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  • Great range of broadband packages to suit all users
  • Broadband + phone packages are good value; the cost of line rental is from £9.49/mth extra, but you no longer get a bill from BT

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

Broadband Genie Award WinnerBroadband Genie Award Winner

Plusnet came out fighting in our Home Broadband Survey 2014.

Thanks to some great survey results across the board - where 81% of customers would recommend the service - Plusnet was the clear leader in every category and the only choice for the Best Broadband Provider.

But that wasn't all Plusnet won - it also walked away with the Best Budget Broadband gong from the Broadband Genie Home Broadband Survey 2014.

This wasn't just about being cheap. The ISP performed well across most categories, proving it is possible to add value to a quality product.

About Plusnet

Yorkshire-based 'honest broadband' provider Plusnet has a strong range of products and a good reputation both with customers and in the industry itself. Now providing both ADSL and fibre with mega cheap offers up to unlimited deals for gamers, there should be something for everyone.

Starting out as Force9 Internet in 1997, the Plusnet brand we know today was launched as a dial-up ISP in June 2000, adding broadband later the same year. The company was bought up by BT early in 2007 but still operates under its own brand name. To this day relies heavily on referrals from its current customers to help fuel its growth strategy, showing cheap doesn't have to mean low quality.

Plusnet has won awards from the likes of Which? (Recommended Provider, February 2012), PC Advisor and the ISPA, as well as several Broadband Genie accolades, including Best Broadband in 2013 and 2014.

Customer reviews

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  • neutral

    by N Fletcher at 15:31 on 17 Sep 2014

    We changed over to Plusnet from Sky which went very smoothly. We have been with them over a year now and not really any problems. Always get someone from customer service at least speaks english. I was thinking of switching somewhere cheaper but seeing the reviews especially EE I will give it a miss. If it works fine.........

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  • neutral

    by rick at 15:47 on 5 Sep 2014

    Never use them! They might be slightly cheaper than other providers but to cancel the account with them (I had to do it as I moved out) they charged me a £30 hidden fee (oh yes, of course it was in the Ts&Cs and kept me waiting a total of 28 minutes on the phone. Which of course is not for free.
    Thanks a lot, enjoy my hard earned money.

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  • unhappy

    by Jacobus Bornman at 20:39 on 7 Aug 2014

    We were drawn to PlusNet initially due to their low advertised prices for broadband and phone packages. We liked the idea that you can pre-pay your phone line rental for a year at a lower rate. The charge for broadband on top of this (unlimited) was very low. I like a good deal!

    PlusNet installed our service quickly after our order. I had a few questions about the engineer who installed our BT phone line however. He was "outsourced" (i.e. not from PlusNet and not from BT). He had no accreditation/ID, his van had no company name etc. Bit of a cowboy. Not sure who to blame for this though, BT or PlusNet? He did however install the phone line (some of the wiring I had to fix however... and so the extra costs start!)

    Our service worked just fine for a while. We were told our download speeds would be in the region of 4mb/s, fair enough, we only use the internet occasionally and this is sufficient for on demand TV services. We soon got an email stating that in actually fact our download speeds were consistently faster (in the region of 6mb/s), very much a "well done to us" email. After testing this over a few days and at different times (including night times), I found that we were consistently getting 3mb/s. Not so "well done" PlusNet...

    About 7 months into our contract our speed slowed down to 0.2mb/s (yes, that's right!) I contacted PN a few days later (to check it wasn't a "one off"). I attempted to open an e-ticket on their support website. I went through all the self help questions (many of them stating "try installing a new x or y... I purchased a new filter, more costs, but they actually asked me to test with another router! And if I continued without doing this, there might be a charge for an engineer?!?!?)

    I finally got my e-ticket posted on their site (after many days of slow internet... remember I had to purchase all this new equipment to test my line with!)... No response! Fine I'll call!

    I have never felt like such an idiot in my life... they clearly forgot that I am NOT a phone engineer. The asked me to start unscrewing phone sockets, unplugging wires etc. When I explained that I don't have a clue what they wanted me to do, they said "you have to, otherwise we cant help you". So I tried. Learnt a few things along the way too! Nothing again for a few days as they "tested" the line. Nothing. Nothing... So I called again (from my mobile phone as my landline didn't work... more costs!)

    Finally, they said an engineer might be required! Hoorah! They did say that if the fault was in our property I'll be charged £60 however... This message came via the online ticketing system. Only that an engineer would be coming out and that if no one is in I would be charged. They didn't tell me when he was coming though... seriously?

    Anyway, luckily I was home. He came. They fault was at the BT exchange. Long story short, internet working again (at the 3mb/s realistic speed, not their dreamed up 6mb/s speed).

    Verdict: things is fine as long as they work. If they stop working, you are as important as a piece of dirt on ones shoe. They take their time, make you feel stupid, and do the bare minimum to help you. I will not be renewing my contract (unless you offer me something really good)

    Jacobus Bornman

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  • neutral

    by RRees at 16:31 on 5 Aug 2014

    A number of ISPs are hardly top of the service list, but reading the comments about Plusnet on here and certain other experiences, I'd suggest be careful. There slogan "We'll do you proud," should perhaps loose the last word!

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