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The Broadband Genie story

When you consider how much we rely on the internet today, it’s hard to believe the first post dial-up broadband connection didn’t go live in the UK until the year 2000.

It wasn't even very popular to begin with - there were less than 200,000 broadband users by 2002!

As its popularity grew over the next few years, so did the competition. But, it was hard to find reliable information about the technology. Searching for broadband deals meant visiting individual suppliers and tech sites, wading through tonnes of tech jargon. If only we had three wishes… 

Our three wishes 

  1. Sign up tech experts to write plain-English guides for every part of the process. Cut through all the confusing and complicated information.
  2. Forge relationships with the UK’s best broadband suppliers to ensure we had all their latest deals displayed on our site, but with no additional costs being passed on to the consumer. 
  3. Create a website that was simple to use but had all the information you’d need to make an informed decision and get the right broadband deal for your home. 

We launched Broadband Genie in 2004 with one simple goal - to save consumers time and money by making their broadband signup or switch as simple and pain-free as possible. Back then, we were the first dedicated broadband-only comparison site in the UK. 

By 2006 there were 13 million broadband users in the UK, and Broadband Genie had helped tens of thousands of them find the right internet package.

We’re stronger than ever today. The website, originally run by two university graduates, in a bedroom, has become the bedrock of a successful Cambridge-based company that employs more than 60 people.

Now that most people have broadband, our emphasis has switched to switching. So many people stick with an outdated package because they don’t want any hassle. The truth is, switching broadband suppliers today is such a simple process that can save you hundreds of pounds!

Although the broadband market keeps changing and the technology is constantly evolving, our mission remains the same - to help you compare, switch and save.