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XLN Telecom broadband features and review

London-based XLN Telecom was launched in 2002 as an alternative phone service to BT concentrating on the small and medium business (SME) market. It guarantees businesses the cheapest phone tariffs in the UK, backed by UK-based call centres (although some broadband support calls may go abroad) and use of the nationwide Openreach network.

The company enjoyed considerable early success. It was nominated for the National Business Awards three years running (2004-06), and its founder and CEO Christian Nellemann won an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Technology and Communication category in 2006. Since then it has been ranked in The Times' Tech Track 100 list of the fastest-growing UK tech companies in 2007 and 2008.

When it comes to broadband, XLN offers free installation, unlimited download and business email included – while claiming it will never be beaten on price. Its total business solution includes line rental and unlimited calls, while a small extra fee ensures antivirus/anti-spyware and firewall, plus abuse/spam control and an online back-up facility.

What does XLN Telecom broadband offer?


As with many other internet providers, XLN provides its services via the BT Openreach network and offers the choice of ADSL broadband up to 17Mb or fibre optic up to 38Mb or 76Mb.

All XLN business broadband deals are available in two tiers: "Basix" and "Max". The cheaper Basix tier will have fewer extras such as inclusive calling or security tools and may come with usage limits, but whichever you choose there is no compromise on speed.

While many businesses will opt to take both broadband and line rental, XLN also offers the choice of broadband only deals so you can choose a separate line rental provider.

A free Wi-Fi broadband router is included with all XLN packages.


As with its broadband, there are two tiers of XLN phone packages. The Basix option provides calls on a pay-as-you-go basis, with the only fixed fee being the line rental. While the Max phone package offers unlimited UK landline and mobile calls for a small additional cost.

XLN Telecom broadband coverage and speed

As XLN utilises the BT telephone network to provide its services XLN Telecom broadband is available to the vast majority of premises in the UK. To get an XLN package, you must have a fixed telephone line connected to a BT telephone exchange that lies within the permitted range for either ADSL or fibre optic broadband; this covers most properties. However, some areas may not have the option of both services, and those in remote rural locations may find their options are limited to ADSL and speeds could be very slow.

For more information about broadband coverage, visit our local broadband page.

XLN Telecom broadband speed

XLN Telecom broadband offers the following speeds:

XLN Telecom Business Broadband

  • ADSL technology
  • Download speed up to 17Mb
  • Upload speed up to 1Mb

XLN Telecom Business Fibre

  • Fibre optic technology
  • Download speed up to 38Mb or 76Mb
  • Upload speed up to 20Mb

XLN Telecom usage limits and traffic management

Most XLN Telecom internet deals offer unlimited usage. The exception is XLN Business Broadband Basix, which has a monthly cap of 20GB. If you’re not sure whether this is going to be enough, it’s usually best to pay the small extra for an unlimited deal so you’ll never have to worry about extra charges or service limitations.

When it comes to traffic management things are less clear. XLN does not have an explicit traffic management policy but its terms and conditions do say they “may manage your transmission speed, the type of traffic you are passing, and/or suspend your service” if you have, in their opinion, affected network integrity or performance.

XLN Telecom - the Broadband Genie review

We like...

  • Affordable pricing
  • Wide range of packages and services
  • UK based call centre
  • Online security free with many bundles

We don’t like…

  • Traffic management policy is not clear

Value for money is the big selling point of XLN. If your business needs a new broadband and phone package on a budget, XLN's pricing is extremely competitive. The free anti-virus and online security features are welcome too. It’s also good to know that despite being cheap, the service is backed up by UK-based support.

However, XLN could do more to explain its traffic management policy. If you’re likely to be a heavy user and frequently transferring large amounts of data, you may need to inquire before ordering to find out if this is going to be an issue.