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EE Broadband review 2020

Is EE Broadband any good?

Our EE Broadband rating: 4/5

You may be happy with your EE mobile service, but should you go with them for home internet? Our EE Broadband review will explore what the service has to offer, and help you decide if an EE deal is right for you.

EE Broadband user review

The following ratings from EE customers are taken from our annual home broadband survey. Customers were asked to rate their provider in each category, and the score is the percentage of positive answers. The overall rating is the combined average score.

Customer care: 78%
(average: 81%)

Value for money: 71% 
(average: 70%)

Trust: 80%
(average: 80%)

Would recommend?: 75%
(average: 74%)

Overall EE Broadband customer rating: 78%
(average: 76%)

While it didn't win any awards, EE performed reasonably well in our 2020 home broadband survey. It was fifth for recommendations and customer care and had the seventh-highest rating overall.

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EE Broadband - the Broadband Genie review

We like We don't like
  • Some good value deals
  • Free data for mobile customers
  • Multiroom and personal TV guide
  • Claim an early cancellation credit when switching
  • Decent free router
  • TV package is relatively basic
  • "Off net" services are limited and traffic managed

EE Broadband speed

EE average download speeds vs BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media

  EE BT Sky TalkTalk Virgin Media
ADSL 10Mb 10Mb 11Mb 11Mb N/A
Fibre optic 36Mb / 67Mb / 145Mb / 300Mb 36Mb / 50Mb / 67Mb 36Mb / 59Mb 38Mb / 67Mb 54Mb / 108Mb / 213Mb / 362Mb / 518Mb

EE upload speeds vs BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media

  EE BT Sky TalkTalk Virgin Media
ADSL 1Mb 1Mb 1Mb 1Mb N/A
Fibre optic 10Mb / 19.5Mb / 28Mb / 47Mb 9.5Mb / 19.5Mb 9.5Mb / 19Mb 9.5Mb / 19Mb 3Mb / 6Mb / 12Mb / 21Mb

EE broadband download and upload speeds are roughly in line with other Openreach network providers, though it does advertise slightly higher averages for some packages. EE has started offering much quicker fibre speeds up to 300Mb, but the catch is that availability for these packages is limited, and in many cases, the fastest speed you'll be able to get is 67Mb.

EE Broadband value for money

EE broadband cheapest package vs BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media

EE Broadband (10Mb) BT Broadband (10Mb) Sky Broadband Essential (11Mb) TalkTalk Fast Broadband (11Mb) Virgin Media M50 (54Mb)
£22.50 £26.99 £22 £22.95 £38

EE broadband fastest package vs BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media

EE Fibre Plus (67Mb) BT Fibre 2 (67Mb) Sky Broadband Superfast (59Mb) TalkTalk Superfast Fibre (67Mb) Virgin Media M500 (516Mb)
£30 £31.99 £27 £26 £52

Last checked October 2020. Prices displayed above are the initial contract cost for new customers. Prices may increase after renewal. Cheapest price is the lowest monthly cost regardless of speed; the fastest price is the fastest service available on Broadband Genie for the lowest cost. Does not include TV bundles or special offers.

EE fibre optic and ADSL broadband deals are neither the cheapest nor most expensive on offer. But in our survey its customers consider the provider to be reasonably good value, and it does offer a couple of nice extras in the form of a free data boost for EE Mobile customers, and a £50 credit if you're charged when switching.

EE Broadband features and extras

EE Mobile Data Boost

EE Mobile customers who sign up for EE home broadband can claim a free monthly data boost. Fibre and standard broadband customers get 10GB per month, and EE Fibre Max subscribers receive 20GB.

EE early cancellation credit

EE offers of £50 credit if you're charged when switching to EE. 

Generally, you should only be charged for cancellation if you leave mid-contract, something we would recommend is best avoided due to the cost. But if you do find yourself in that situation, it's reassuring to know that you can get something back from EE. However, the charge could easily exceed £50, so don't rely on EE's offer to cover everything.

EE Brightbox and Smart Hub Wi-Fi router

EE has two different routers: the Smart Hub Wi-Fi router and slightly older Brightbox 2. 

EE ADSL broadband customers will receive the Brightbox 2. While not cutting edge it does still support the fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol, and it's dual-band so you can operate two Wi-Fi networks (one on 2.4Ghz frequency, another on 5Ghz) to support a wide range of devices. 

The Smart Hub is bundled with EE fibre deals and will be supplied as a free upgrade if you switch from EE ADSL to fibre. It too is a dual-band router with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, but it also supports the latest "Wave 2" standard for improved performance. The Smart Hub also features seven internal Wi-Fi antennas for greater range, speed and stability. And you'll find 4x gigabit network ports for wired connectivity (the Brightbox 2 only has 1x gigabit port).

EE home phone

The cheapest EE broadband offers do not come with calling packages, so if you don't use the landline for calls, you're not paying for an unnecessary feature. If you do use the phone regularly and want to save money, there are several calling add-ons. 

Inclusive anytime calling for landlines is £5 per month, and landline and mobile calling is £8. An international bundle is available for 12, which provides inclusive calling to 50 countries and discounted pricing for the rest.


EE TV and broadband is a low budget entertainment package which doesn't offer vast swathes of premium channels. By default, you don't get anything beyond the Freeview line-up and free streaming services. But additional channels are available with NOW TV passes (offering sports, movies, entertainment and kids programming) which you can buy at any time without signing up to a contract.

Even if you have no interest in paying for extra content, EE TV may still be worth considering if you don't already have a TV box with recording. The bundled EE TV box comes with a 1TB hard drive for saving your favourite shows, as well as offering live pause and rewind features and integrated streaming and catch-up.

EE Broadband review conclusion

Our EE broadband rating: 4 / 5

With unlimited data and no traffic management on many of its packages, plus reasonably low prices, EE is a good value offering. And if you're an EE mobile user, you'll benefit from extra data each month.

But not every service is unlimited - those outside the EE network will find that ADSL packages are not as competitive as they will come with usage caps and traffic management, though this will only affect a small number of homes nowadays. And regardless of what package you choose, there's only ever the option of a comparatively lengthy 18-month contract.

We like EE's TV box as it offers smart TV features at a low cost, but it's a shame that unlike many of the other TV and broadband providers you don't get any additional premium channels for the extra monthly fee.

For more on EE, and their best deals, head to our EE broadband page.

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