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Welcome to Broadband Genie

We're an independent switching site providing consumers and businesses with practical help, advice, and price comparison for home broadband.

Launched in March 2004 as the UK’s first dedicated broadband comparison site, Broadband Genie draws more than 100,000 visitors each month.

Our powerful comparison tools make it easy for users to search and sort offers and find exactly what they need. We work closely with providers and retailers to ensure the extensive database of deals is constantly up-to-date.

But broadband price comparison is only part of what we do. Broadband Genie prides itself on being unbiased and consumer-focused. Our independent editorial team publishes original features, guides, industry insight, and research covering all aspects of home, business, and mobile broadband to help consumers make an informed decision.

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Alex Tofts

SEO Strategist (Off-Site)
Contact: [email protected]









Alex has been a key member of the PR and Marketing team since 2016 and is always ready with an opinion when it comes to fighting the consumer’s corner on everything broadband.

For the last 7 years, he's appeared all over the UK press, giving expert advice about anything and everything related to broadband.

Alex handles all of Broadband Genie's research, so you'll find his name on all our studies, surveys and tools.

Pete Ames

Head of Marketing
Contact: [email protected]









Pete started his Genie adventure with Office Genie before making his switch to the Broadband Genie team in 2018.

It's his responsibility for Broadband Genie to help as many broadband bill payers as we can.

Emma Davenport

Online Editor
Contact: [email protected]








Emma has been contributing to Broadband Genie since 2007 and joined the team full-time in February 2023. She has 20 years of experience writing articles and tutorials on consumer technology for print and online.

She has a passion for transforming complicated and technical topics into easily digestible guides for readers of any age, or prior knowledge.

Emma is responsible for making sure the articles, advice and details across the entire Broadband Genie site are as up-to-date and useful for readers as they can be.

Broadband information

For information and statistics about all things related to broadband, we’ve summarised everything in one place. Check out our broadband statistics page.

Here are some more recent research products conducted over the last year you may find useful: