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Vodafone Broadband Deals

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  • Cheap fibre optic internet deals for new customers
  • Discount for Vodafone Mobile customers
  • Truly unlimited broadband

Vodafone broadband deals

Vodafone is best known as one of the UK’s major mobile network operators, but in recent years it's branched out into home broadband and now offers cheap fibre optic internet.

Vodafone's standard broadband deals are fairly streamlined, so you don’t get to choose from a huge range of packages and optional extras. But it can also be very cheap, so might be near the top of your list if the cost is a priority.

If you're looking to get more from your broadband deal, the Vodafone Pro packages provide some useful additional features in return for a higher monthly fee.

Let's take a look at what Vodafone offers:

Vodafone broadband packages and speeds

Vodafone, in common with most other broadband providers (ISPs), uses the Openreach telephone network to deliver its fixed-line home internet services. However, unlike most ISPs, you won’t find ADSL broadband deals from Vodafone, as this provider has chosen to offer fibre optic only.

Vodafone Fibre 1

The entry-level Vodafone package provides a respectable 38Mb average speed. This is enough for a few people sharing the connection, so many households won’t need to look any further. Like all Vodafone deals, it has unlimited data and a free Wi-Fi router.

Vodafone Fibre 2

The Fibre 2 package has an average 67Mb download speed, which is recommended for anyone with busy shared or family homes, or individuals with high usage (lots of downloading, streaming, and gaming). 

Vodafone Pro II Fibre 1 and Vodafone Pro II Fibre 2

Vodafone also offers a pro package with additional features.

  • Faster speeds, where available.
  • Automatic 4G backup connection
  • Wi-Fi coverage guarantee
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi expert help

Vodafone Full Fibre

Full Fibre is a new service that uses a fibre to the premises (FTTP) network to offer speeds averaging up to 910Mb (though there is also the option of 100Mb, 200Mb, and 500Mb if you don't need something quite that fast). 

Unfortunately, less homes can get full fibre. The rollout across the UK is still ongoing.

Vodafone Intelligent Wi-Fi Hub router

All Vodafone broadband packages include a free Wi-Fi Hub router. Those signed up to a Pro II broadband deal receive a Vodafone Ultra Hub.

If you're not sure what this all means, have a read of our beginner's guide to Wi-Fi for an introduction.

We have more information on this in our Vodafone router round-up.

Vodafone Broadband app

The Vodafone Broadband app is a free tool for managing your home broadband network. Among other things, it lets you easily share the connection with a QR code, set up schedules for Wi-Fi access, create a guest network for visitors, and monitor connected devices. 

These are all things you can do via the router’s administrator control panel, but the app provides a more user-friendly interface than most routers and makes it simple for novices to improve the security of their home network.

Vodafone broadband and phone deals

Does Vodafone offer home phone packages?

A landline is required for Vodafone internet, and line rental is included with all Vodafone broadband deals.

You don't get inclusive calls with standard Vodafone broadband packages, instead, you simply pay for what you use. If you use your home phone regularly or call abroad often, you’ll get the best value out of one of Vodafone’s inclusive calling plans. 

Vodafone home phone packages include options for evening and weekend calls, anytime and mobile calls, and international calling. 

Vodafone broadband and mobile deals

Although Vodafone doesn't specifically offer broadband and mobile bundles, Vodafone Mobile customers can get a discount of up to £3 per month on home broadband. You can also add as many SIMs as you like if you combine a broadband plan with a mobile plan, with 30% off each SIM.

Does Vodafone offer broadband and TV bundles?

Vodafone does offer some broadband and TV bundles which include a free Apple TV 4K box and a year’s subscription to Apple TV+. To get this, you'll need to sign up for either Vodafone Pro II Xtra or Vodafone Xtra.

Apple TV is a streaming box, so while you can’t use it for Freeview broadcasts, you can access a huge range of on-demand content. As well as Apple’s own TV+ service, the box also supports Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, to name just a few.

Vodafone Broadband extras and free gifts

Vodafone Broadband doesn’t include lots of extras, besides the usual free Wi-Fi router and Vodafone’s handy app. But its deals are often available with shopping vouchers and other free gifts.

Vodafone Broadband: pros and cons

We like We don't like
  • Great value fibre optic broadband.
  • Price does not rise after the contract ends.
  • Truly unlimited.
  • Pro bundles offer useful extras.
  • No options for ADSL internet.

To find out more, read our full Vodafone Broadband review.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vodafone

  • What network does Vodafone use?

    Vodafone uses the Openreach (BT telephone line) network for its Fibre 2 packages, which use FTTC technology like most other fibre providers.

    Vodafone Full Fibre uses the CityFibre network. This is an independent FTTP network which has a much smaller coverage area than Openreach.

  • Can I get Vodafone broadband in my area?

    The majority of homes can get Vodafone Fibre 2 using a standard BT line. 

    Vodafone Full Fibre is currently more limited and only available to a relatively small number of homes in a few major towns and cities.

  • How long are Vodafone broadband contracts?

    All Vodafone Fibre contracts have a 24-month minimum term.

    Early cancellation can be expensive. If you think you might need to cancel within the minimum term, it might be better to choose a short term deal instead.

  • Are there upfront costs?

    There is currently no setup fee for any Vodafone broadband package; even the broadband and TV bundles come with free setup.

  • How long will it take to install Vodafone Broadband?

    Broadband installation usually takes around 14 working days. When you sign up to a Vodafone deal you’ll be given an estimated installation date, and notified of any changes to that date if there is a delay.

  • Does Vodafone have good customer service?

    In our 2023 Broadband Awards, Vodafone Broadband received a 64% satisfaction rate for customer service. There's more information on Vodafone's customer service performance in our Vodafone Broadband Review.

  • How do I contact Vodafone?

    You can call Vodafone customer service on 0333 3040 191 or use Live Chat. 

    Visit our guide to Vodafone customer services for other contact details.

  • How do I cancel Vodafone Broadband?

    First, check that you’re outside the minimum contract term. If not, you’ll have to pay an early cancellation fee. 

    If you're out of contract, you can cancel or switch without penalty. If you’ve got Vodafone Fibre 2, you can switch to another provider on the Openreach network (such as BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, or many others) and the new provider will notify Vodafone that you’re leaving. 

    If you are on Vodafone Full Fibre, or you no longer need broadband at all, you will need to contact Vodafone to notify them. 

    Read our guide to cancelling Vodafone for more help.

Expert Summary

Vodafone's broadband portfolio is smaller than some, but if you're looking for a basic package without paying for extras you don't need, it's a good option. Most homes across the UK will be able to access its Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 packages, or upgrade to its Pro II fibre option.

However, if you're interested in the full fibre options, you'll need to check the availability before signing up as many homes still don't have access to a full fibre network yet.

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