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Where to watch TV shows from the UK and abroad

Long gone are the days when a fifth terrestrial channel seemed exciting. With the explosion of big-budget American TV shows and the huge choice of original series from a growing number of streaming providers, today’s TV landscape is very different to just a few years ago.

Now, even a premium Sky TV or Virgin Media TV subscription may not provide everything you want to watch. Many of the best series are only found on specific services, and it’s not always clear how you can legally view the latest releases.

So how do you go about watching top TV shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things, and Better Call Saul in the UK? We’ve created a series of guides which explains everything you need to know. Follow the links below to find out exactly how you can catch the best TV, what it might cost (or how you can watch for free), and what kind of broadband you’ll need for streaming.

How to watch the best TV shows in the UK

Follow the evolution of slippery lawyer Saul Goodman in this Breaking Bad prequel series.

Forget Marvel and DC - these are superheroes like you've never seen them before.

This terrifying dramatisation of the Chernobyl disaster is essential viewing.

Find out how to watch both seasons of the heartbreaking and hilarious sitcom.

Every season of the epic fantasy series is now available to stream in the UK.

The Good Place is a strikingly original comedy about life after death. Catch up on the complete series right now.

Discover a galaxy of adventure with the first live-action Star Wars TV show.

Jean Luc-Picard is back in an action-packed sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The smash-hit Netflix Original is a love letter to 80s fantasy and sci-fi.

Follow the misadventures of ancient vampires trying to survive modern-day life.

Henry Cavill and his silvery mane tackle monsters and magic in this hit Netflix Original.

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