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  • Great range of broadband packages to suit all users
  • Broadband + phone packages are good value; the cost of line rental is from £9.49/mth extra, but you no longer get a bill from BT

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

Broadband Genie Award WinnerBroadband Genie Award Winner

Plusnet came out fighting in our Home Broadband Survey 2014.

Thanks to some great survey results across the board - where 81% of customers would recommend the service - Plusnet was the clear leader in every category and the only choice for the Best Broadband Provider.

But that wasn't all Plusnet won - it also walked away with the Best Budget Broadband gong from the Broadband Genie Home Broadband Survey 2014.

This wasn't just about being cheap. The ISP performed well across most categories, proving it is possible to add value to a quality product.

About Plusnet

Yorkshire-based 'honest broadband' provider Plusnet has a strong range of products and a good reputation both with customers and in the industry itself. Now providing both ADSL and fibre with mega cheap offers up to unlimited deals for gamers, there should be something for everyone.

Starting out as Force9 Internet in 1997, the Plusnet brand we know today was launched as a dial-up ISP in June 2000, adding broadband later the same year. The company was bought up by BT early in 2007 but still operates under its own brand name. To this day relies heavily on referrals from its current customers to help fuel its growth strategy, showing cheap doesn't have to mean low quality.

Plusnet has won awards from the likes of Which? (Recommended Provider, February 2012), PC Advisor and the ISPA, as well as several Broadband Genie accolades, including Best Broadband in 2013 and 2014.

Customer reviews

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  • neutral

    by Jay at 14:31 on 18 Oct 2014 | registered | 1 post

    I have plusnet at my office and has been ok, they used to be really good over the phone at customer service but I have noticed them slip a lot.

    I opted for their fibre service when I moved home, unfortunately could not get virgin fibre optic which I would have back without thinking twice, virgin was installed at my previous house and ok at times there was the odd outage but virgin connection speeds and stability were spot on.

    Having fibre installed from September 2014 has been a complete nightmare from installing, 10 days for the line to become stable is a joke and it has never become fully stable at all, I've had drops outs, rebooting the modem and router at various points to no connection at when I have woke up in the mornings, rebooted modem / router and ok for a time.

    I've had 2 engineer visits from BT Openreach, 1st engineer replaced the flaky cheap looking white fibre modem which BT has had previous problems with, apparently these have been resolved by using another provider for the modems but I am hugely suspicious of them.

    Both the BT engineers have not had any good words to say about the modems and they are BT Openreach engineers using their modems for plusnet, to also add the engineers say plusnet are the only ISP to use the modems from them? says it all.

    The second BT engineer tested everything for 5 minutes and said he can't find a fault, 5 minutes out of 24 hours is not conclusive in my opinion, plusnet have already flagged various drop-outs and stability issues and this is why the 2nd engineer was arranged.

    I have also tried a brand new £90 router for fibre connections and still had connection issues, stability and internet speeds that are all over the place, most homes use wireless devices for streaming and as long as you are in good range and have a decent wireless n router or dual band you should not lose much speed through wireless, also depends on devices and their wireless technology.

    I am not a novice internet user, plusnet and BT Openreach are clearly playing cat and mouse here with customers, I'm now in a position where I'm not getting the intended service with repeated drop-outs or no connection at points unless I reboot the modem supplied.

    Plusnet initially said I could cancel on a support ticket but when I called up I get told there is no problem now and I can't cancel, the last BT engineer has done nothing at my property to change anything or equipment but the problem has now gone away according to plusnet!?

    I am now in the situation to go down the deadlock letter route and require (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution, if you have a problem look at the ofcom website.

    I have a broadband and phone connection at my office with plusnet which is out of contract, after the problems and lack of customer service on my residential service I will be cancelling my business services with plusnet ASAP and going elsewhere, let's see if plusnet decide to change the goal posts and tell me I can't cancel as I know 100% I'm out of contract.

    To sum up, plusnet early days were good with my business connection but overtime are not so good and my recent problems with my residential installation shows that they have lost that hunger for good service and wanting to grow their customer base, a good apple gone bad I'm sorry to say!

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  • neutral

    by RRees at 19:47 on 14 Oct 2014

    It is mentioned that Plusnet have a set answer. Tend to agree. They act more like some council jobsworth thana private company

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  • neutral

    by Calvin at 10:25 on 14 Oct 2014

    Do not order with Plusnet - so far we've spent over £40 on phone calls chasing them and taken three days holiday from work to wait at home for installation and we still haven't got things properly installed. I never really bother to post reviews like this, but the service has been so bad with Plusnet - and I'm so infuriated - that I'm posting this. What follows is boringly detailed, but I'm putting it here for the record:

    Ordered fiber broadband on the 23rd August with installation date set for the 16th September. When the engineer came, we were told it was only to install the phone line and someone else would have to come to install the broadband - Plusnet did not explain this when we ordered.

    I had already taken one day off work, and had to take another off on the 23rd September for the second visit. During the first visit, the engineer pointed out that our phone socket was not near a power outlet, but that would be fine as the engineer installing the broadband would be able to run a wire through and install a socket near a power point.

    When the engineers arrived for the second visit, they said Plusnet had not ordered a "full installation" (Plusnet use BT engineers), so they did not have permission to move the phone socket and could only set up the broadband through the existing socket (which doesn't work as both the modem and wireless router need a power socket). Between all of this, we've had to make several calls to Plusnet, which has cost well over £40 (we couldn't use our land line as there is also a fault on that which Plusnet also haven't sorted out yet - and Plusnet don't do call backs, even though they're the ones who have messed up), with all the time waiting to get through to people.

    Plusnet said they would expedite the order to ensure a BT engineer came to do the full installation, but the visit was then not arranged until today (14th October). This time, my girlfriend has had to take the day off (third day of annual leave taken from work just for installation of internet). The BT engineer has just arrived and told her that he doesn't have permission to move the phone socket as Plusnet have not ordered a "full installation" - which was the whole point of this visit happening. This has been a complete waste of our time and money, not to mention all of the holiday days we've had to use up just to stay at home for a job to not be done as promised on three occasions.

    BT have blamed Plusnet and Plusnet have blamed BT. I don't care; we're Plusnet's customers and they should be sorting it out, regardless of where the blame lies. I have no idea what Plusnet plan to do next, but I'll be expecting a refund and more for all the money lost on phone calls and time taken off work on account of their incompetence and the inability of Plusnet and BT to work together - and if it's not sorted out very soon, I'll be cancelling altogether (the only thing stopping that - only just for now - is the pain it will be to have to start the whole process again with someone else).

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  • neutral

    by david at 10:29 on 9 Oct 2014 | registered | 30 posts

    I caught off guard one of their call center team, by asking at the start of the call who do you put first. The caller or yourself. The reply was myself and my job. For the rest of the thirty plus minute call when this reply was brought up he was in denial about what he said.

    Plusnet have a standard response for any question. That is we need to log you in before we can answer that. Not only that but it is appled to every question. Why is my towel wet? we need to log you in before we can answer that. Why is grass green? We need to log you in before we can answer that. Why is there is limit on how fast an object can move? We need to log you in before we can answer that. Yes they are that ridicuolous.

    But the perverse thing about needing to log one in before they will answer anything is that they know who they are talking to. "We dont know who we are talking with unless you answer/pass the DPA questions - david smith!!!". I had yesterday an floor manager asking what my name was while telling me what my name is. ie is that david smith I am talking with?

    Also, despite them saying they dont know who they are talking with, it remarakable how their staff are able to locate the right record to write notes on.

    But even worse, is the intellectual capacity in terms of memory and retentivness of memory their call centre staff have. You explain the situation. They then ask you at least once to explain the situation again as they have forgotten what was said. You are their memory.

    Then their is manipulation tactics when they dont want to answer your questions about why the service they are proving is so crap. "Moving on" is one such phrase I had yesterday. Or when they are trying to manipulate you to put the phone down so they dont have to. "I have done this and that for you" when of course they have at best done only ten per cent of what is required. Then repeat that phrase until the caller gets the message (without the call centre staff having to say it off couse) that they should go away now.

    And this obsseivness about needing confirmation for anything. "is it OK if I put you on hold?" I have no control over the situation. What are they asking me for? Then there is the sneaky "I need to speak with a manager?" Which is really , I want to put the phone down on you because i do not want to answer your questions, and I do not seem to be able to manipulate you to go away. So I am getting permission from my manager to put the phone down".

    They are crap. I was laughing with another ISP about their tactics. The bloke openly burst out laughing at much of what I told him.

    Sighnup with plusnet. Dont do it unless you are stupid.

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