0122

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Cuckoo Broadband speeds

Cuckoo offers three different speeds, though the availability of the faster services will depend on whether you have Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) in your area.

Cuckoo Fast

  • Download speed: 67Mb
  • Upload speed: 8Mb

Cuckoo Really Fast

  • Download speed: 98Mb
  • Upload speed:20Mb

Cuckoo Eggceptional

  • Download speed: 900Mb
  • Upload speed: 115Mb

Cuckoo broadband speed summary

For its entry-level 67Mb package Cuckoo uses the Openreach Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) network, which means it delivers broadband using a regular BT telephone line.

As such, its maximum download speed is similar to the majority of other mainstream home broadband services.

Cuckoo can also provide ultrafast FTTP broadband if you're lucky enough to have this service in your area. 

But while its download rates are all very good, upload speeds are somewhat disappointing.

The average 8Mb upload rate of its 67Mb service is especially poor, being less than half the speed offered by competing providers. 

Even opting for the fastest 900Mb service only gets you an average 115Mb upload. That isn't slow by any means (and it's far better than the equivalent package from Virgin Media) but there are other FTTP providers offering symmetrical broadband with download and upload speeds of 1Gb+.

Cuckoo value for money

With a subpar upload speed, Cuckoo Fast isn't the best value fibre package. Other providers are able to offer 67Mb fibre (or near enough) while also delivering much quicker upload rates.

However, the option for a rolling-monthly contract is very welcome, letting you cancel at any time without penalty. And going by the many positive reviews, it appears to offer exceptional customer service, which goes a long way toward making up for any savings you might get with cheaper providers.

Its ultrafast deals are a better value proposition, at least in comparison to some of the big names. The quick 'Eggceptional' package is nearly as fast as Virgin Media Gig1 on downloads and twice as fast for uploading, while also being a few quid cheaper.

If keeping costs as low as possible is your goal then you will find many cheaper deals, but as ever, you’ll need to negotiate or switch at the end of the contract to avoid the price increases that many ISPs implement after the initial term. But Cuckoo pledges to always keep you on its best deal (though that doesn’t rule out the possibility of price rises).

There is also a £60 setup fee to consider if you opt for a rolling monthly deal. That is expensive compared to packages with long-term contracts, but in line with other no-contract deals, all of which require upfront fees. However, Cuckoo does also have 12 month contracts with free setup.

Cuckoo home phone

An Openreach phone line is required for the Cuckoo Fast package, and line rental is included in the price. 

But Cuckoo is focused on the broadband part of the equation and does not offer inclusive call bundles, so voice calls are charged at standard per-minute rates.

That’s a positive if you don’t use the landline for calls since you’re not paying for an unnecessary extra. 

However, anyone who does regularly make landline calls and currently has an inclusive call package will find that Cuckoo would end up being much more expensive. 

The FTTP packages (Cuckoo Really Fast and Eggceptional) do not come with a phone line or any phone service. If you do need a landline phone (especially for an emergency or alarm service) then you will have to get a separate landline installed alongside the Cuckoo fibre optic connection.

Cuckoo customer service

We do not currently have any home broadband survey or Ofcom data regarding Cuckoo customer service. But it’s encouraging to note that Cuckoo has a strong 4.1 rating on Trustpilot, indicating that customers are mostly happy with the service.

Cuckoo has a UK-based customer service team. However, its phone support hours are fairly limited, with lines open only on weekdays between 10am and 4pm.   

Cuckoo Wi-Fi router

A free Technicolor DWA0122 router is included with all Cuckoo broadband deals.

Cuckoo Technicolor DWA0122 Wi-Fi router specifications

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) & 802.11ac (5GHz)
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi: No
  • Ethernet: 4x Gigabit LAN
  • Extras: 1x USB 2.0 port

The Cuckoo router can do fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi, as well as supporting older 802.11b/g/n devices. And it’s dual-band, so your router can host multiple Wi-Fi networks alongside each other for the best mix of speed and coverage for all your devices. 

It does not offer the newer 802.11ax standard, however. This won’t always matter, but if you have the 900Mb Cuckoo Eggceptional service you might find that your wireless broadband speed is limited by the capabilities of the Wi-Fi connection. 

But you can always use a wired connection. The Cuckoo router has four network ports on the back, and they’re all gigabit-capable so they’ll keep up with the speed you’ll get from the fastest Cuckoo broadband service.

Cuckoo Broadband extras

Cuckoo doesn’t offer anything in the way of extras. You get the usual free broadband router, and a phone line is included in the price when it’s needed. Otherwise, there aren’t loads of bonuses included with its services. 

If you would get a lot of use out of, say, the free Wi-Fi hotspot access included with BT Broadband, then this might be a point against. But Cuckoo doesn’t omit any vital features if you’re only concerned about getting a decent broadband connection.

Cuckoo: our verdict

Broadband Genie rating: 3.5 / 5

Cuckoo’s no-nonsense approach to broadband is appealing. There are no nasty surprises; costs are clear, you won’t get hit with a mid-contract increase, and there’s the choice of no contract deals so you can exit anytime without a penalty fee.

Its customer service record is encouraging, too. Although it’s only been around for a short time, user reviews are mostly positive. Judging customer service is always tricky, but so far Cuckoo appears to be doing a far better job at this than most other providers. Although as a small company, there is a question about how long it can maintain this high standard if it becomes very popular.

On the flip side, the poor upload speed and relatively high cost of its 67Mb package is not the best value. It also doesn’t have the greatest FTTP upload speeds, but that is a limitation shared by many other FTTP providers.

It may also not suit anyone who uses the phone often, because it has no inclusive call bundles and does not even offer phone service with some packages. 

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