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What is my broadband speed? The speed test FAQ

How does the speed test work?

Our internet speed checker should work in any web browser that supports Flash or version 8 of JavaScript. It downloads a file from the server and measures how long your broadband line takes to download it (don't worry - the file doesn't stay on your computer). The file size will vary depending on the speed of your broadband (so a 3G connection will use a smaller file than that of a 4G or high speed home broadband connection). It will only take about 20 seconds.

Is this a free broadband speed checker?

Yes, the Broadband Genie speedtest is completely free. We feel it's important to offer you all the broadband comparison tools you need in one place, so you can check your speed and use your postcode to look for deals that may offer you better value for money, as well as a faster internet connection.

Why is the speed I get different than the speed advertised?

You'll notice in the UK broadband is usually advertised with a 'maximum' speed - the fastest possible speed your line might be capable of. Unfortunately all kinds of things can reduce this, so be sure none of these are running: email checking software, instant messenger or other chat software, internet radio, Windows updates and any other downloads.

Even then you may not get your advertised speed. Wi-Fi can be slower than a cabled connection, for example, due to interference; while poor house wiring can affect home broadband speeds (try to be sure your router is plugged into your main incoming cable socket). Your supplier may also prioritise different types of broadband traffic, so to be sure you're getting the most accurate broadband reading do several tests at different times of day, and on both week days and weekends.

What is the best broadband in my area?

Before running the speed test you can enter your postcode. As well as finding out how the performance of your connection weighs up against competitors and seeing if it meets the advertised rate, providing a postcode will also display other broadband packages in your area so you can instantly find out if there's a faster service available. And if you're testing a mobile broadband service you'll see a selection of alternative tablet, dongle and SIM deals.

If you find your broadband performance is very different from the advertised speed you may want to contact your supplier's technical team to make sure there isn't an issue. For more information visit our guides to home broadband speed and mobile broadband speed.