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YouFibre Broadband Review 2024

Our YouFibre Broadband rating: 4.6/5

With outrageously fast symmetrical speeds up to 7000Mb, YouFibre also offers good entry-level full fibre deals under £25 per month. It won three titles in our 2024 Broadband Genie Awards. So... is there a catch? Find out in our full review.

YouFibre review 2024

Speed Satisfaction 4.7/5
Customer Service  4.7/5
Value for Money  4.5/5
Reliability 4.7/5
Router 4.5/5
Overall score 4.6/5

If you’re looking for a reliable and super speedy internet service, it’s worth checking out YouFibre. Even its sub-£25 per month entry-level package is suitable for a busy household, and good value for money.

As well as a pledge not to raise prices mid-contract, there’s also a discounted superfast social tariff package available if you’re eligible and receiving benefits.

Broadband Genie Best Provider 2024 Award Logo

We like We don't like
  • Very fast speeds
  • Reasonably priced entry-level deals
  • Download and upload speeds are symmetrical
  • Good customer service
  • No-contract, rolling monthly deals available
  • Static IP address available
  • Website is a little difficult to navigate
  • Limited coverage areas

Who can get YouFibre?

YouFibre delivers its services using the Netomnia and CityFibre networks. Unfortunately, only limited areas have access to YouFibre. These include homes in Guildford, Didcot, Aylesbury, Cheltenham and Grantham plus a few others.

The easiest way to find out if you can sign up to a YouFibre deal is to use Broadband Genie’s deals checker.

Broadband Genie deals checker

You’ll only see YouFibre results in your custom comparison table if it serves your home.

How fast is YouFibre broadband?

Download Speeds (Average) 50Mb / 150Mb / 500Mb / 900Mb / 1800Mb / 7000Mb
Upload Speeds (Average) 50Mb / 150Mb / 500Mb / 900Mb / 1800Mb / 7000Mb
Data Usage Limit Unlimited (subject to fair use policy)
Type of Broadband Full Fibre (FTTP)
Home Phone Line? Digital Voice calls available as an add-on
Inclusive phone calls? No
Bundled Wi-Fi Router? Eero 6 Router / Eero 6 Pro Router / Arris

All YouFibre’s broadband deals offer a symmetrical service. This means that the download and upload speeds match.

Even its entry-level fibre deal will be good enough for a family of 4-5 to comfortably browse online and stream TV in HD.

To be honest, we can’t really think of many situations where a home user would realistically need a broadband package with download and upload speeds of 7000Mb. But if you’re keen to have the fastest, this shows up other Gigabit deals from the likes of Virgin Media.

  • You 50 (Social Tariff only): Average download speed 50Mb / minimum upload speed 50Mb
  • You 150: Average download speed 150Mb / minimum upload speed 150Mb
  • You 500: Average download speed 500Mb / minimum upload speed 500Mb
  • You 1000: Average download speed 900Mb / minimum upload speed 900Mb
  • You 2000: Average download speed 1800Mb / minimum upload speed 1800Mb
  • You 8000: Average download speed 7000Mb / minimum upload speed 7000Mb
  • 'What broadband speed do I need? Do I need fast broadband?'
  • 'What is Gigabit broadband?'

How well does YouFibre perform when it comes to speed?

In Broadband Genie’s 2024 Awards, YouFibre ranked second place, with a very high 95% satisfaction level. This was leagues ahead of some of the bigger names that offer fast full fibre speeds including BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone and Sky.

There’s a Minimum Speed Guarantee for all customers and in its terms and conditions, its expected speed range matches its advertised speed.

If your connection falls below the minimum download speed guarantee for three consecutive days (continuously or intermittently) and an engineer isn’t able to fix the problem, you’re free to leave without paying an early termination fee.

Does YouFibre offer good customer service?

YouFibre won the 'Best Customer Care' category in our 2024 awards with a very high 95% customer satisfaction level.

Its Trustpilot score shows a similar story, with a very impressive score of 4.8. Highlights point to a good engineer service, efficient installation and good communication.

Broadband Genie Best Customer Care 2024 Award Winner Logo

Does YouFibre offer good value for money?

YouFibre was head-to-head with rivals toob in our 2024 Broadband Awards. YouFibre’s entry-level and mid-range packages are very reasonably priced and all come under £30 per month, plus there’s no set-up fee to pay.

Its ‘You 1000’ package is priced cheaper than equivalents from Virgin and BT, and as a bonus, you can rest easy that you won’t fall victim to a mid-contract price rise, with its fixed price promise.

All of YouFibre’s main packages come with no upfront costs for setup and if you’re after more flexibility, you can sign up on a rolling monthly basis without a contract for a slightly higher cost).

Get broadband with no upfront cost

Can I get any YouFibre Vouchers, rewards or extras?

You’re unlikely to find vouchers or other incentives for new YouFibre customers. Unlike some of the bigger internet service providers, there are no customer perk schemes or added features such as access to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Does YouFibre increase prices mid-contract?

Unlike many other providers who raise their prices every Spring, YouFibre comes with a fixed price promise. This means you can be certain you’ll pay the same monthly fee for your entire contract.

Does YouFibre offer a social tariff?

Yes! YouFibre is one of the few altnets that offer a reduced package to those receiving the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Income-related Job Seekers Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Universal Credit

‘You 50’ (with average symmetrical upload and download speeds of 50Mb) is available on a 24-month contract for £15 per month.

If you add on any extras such as phone calls, these will be charged at the full price.

For more help and advice on social tariffs, visit our guide to ‘broadband on benefits’.

Does YouFibre offer a reliable internet service?

YouFibre came a very close second to Trooli in our 2024 Broadband Award's 'Most Reliable Provider' category. In our survey, it came out with a high customer satisfaction level of 95%.

If you're struggling with decent Wi-Fi coverage in your home, it's possible to add on a Wi-Fi booster to your monthly bill. YouMesh will cost you £7 per month for every extra node. This could work out a little expensive over the course of your contract.

For other tips on improving your Wi-Fi coverage without signing up to costly add-ons, visit these guides:

Does YouFibre come with a good router?

New customers signing up to YouFibre should get an Eero 6 or an Alexa-compatible Eero Pro 6 router. However, some customers have reported receiving a more basic Arris router.

During installation, you should be visited by a YouFIbre engineer who will be able to help set up your router for optimum performance, but you’ll receive your device in advance.

To set up the Eero router, you’ll need to download and install the Eero app on your smartphone.

Do we recommend YouFibre?

Best Altnet Broadband Genie 2024 Award Winner Logo

If you can get YouFibre at your home, we think it would be an excellent option. Its entry-level full fibre packages will be fast enough for a demanding home. Plus, it offers great value for money. Its 150Mb costing less than many slower superfast deals on the Openreach network from the likes of BT and Vodafone.

Add to that, the fixed price promise that your bill won’t rise during your contract. So, as long as you don’t sign up for a package with a speed that’s beyond what you realistically need, you can keep things really economical!

YouFibre has an excellent reputation for good customer service, with users particularly vocal about the friendly and timely service they receive during set-up.

We were so enamoured by YouFibre and the survey results that contributed to our 2024 Broadband Awards, it won three titles:

  • ‘Best Provider 2024’
  • ‘Best Altnet 2024’
  • ‘Best Customer Care’

Switching broadband providers

Unfortunately, because availability of YouFibre is so limited across the UK it’s essential to check our deals checker before you get your hopes up. You’ll only be able to view YouFibre deals once we know your address and have confirmed you can sign up to it at your property.

YouFibre uses either Netomnia or CityFibre’s network to supply its services. This means if you’re looking to switch but worried about suffering from downtime, you have a few more options when it comes to activation date.

If you’re currently on an Openreach or Virgin Media network, you technically should have no problems having two services running alongside each other.

Obviously, doubling up for too long could be costly, but giving yourself a few days overlap could be really useful if you work from home, for example.

If you’d like to sign up to YouFibre and happy with the deals, it will be your responsibility to get in touch with your current broadband provider to cancel. The average notice period that most providers ask for when cancelling is 30 days.

For more tips, read our practical guide to switching broadband.

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