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  • Great range of broadband packages to suit all users
  • Broadband + phone packages are good value; the cost of line rental is from £9.49/mth extra, but you no longer get a bill from BT

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

Broadband Genie Award WinnerBroadband Genie Award Winner

Plusnet came out fighting in our Home Broadband Survey 2014.

Thanks to some great survey results across the board - where 81% of customers would recommend the service - Plusnet was the clear leader in every category and the only choice for the Best Broadband Provider.

But that wasn't all Plusnet won - it also walked away with the Best Budget Broadband gong from the Broadband Genie Home Broadband Survey 2014.

This wasn't just about being cheap. The ISP performed well across most categories, proving it is possible to add value to a quality product.

About Plusnet

Yorkshire-based 'honest broadband' provider Plusnet has a strong range of products and a good reputation both with customers and in the industry itself. Now providing both ADSL and fibre with mega cheap offers up to unlimited deals for gamers, there should be something for everyone.

Starting out as Force9 Internet in 1997, the Plusnet brand we know today was launched as a dial-up ISP in June 2000, adding broadband later the same year. The company was bought up by BT early in 2007 but still operates under its own brand name. To this day relies heavily on referrals from its current customers to help fuel its growth strategy, showing cheap doesn't have to mean low quality.

Plusnet has won awards from the likes of Which? (Recommended Provider, February 2012), PC Advisor and the ISPA, as well as several Broadband Genie accolades, including Best Broadband in 2013 and 2014.

Customer reviews

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  • neutral

    by david at 10:39 on 26 Jul 2014 | registered | 29 posts

    @Harveyabo - I would threaten them back with OK you do that but I will take you to the small claims court to get that money back. Believe me, look at the user agreement, there is plenty that plusnet is making you do that is not in the user agreement. For instance making you answer questions before they will deign to do anything for you. They will - and are - trying to hold you to the user agreement - hold them accountable as well. In this way they backed away from me and have agreed to allow me to leave - with no cost.

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  • neutral

    by david at 10:33 on 26 Jul 2014 | registered | 29 posts

    As written on talktalk, I have noticed a trend where isps are charging an extra traunch of money at the beginning. Like talktalk, plusnet is charging 5.00 for a service that is forced upon you (this case a call package). You have to have it at the beginning although you can cancel it in the first month. Why do you have to have it but are able to cancel - of course to get a little bit more money from you - what else. So beware of the tactics.

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  • neutral

    by Harveyabo at 13:51 on 21 Jul 2014

    I have just cancelled my phone and broadband with PlusNet. Apparently because I am moving to Virgin and do not need a MAC code I will be charged £30 as in the contract. I only cancelled on Saturday yet I am already received veiled threats of Debt Collectors if I haven't paid the £30 by 4th August. I think this is sour grapes!!!!
    how dare you leave us!!! They have blown any chance of my returning to them in the future. The email I received is below.

    Kirsty Anderson - Sales & COT Analyst
    **:**, Saturday 19 Jul 2014
    Dear Mr ************,

    Thanks for your time on the phone today. As discussed, I have scheduled your cancellation for 04/08/2014. I have not taken the cancellation fees therefore they remain outstanding. The fees are as follows:

    Cessation Fee: £30.00

    You can find reference to the cessation fee in the terms and conditions under Plusnet Broadband Family service terms - Ending your agreement:

    19: If you choose to end your agreement for the service and you do not request and use a migration access code (MAC), or do not use another recognised migration process you will be subject to the broadband cease charge as shown in the price guide. You will not have to pay this charge if you are moving home and we are unable to provide the service at the new UK address.

    To avoid this fee being sent to a debt recovery agency, they would need to be paid prior to cancellation.

    Please feel free to contact us on 0800 432 0200.

    Kind regards,

    Kirsty Anderson

    If fees not taken by 05/08/2014, please send to DR

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  • neutral

    by mrleeds at 01:50 on 11 Jul 2014 | registered | 2 posts

    About 4 years ago i posted a crappy review for plusnet when really the speeds i was getting were due to location and not plusnet. My villiage has finally been upgraded to fibre after 10 years on 2Mb. Plusnet have done me proud so far, on time for the instal, clean and proffesional, although 78Mb im only pulling nearly 60Mb wireless. Yet to test hard wired.
    So to be honest Plusnet actually are a damn good ISP. I have never really had a problem with their service and i recommend them to anyone.

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