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Get up to £70 Plusnet Cashback with broadband deals

Find out all about the latest Plusnet Rewards and free gifts:

  • £70 Plusnet Rewards with Fibre and Fibre Extra
  • £60 with Unlimited Broadband (ADSL)
  • Free gift offers end 21st April 2020

Exclusive: Get up to £70 in Plusnet Cashback until 21st April 2020

Until 21st April 2020 Plusnet is offering free gifts, in the form of cashback cheques and pre-paid Mastercards, worth up to £70 with broadband deals. Read on to find out more about these amazing Plusnet Rewards.

£70 rewards with Fibre Extra line Only

Plusnet's fastest broadband package, Fibre Extra, also offers £70 Plusnet Cashback:

  • 66Mb fibre broadband - fast enough for all but the heaviest usage requirements
  • £26.99/month
  • Free setup
  • 18-month contract
  • £70 Mastercard
  • Ends 21st April 2020

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£70 free gift with Fibre Broadband Line Only 

Plusnet's entry-level (36Mb) fibre package also comes with a £70 reward, again for a limited time:

  • 36Mb fibre - suitable for most medium-usage requirements
  • £22.99/month
  • Free setup
  • 18-month contract
  • £70 reward card
  • Ends 21st April 2020

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£60 Plusnet Cashback with Unlimited Broadband (ADSL)

Plusnet's Unlimited (ADSL) Broadband package comes £60 worth of Plusnet Rewards:

  • 10Mb broadband: Please note, this is only suitable for individuals or small, low-usage households
  • £17.99/month
  • Free setup
  • 12-month contract
  • £60 rewards
  • Ends 21st April 2020

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Other Plusnet reward deals

The above deals are for the Plusnet “Line Only” package, which means you’re paying for the broadband and phone line rental, but no inclusive calling. If you don’t use a landline phone this offers the best value, but Plusnet is also offering the same rewards on its inclusive call packages.

How do I claim Plusnet rewards?

As with most broadband rewards, you must be a new customer, so if you are currently subscribed to Plusnet or have been in the past you won’t be eligible for this offer. 

To claim a Plusnet reward you need to watch out for an email which will be sent around ten days after the broadband is activated - follow the instructions and complete the claim form.

For more information about broadband rewards see our guide to claiming free gifts and vouchers.

How can I get broadband rewards from other providers?

Plusnet is great for rewards, but they're not the only ones. Check out our broadband rewards page or individual provider pages for more great free gifts.

  • TalkTalk Vouchers and Rewards: TalkTalk offers affordable broadband, and there may occasionally be a reward (usually an Amazon Voucher) available too.
  • Virgin Broadband Rewards: Virgin Media offer bill credits, free tech or even the occasional case of wine as an incentive for buying.
  • BT Reward Cards: BT loves offering potential customers a reward to get them on-side. Look out for pre-paid Mastercards, free devices or Amazon Prime membership.
  • Post Office Broadband Vouchers and Rewards: The Post Office provide broadband, and occasionally will throw in a reward for new customers too.
  • Vodafone Rewards: Vodafone are not prolific when it comes to offering rewards, but they do occasionally hand them out with their fast, reliable home broadband packages.
  • Sky Free Gifts: Sky will offer vouchers and other rewards with their broadband. They don't do it often but it's always worth a check!
  • NOW Broadband rewards: NOW will occasionally offer vouchers with their broadband packages and are definitely worth checking.
  • John Lewis Broadband rewards: John Lewis occasionally run rewards, usually offering in-store vouchers.