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Vodafone Broadband Review 2024

Vodafone Broadband rating: 3.2 / 5

Vodafone can save you money with very cheap fibre deals. There's also useful Pro extras and ultrafast, full fibre services. But customer service is a weak spot, and it's only available in areas with fibre optic coverage.

Vodafone Broadband review 2024

Speed Satisfaction 3.3/5
Customer Service  3.2/5
Value for Money  3.4/5
Reliability 3.0/5
Router 3.5/5
Overall score 3.2/5

Vodafone home broadband delivers impressive speed for low prices. However, there are ongoing concerns over its customer service support.

We like We don't like
  • Cheap fibre broadband.
  • Ultrafast is available in areas with fibre to the premises (FTTP).
  • Fastest deals are symmetrical in some locations (i.e. upload speeds match downloads).
  • It’s truly unlimited broadband.
  • Pro bundles include useful extras.
  • Some ultrafast FTTP services have slower upload speeds than we’d like.
  • Its customer service needs improvement.

Vodafone Broadband: in summary

Download Speeds (Average) 35Mb / 67Mb / 150Mb / 500Mb / 910Mb
Data Usage Limit Truly unlimited
Type of Broadband Fibre / Full Fibre
Home Phone Line? Yes (required for Fibre, optional with Full Fibre)
Inclusive phone calls? Call bundles available as an add-on
Bundled Wi-Fi Router? Vodafone Power Hub

You can find a couple of the best Vodafone broadband deals below:

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Vodafone Broadband Speed

Speed Score: 3.3 out of 5

Vodafone offers a variety of broadband speeds throughout its range. This includes a very fast FTTP broadband option for those of you lucky enough to have full fibre access in your area.

Vodafone Fibre 1

  • Download speed: 38Mb
  • Upload speed: 9Mb

The entry-level Vodafone broadband package provides a download speed of 38Mb and an upload speed of 9Mb.

This is enough for small homes. But if you have more than a couple of people sharing and everyone is using broadband for activities like streaming, it may struggle.

Vodafone Fibre 2 

  • Download speed: 67Mb
  • Upload speed: 18Mb

With an average download speed of 67Mb and an upload speed of 18Mb. This is the fastest standard fibre service Vodafone offers.

This is a good option for larger homes, and it’s often available for the same price as Fibre 1. So it's worth going for, even if you don’t think you need the extra speed.

Vodafone Pro II Fibre 1

  • Download speed: 38Mb
  • Upload speed: 10Mb

This upgrade to Pro Fibre 1 comes with additional features, including a free 4G back-up connection. This does come at a cost though

Vodafone Pro II Fibre 2

  • Download speed: 67Mb
  • Upload speed: 18Mb

This is the same as Fibre 2, but with extra Pro features for an increased fee.

Vodafone Full Fibre 74

  • Download speed: 74Mb

Vodafone Full Fibre 80

  • Download speed: 80Mb

Vodafone’s entry level full fibre packages come in two different speeds. This will depend on whether your home is connected to an Openreach or CityFibre network.

Vodafone Full Fibre 150

  • Download speed: 150Mb

Vodafone Full Fibre 500

  • Download speed: 500Mb
  • Upload speed: 200Mb or 500Mb

If your FTTP connection is CityFibre, your line is symmetrical. That means the download and upload speeds are the same — 200Mb or 500Mb. 

These upload rates are a lot better than many competing providers and will be particularly useful for gamers, streamers, and remote workers.

However, if you have Openreach FTTP, your maximum upload speed will be lower.

Vodafone Full Fibre

  • Download speed: 910Mb
  • Upload speed: 105Mb or 910Mb

The fastest Vodafone fibre optic service offers a rapid average download speed of 910Mb. 

With CityFibre connections, it also has an incredible 910Mb upload speed. Openreach FTTP customers will receive around 115Mb.

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Vodafone Broadband speed summary

Vodafone customers seem fairly happy with the broadband they’re getting. The respondents of our 2024 survey gave it an average satisfaction score of 69%.

Average broadband download speeds recorded by Ofcom during a 24-hour period.

Ofcom average speed data: BT vs. TalkTalk, Vodafone, Plusnet, Sky, Virgin Media and EE

  • Sky Superfast (61Mb): 64.6Mb (105.9% of advertised rate)
  • Virgin Media M125 (132Mb): 136.3Mb (103.3% of advertised rate)
  • Plusnet Fibre (66Mb): 64.2Mb (97.27% of advertised rate
  • TalkTalk Fibre 35 (38Mb): 36Mb (94.7% of advertised rate)
  • BT Fibre 1 (50Mb): 44.9Mb (89.8% of advertised rate)
  • Vodafone Fibre 2 (67Mb): 60Mb (89.5% of advertised rate)
  • EE Fibre 38Mb average speed: 32.4Mb (85.2% of advertised rate)

According to data gathered by Ofcom, published in September 2023, the average speed of Vodafone Fibre 2 was 89.5% of its advertised speed. This is a poorer performance compared to most other providers.

The advertised speeds of its standard services aren’t surprising. For these, it uses the Openreach network like almost all other providers. So averages will be similar to fibre services available elsewhere.

Not everyone can match its FTTP deals, where you can enjoy anything from a respectable 100Mb up to a fast 910Mb average download speed. 

The catch is that you need to be in an FTTP-enabled area to get these services.

You also need to be aware of the difference in upload speeds. CityFibre will provide you with better speeds than Openreach will.

The upload speeds on Openreach FTTP aren’t shabby, and are still better than even Virgin Media. But even those are dwarfed by the amazing symmetrical fibre service available with a CityFibre link.

Vodafone Customer Service

Customer Service Score: 3.2 out of 5

Vodafone fell a little short of the average score for customer service satisfaction in our 2024 Broadband Awards, with a 64% satisfaction rate (the average being 70%).

Vodafone is one of the providers studied in the Ofcom customer service report. It received the following scores in the most recent publication (18th May 2023):

  • Overall satisfaction: 83% (average broadband score 82%)
  • Satisfaction with speed of service: 82% (average broadband score 80%)
  • Customers with a reason to complain: 22% (average broadband score 20%)
  • Overall complaint handling satisfaction: 49% (average broadband score 51%)
  • Call waiting time: 3:19 (average waiting time 2:37)

Although it scored with general satisfaction and speed, it’s concerning that Vodafone is performing worse than average in several categories when it comes to complaints.

See more: Vodafone customer service and complaints contacts

Vodafone Broadband Value for Money

Value for Money Score: 3.4 out of 5

Vodafone ranked lower than average for value for money in our 2024 Broadband Awards. A mid-contract price rise of 14.4% in 2023 and another 7.9% in April 2024 hasn't helped matters.

Having said that, Vodafone is still one of the cheapest fibre broadband providers, with its entry-level fibre deals costing less than some ADSL deals.

Moving to a Pro II package does raise the monthly price, but you’ll get some useful extras in exchange.

The most expensive option is the 910Mb Vodafone Full Fibre, but even this compares well to other offerings from competing networks.

Inclusive calls aren’t part of most Vodafone deals. Line rental, when applicable, is part of the monthly price. If required, you can add evening and weekend calls, anytime calls, or an international package.

Vodafone rewards

Vodafone broadband deals are often available with a free gift. This is typically an Amazon, M&S or Sainsbury's gift card with a value of £50-£100. A decent extra, for sure.

Vodafone is already cheap, so these freebies add up to a substantial bonus. With a free gift included, Vodafone Fibre 1 and 2 can sometimes have an effective monthly price of less than £20.

For general help with rewards, visit our guide to claiming free gifts and vouchers.

Vodafone Reliability

Reliability Score: 3 out of 5

In our 2024 Broadband Awards, Vodafone matched the average score for reliability, with a 75% satisfaction rate.

In Ofcom's April 2024 Report: Complaints about broadband, landline, mobile and pay-TV services, Vodafone had a higher than average level of complaints than the industry average. It received 14 complaints per 100,000 subscribers. Although not great, this shows a vast improvement since the previous report, where it received 24 complaints per 100,000 subscribers. 

You certainly can't quibble with the 4G broadband back-up available for Vodafone Pro II customers. This automatically connects to a mobile broadband network if your cabled connection experiences a fault. Of course, you have to pay a premium for this, and you'd need to be confident you have a strong 4G signal to experience a truly reliable service. 

Vodafone Bundled Wi-Fi router

Router Score: 3.5 out of 5

All Vodafone broadband deals include a Vodafone Power Hub Wi-Fi Router.

For more information, you can read our Vodafone router round-up.

Router installation

Setting up your Vodafone hub shouldn't be difficult and, unless you need to have a line installed, you'll be able to do this yourself. You can get in touch for technical support with Live Chat, as well and its late night call centre opening times every day of the week.

Vodafone also has a very helpful, supportive online community where you can seek out answers to questions easily.

The Vodafone Broadband App, however, is probably the easiest way to get help. You can use this to assist with more technical tasks such as setting up guest Wi-Fi private guest networks, managing Super Wi-Fi Boosters and optimising signals.

In short, there's plenty of help available to make your installation an easy process.

  • Vodafone broadband extras

    Vodafone Pro II

    Vodafone Pro II is a premium bundle that includes so many useful extras. It’s an optional extra for Vodafone Fibre 1, Fibre 2, and Full Fibre 100, it costs £10+ per month more than the equivalent standard package.

    Other Vodafone Full Fibre deals all include Vodafone Pro II as standard, with Vodafone Pro II Xtra available for an additional cost.

    Vodafone Pro II includes the following:

    • Router upgrade: Customers receive a Super Wi-Fi 6E Booster which allows connectivity to over 150 devices.
    • 4G broadband back-up: Automatic back-up if your broadband fails.
    • Coverage guarantee: Leave for free if you can't get reliable Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home.
    • WiFi Xperts: Dedicated UK support team for Pro subscribers.

    Vodafone Pro II customers can also benefit from faster broadband speeds in some areas. If supported by the network, Fibre Pro II 1 offers an average speed of 41Mb, while Fibre Pro II 2 has an average speed of 82Mb.

    Vodafone Broadband and Mobile deal - 'Vodafone Together'

    Vodafone Mobile customers can get a discount of up to £2 per month on home broadband if they connect plans, or a saving of £4 per month for Pro II sign-ups.

Vodafone Broadband: Expert Summary

Vodafone Overall Score: 3.2 out of 5

Vodafone fibre optic broadband is good value for money. Not only do you enjoy low monthly prices as standard, but it’s also truly unlimited, and the bundled router is fairly powerful.

And as well as offering cheap broadband deals, Vodafone caters to high-end users with the optional Vodafone Pro II packages and ultrafast full fibre services. You’ll have to pay more, but they come with some genuinely useful extras. Especially if you’re working from home and need ultra-reliable broadband.

Unfortunately, we have some concerns about Vodafone’s customer service track record. User reviews for how issues are handled are disappointing. Ofcom's 2023 reports also show customers are struggling with Vodafone's service and faults. For this reason, we've had to take off a few review points.

Switching to Vodafone

You can easily check which Vodafone packages are available in your area by popping your address into this checker. Don't forget to use our filters, so you can compare packages by price, speed or contract length. Our tables will also show you if there are any great reward offers available, too. You'll be able to see how much money these can save you in the long-run with our clear 'Effective Monthly Price' summary.

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