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BT Gift Card deals: Get £80 BT Rewards

See below for the latest rewards and free gifts from BT

  • £80 BT Rewards with Superfast Fibre
  • £40 with BT Broadband (ADSL)
  • Ends 23rd January

BT Reward Card deals: Get up to £80 in BT Rewards

Until the 23rd January, BT is offering up to £80 in rewards when you take out various broadband packages. Read on to find out more about this limited-time offer:

£80 BT Gift Card with Superfast Fibre

BT is offering £80 in rewards with their entry-level fibre package. Find out more about this deal below:

  • 50Mb fibre broadband
  • £28.99/month
  • £9.99 set-up cost
  • 24-month contract
  • £80 BT Gift Card

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BT Broadband (ADSL) with £40 Rewards

Finally, BT's ADSL Broadband package also comes with rewards, in the shape of a £40 pre-paid Mastercard.

  • 10Mb ADSL broadband
  • £26.99/month
  • £19.99 set-up cost
  • 24-month contract
  • £40 BT Rewards

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How to claim your BT card 

To get your BT broadband reward you simply need to claim it from BT. After the broadband is activated BT will send an email with a link telling you how to claim, follow the link and log in to claim online through your BT account. For more details check out our guide on how to claim vouchers from top providers.

Any additional offers (such as Amazon Vouchers) will come from Broadband Genie automatically. There is nothing you need to do to claim these vouchers!

More reward deals

BT is one of the best providers for providing rewards with their broadband packages, although they are far from the only one. Check out our broadband reward hub or individual reward pages for more information on what other providers have on offer:

  • TalkTalk Rewards and Amazon Vouchers: In addition to being highly affordable, TalkTalk sometimes offers rewards and incentives such as Amazon Vouchers.
  • Virgin Broadband Rewards: Virgin occasionally offer bill credit or tech (such as an Amazon Echo) with broadband deals.
  • Plusnet Cashback and Rewards: Plusnet will almost always have a reward on one of their packages. They usually come in the form of a cashback cheque or pre-paid Mastercard.
  • Post Office Broadband Rewards: The Post Office provides affordable and reliable broadband, occasionally with some great rewards too.
  • Vodafone Broadband Rewards: Vodafone run occasional voucher deals, so check out their rewards page to see if anything is available.
  • Sky Free Gifts: Sky will occasionally offer vouchers and other rewards with their broadband, click to see what's available.
  • NOW Broadband rewards: NOW Broadband rewards are less frequent, but check out our page to see if they have anything.
  • John Lewis Broadband vouchers: John Lewis has been know to offer free in-store vouchers with broadband.
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