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Plusnet Broadband Review 2023

Our Plusnet Broadband rating: 3.9/5

Plusnet is a great value provider for people who need a reliable, no-frills connection. Good customer service is an added bonus.

Plusnet broadband review 2023

Speed Satisfaction 3.4/5
Customer Service  3.5/5
Value for Money  4.4/5
Reliability 4.5/5
Router 3.5/5
Overall score 3.9/5

It’s hard to go wrong with a Plusnet broadband deal. The prices are fair, and it enjoys a good reputation for customer service. You'll also find ultrafast FTTP deals are an option in some areas, though upload speeds lag far behind the impressive download rates.

We like We don't like
  • Packages are truly unlimited.
  • Set-up costs are pretty low.
  • The customer support team is based in the UK
  • Reassuring customer service record.
  • You can choose between 12, 18, or 24-month contracts.
  • Offers ultrafast broadband up to 500Mb.
  • No line rental costs
  • Full Fibre upload speeds aren't great.
  • Full Fibre router could be better.
  • No digital phone bundle options.

Plusnet Broadband: In summary

Download Speeds (Average) 10Mb / 50Mb / 74Mb / 145Mb / 300Mb / 500Mb / 910Mb
Upload Speeds (Average) 1Mb / 9Mb / 20Mb / 30Mb / 50Mb / 75Mb / 110Mb
Data Usage Limit Truly unlimited
Type of Broadband Fibre and Full Fibre (ADSL available to limited customers)
Home Phone Line? No
Inclusive phone calls? No
Bundled Wi-Fi Router? Plusnet Hub Two

You can find a couple of the best Plusnet broadband deals below:

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Plusnet Broadband Speed

Speed Score: 3.4 out of 5

Plusnet offers a choice speeds across its range. There are various packages available within each tier.

Plusnet Fibre

  • Download speed: 50Mb
  • Upload speed: 9Mb

A package that’s suitable for a small or medium-sized home. It’s suitable for people to game or stream comfortably, too. For only a small price increase, you get a pretty decent boost to internet speeds compared to ADSL.

Plusnet Full Fibre

  • Download speed: 74Mb, 145Mb, 300Mb, 500Mb, 900Mb
  • Upload speed: 20Mb, 30Mb, 50Mb, 75Mb, 110Mb

For larger homes or anyone who needs the very best broadband, Full Fibre offers download speeds up to 500Mb.

A Plusnet ADSL deal is available to customers who are unable to get connected to a fibre service only.

Plusnet broadband speed summary

Plusnet customer feedback indicates that users are fairly happy with the performance of their broadband. In our 2023 Broadband Awards, survey respondents gave it a speed satisfaction score of 68.4% (3.2/5).

Average broadband download speeds recorded by Ofcom during a 24-hour period.

Ofcom average speed data: BT vs. TalkTalk, Vodafone, Plusnet, Sky, Virgin Media and EE

  • BT Fibre 1 (50Mb): 44.9Mb (89.8% of advertised rate)
  • TalkTalk Fibre 35 (38Mb): 36Mb (94.7% of advertised rate)
  • Vodafone Fibre 2 (67Mb): 60Mb (89.5% of advertised rate)
  • Plusnet Fibre (66Mb): 64.2Mb (97.27% of advertised rate
  • Sky Superfast (61Mb): 64.6Mb (105.9% of advertised rate)
  • Virgin Media M125 (132Mb): 136.3Mb (103.3% of advertised rate)
  • EE Fibre 38Mb average speed: 32.4Mb (85.2% of advertised rate)

Plusnet’s advertised download speeds are typical for providers on the Openreach network; you can see how close the average speeds are for most of the providers. Its FTTC fibre upload speeds are slightly quicker than some competitors, but only a little.

Full Fibre broadband is available from Plusnet if you live in an area with Fibre To The Premises (FTTP). There's a choice of three download speeds up to a rapid 500Mb, although in common with other Openreach FTTP providers the upload rates are far less impressive.

Plusnet Customer Service

Customer Service Score: 3.5 out of 5

Plusnet is known for its good customer service, and going by customer feedback, that reputation has been earned. Our customer service user score of 3.5, above the average of 3.3.

However, you’ll find it’s actually a mixed bag when we delve into some detailed complaints data. 

Plusnet is one of the providers studied in the Ofcom customer service report. It received the following scores in the most recent publication: 

  • Overall satisfaction: 89% (average broadband score 82%)
  • Satisfaction with speed of service: 83% (average broadband score 80%)
  • Customers with a reason to complain: 20% (average broadband score 20%)
  • Overall complaint handling satisfaction: 53% (average broadband score 51%)
  • Complaints per 100,000 subscribers: 46 (average broadband score 44)
  • Call waiting time: 2:08 (average waiting time 2:37)

While overall satisfaction is pretty decent and the number of customers who have reason to complain is about average, the number of complaints were higher.

Plusnet does come out looking better than some other budget broadband providers. TalkTalk had slightly lower ratings in most categories, while Vodafone, Shell Energy and Virgin Media had many more customer complaints. So Plusnet is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for a budget package with reliable support.

Plusnet Broadband Value for Money

Value for Money Score: 4.4 out of 5

Plusnet ranked as the best value for money provider in our 2023 Broadband Awards.

It offers some good deals for those on a tight budget. Impressively, it does so without cutting back in crucial areas. You get unlimited data, optional extras and features for power users, plus UK-based customer service.

It’s also somewhat flexible when it comes to contract terms. You can find no contract broadband deals for ADSL, or 12 and 18-month contracts for FTTC fibre. Though if you want the quickest full fibre broadband you will have to sign up for 24 months.

The 18-month fibre optic deals are good value, with lower setup and running costs than the shorter term deals.

The cheapest Plusnet package is its Fibre Broadband deal. If you don't want to use your home phone, you'll no longer have to pay line rental, as of September 2023.

Plusnet rewards

More often than not, Plusnet deals include a free gift, usually a Plusnet Reward Card. This is a credit card that comes pre-loaded with cash. Plusnet sometimes offers cashback in the form of a cheque, or every now and then, shopping vouchers.

Typically, these rewards are worth around £50. Given Plusnet is already quite cheap, this is a generous extra that adds up to saving quite a bit over the entire contract.

All Plusnet customers are able to make use of a "Perks" loyalty-reward programme if they log into their accounts. Offers here include discounts on free trials on products and brand partnerships include Gousto, Jimmy's Ice Coffee and The Body Shop.

When comparing Plusnet deals on Broadband Genie, check the offer details. Under the price calculation, we’ll tell you much your deal is worth including the free gifts. So you can compare them with other providers properly.

However, it’s important to remember that Plusnet rewards usually have to be claimed. Make sure you take note of the expiry date and claim before then. You won’t want to miss out.

You can compare the latest Plusnet offers on our Plusnet cashback and rewards page. For general help with rewards, visit our guide to claiming free gifts and vouchers.

Plusnet Reliability

Reliability Score: 4.5 out of 5

In our 2023 Broadband Awards, Plusnet was deemed to be the third most reliable provider, closely pipped to the post by BT and Origin Broadband. It scored above average, with a total of 70.8% satisfaction.

In Ofcom's 2023 customer service report, Plusnet customers seemed very happy with their service overall, with a total satisfaction of 89% (the average being 82%).

Plusnet is signed up to Ofcom's voluntary Broadband Speed Code of Conduct. This means if report you're having problems with your internet, but it can't be fixed within 30 days, you must be able to leave your contract without paying an early exit fee. 

Plusnet Bundled Wi-Fi router

Router Score: 3.5 out of 5

Plusnet offers the Plusnet Hub Two to new fibre broadband customers. For a more detailed look at this advice, you can read our Plusnet router round-up.

Router installation

Setting up your Plusnet router shouldn't be difficult and, unless you need to have a line installed, you'll be able to do this yourself. However, if you do need more help, you can make calls to Plusnet's technical support line between 8am-8pm every day. There are clear video instructions to help you along the way.

  • Plusnet broadband extras

    Plusnet Protect

    This Plusnet-branded Norton security tool will help protect PCs, Macs, mobile phones and tablets against viruses. Its Safe Search features identifies suspicious sites to help you keep personal data safe when you're online. There's also a password manager and extra security encryption for online banking.

    This comes as standard for most Plusnet broadband packages, though you'll have to add it as an extra for Unlimited Fibre and Full Fibre 36 packages.

    It’s welcome as a free extra, but there’s no good reason to pay for this otherwise. There are plenty of free anti-virus tools out there. And even the antivirus built into Windows will do what the average user needs it to.

    Plusnet Safeguard

    Available with all deals, Plusnet SafeGuard is a parental control feature that allows you to block adult content, gambling, social media and violent images. You can also use it to set browsing time limits, or create a safe list of sites you're happy for your whole family to see.

    Plusnet TV

    Plusnet used to offer a Freeview TV package as an add-on to fibre broadband. However, it stopped selling this at the beginning of 2021. They then cancelled the service for existing customers on the 1st of November 2021.

    That means you’ll need to look elsewhere for a cheap broadband and TV bundle.

    While it’s a shame to lose one of the few budget broadband and TV providers, we have plenty of alternatives. 

    TalkTalk and BT TV both offer a similar service to the old Plusnet TV, where you get a Freeview box and optional premium channel packages. 

    There’s also NOW Broadband, which offers easy access to popular Sky entertainment, movies, kids, and sports channels via flexible passes. 

    And, of course, you can always make the switch to streaming from the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. All Plusnet broadband deals are capable of streaming, though you should pick a Plusnet Fibre package for the best experience.

Plusnet Broadband: Expert Summary

Plusnet Overall Score: 3.9 out of 5

Plusnet offers excellent value for money. Despite being at the budget end of the broadband market, its service is well-regarded. It offers decent customer support, good performance, cheap installation, and a variety of flexible plans. Regular cashback and reward deals certainly add to the appeal too.

It also provides features for more technical users, such as optional static IP and the ability to use your own Wi-Fi broadband router.

There aren’t too many downsides. It does now offer ultrafast FTTP broadband, though upload speeds aren't great in comparison to download performance. We'd also like to see a better router made available to Full Fibre customers. 

And while user reviews generally show an appreciative response to its customer service, the Ofcom report indicates some problem areas. The defunct Plusnet TV service might also be missed by some, but there are so many options for TV now that we don't consider this a major drawback.

For more on this popular provider, including its latest deals, check out our Plusnet broadband page.

In our 2023 Broadband Awards, Plusnet came out on top as the 'Best Provider' and 'Best Value for Money'.

Switching broadband providers

Interesting in signing up to Plusnet? You can easily check which packages are available in your area by popping your postcode into this checker. Don't forget to use our filters, so you can sort by price, speed or contract length. Our tables will also show you if there are any great reward offers available, too. You'll be able to see how much money these can save you in the long-run with our clear 'Effective Monthly Price' summary.

Broadband Genie deals checker

If you’re out of contract, switching between any provider is easy. You shouldn’t even need to speak to your current provider - your new one should do all the admin for you. Check out our guide on ‘how to switch broadband and get an amazing deal’ for more hints and tricks, learn how to save money and upgrade your home's internet connection with little fuss.

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