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What is my broadband speed? The speed test FAQ

How does the speed test work?

Our internet speed checker should work in any web browser that supports Flash or version 8 of JavaScript. It downloads a file from the server and measures how long your broadband line takes to download it (don't worry - the file doesn't stay on your computer). The file size will vary depending on the speed of your broadband (so a 3G connection will use a smaller file than that of a 4G or high speed home broadband connection). It will only take about 20 seconds.

Is this a free broadband speed checker?

Yes, the Broadband Genie speedtest is completely free. We feel it's important to offer you all the broadband comparison tools you need in one place, so you can check your speed and use your postcode to look for deals that may offer you better value for money, as well as a faster internet connection.

Why is the speed I get different than the speed advertised?

You'll notice in the UK broadband is usually advertised with a 'maximum' speed - the fastest possible speed your line might be capable of. Unfortunately all kinds of things can reduce this, so be sure none of these are running: email checking software, instant messenger or other chat software, internet radio, Windows updates and any other downloads.

Even then you may not get your advertised speed. Wi-Fi can be slower than a cabled connection, for example, due to interference; while poor house wiring can affect home broadband speeds (try to be sure your router is plugged into your main incoming cable socket). Your supplier may also prioritise different types of broadband traffic, so to be sure you're getting the most accurate broadband reading do several tests at different times of day, and on both week days and weekends.

What is the best broadband in my area?

Before running the speed test you can enter your postcode. As well as finding out how the performance of your connection weighs up against competitors and seeing if it meets the advertised rate, providing a postcode will also display other broadband packages in your area so you can instantly find out if there's a faster service available. And if you're testing a mobile broadband service you'll see a selection of alternative tablet, dongle and SIM deals.

If you find your broadband performance is very different from the advertised speed you may want to contact your supplier's technical team to make sure there isn't an issue. For more information visit our guides to home broadband speed and mobile broadband speed.


  • neutral

    by Martin Stone at 20:50 on 29 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    What does download speed and upload speed mean? What should it be?

  • Ciaron Dunne - EditorEditor - Ciaron Dunne

    by Ciaron Dunne at 7:24 on 30 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    @Martin: your broadband provider should have told you your theoretical max download speed when you bought your package. You might want to read our guide to understanding download and upload speeds.

  • neutral

    by Ross Anderson at 20:49 on 30 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Hi, great site, the speed test gave me download 1.05 Mbps, and upload 0.33 Mbps. Bit different to the talk talks 8meg! I do live about 4 miles from the village exchange and then another 3 from the main exchange. My PC is new and top spec.. Should talktalk still charge me full whack for this limited service? I have also just discovered that talktalk are offering for an extra £4 a month a turbo boost service that will make you even faster!!!

  • unhappy

    by robbie at 14:30 on 1 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    i can never get very good connection on the playstation 3 does any one no y ??

  • unhappy

    by ronald Johnson at 20:52 on 1 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Same as Ross, I am with Talktalk 8meg service, giving an abismal average 680Kbs.. while I appreciate that the service offered is 'up to...8meg' I feel that a better discription would be 'up to... 1meg' !
    I have new Netgear, new Macbook pro and am about 3 miles from the exchange.

    My question is, the line is via BT and there is no cable locally so how could this service be improved as this is the only line? I need more speed!!

  • neutral

    by Mr Steven McLean at 22:33 on 1 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    yeah i quite agree tiscali's 8mb is funny as i am getting 0.45mb lol
    and i only live 2 miles away from the exchange and we have top spec phone extention cables as well and new routers and recievers.

  • neutral

    by sarah at 21:39 on 3 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I have Sky broadband at the moment but the upload speed isn't very good and I need it to be better. I have a new IP phone from work for home-working and its not liking my upload speed. If I change to someone else is this problem stilll likely i.e. is it just because of where I live compared to exchange or is it Sky?

  • happy

    by Peter Lane at 21:30 on 6 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    With reference to the comments above I recommend reading Personal Computer World April 2009 issue article Boost Your Broadband. It contains useful info on telephone wiring, websites to get details on your exchange, & tweaking your PC.
    I went from download & upload speeds of 0.280mb & 0.070mb to approx 5-7mb & 0.35-8mb.
    Initially installing a dedicated telephone extension & not working off an extension lead reel, then contacting my ISP (Madasafish) & following their instructions ie leaving my router switched on virtually 24/7 so they could do their work at their end. It took my ISP approx 2 weeks to get my speed upto the figures listed above from my first contact with the support team.
    My local exchange is only 1km away by road, 700m as the crow flies.
    As a last comment it was very easy to install a extension 10m from the master BT socket, £30 for parts & one dedicated tool, & I am not a DIY enthusiast.

  • happy

    by vince at 8:42 on 7 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I'm now that rare beast, a happy TalkTalk customer, now getting 10Mb having endured years of slow service. This all emerged following a total loss of broadband, prior to that I had been 'enjoying' anything from 1/4 - 1.8 Mb speeds. I spent the best part of a month speaking to TalkTalk on a daily basis trying everything, different routers, cables filters, ran it off the main test socket inside the face plate etc. Eventually decided to accept the offer of an engineers call out having been warned it would cost me £160 if the problem was found at my end. He came and discovered firstly that my home alarm monitoring system was fitted directly into the back of the main box which seriously interefered with the signal and accounted for the slow speeds. Once removed it leapt from 1.5 to 11Mb but there was still aproblem. This was eventually tracked down to a fault on a cable between my house and the exchange where the cable was touching another. Sorted. Safe in the knowledge that I potentially had higher speed available I asked TalkTalk if they would give me the 'turboboost' free of charge (normally £4/month extra), which allows you to receive the maximum speed available on your line even if over 8Mb, this as a measure of goodwill for the loss of broadband i had sufferd in the previous month. They agreed and finally they have a very happy customer who is saving a fortune over what I used to pay with BT. btw the engineer never mentioned the alarm phone cable being hung onto my telephony.

  • unhappy

    by tony wad at 0:08 on 10 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    i know it might sound daft but i get 19.5 meg from virgin and i still lag every single night. i play xbox live cod5 waw. try to talk to there customer services or the tech support thats a joke - all they know is unplug your modem, wait 30secs that should solve it. NO NO for the 1000 time it doesnt solve it. might try o2 because virgin are a JOKE.

  • neutral

    by Marcin at 13:29 on 16 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    it 's all right for me.

  • unhappy

    by Sue Aston at 17:22 on 19 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    So with 1.95 download and 0.23 upload, what has been gained by doing this test and is it not painfully slow? Surgest going to for better service.

  • neutral

    by pete blakemore at 19:19 on 20 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Close to BT's advertised speed in the test

  • unhappy

    by matt at 15:15 on 30 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    8Meg service from BT! been having problems for a while though, raising it with them
    Date 30/08/09 15:13:28
    Download speed 326.68 Kbps (0.32 Mbps)
    Upload speed 373.62 Kbps (0.36 Mbps)

  • neutral

    by george thubron at 9:40 on 7 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    i am with Sky at the end of the line, 7 miles from the exchange. 215Kb download 108Kb up on a good day - i would be happy with 500 down and 250 up.

  • happy

    by Ally at 14:51 on 8 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Got 5.18 down and 0.33 up on BT and i am a fair distance from exchange. Actually surprised it was so good, especially as daughters' 3 laptops also using same wireless connection at the time.

  • happy

    by phil lofthouse at 13:18 on 27 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    had bt,had sky, now got virgin .bt 0.7 meg,sky 0.7 meg , virgin on a bad day its 12 meg through a wireless router, straight into modem 35+meg ( had 47 meg once )

  • happy

    by Nick at 22:09 on 27 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Robbie, regarding your PS3, this could be due to port forwarding. have a look on this site will help you set this up.

    Tony, maybe you should also try the above for your lagging problem.
    i'm getting 3.3 d/l and 0.4 u/l.not too bad i guess, i was hoping for more since my line can handle up to 5.5. i'm paying £10 a month from Sky but thats for unlimited downloads mostly! Robbie and Tony, hope this helped? another suggestion may be to try using a cabled connection to the router?? not ideal but may help.

  • neutral

    by Martin Joy at 14:45 on 29 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Im also on Talk Talk and in fairness to them (and i am NEVER fair to them usually) they said my theoretical speed is 4.1Mbps and i get 3ish normally (p2p traffic shaping not withstanding) has anyone bought the "speed boost" on TalkTalk? does the p2p traffic shaping kill it just as dramatically? or will it actually make a difference?

  • unhappy

    by Dave Currie at 19:12 on 29 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I'm with AOL on an "up to" 8 meg package. Judging by the results (0.11Mbps download and 0.2Mbps upload) it looks as though I'm being severely ripped off. I also only live just over 400m from the exchange

  • neutral

    by Mc Jansky at 15:16 on 1 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I was recently offered by O2 for £7.34 broadband with upto 8Mbps with 3 months free. Spoke to AOL, as I have been with them for 6-7 years already I told them about the O2 offer and that unless they can match the deal I'll be needing my MAC (Migration Code) to switch. My current package is upto 2Mbps for £14.99.
    Offered me two deals, bundling my calls for £6.50 a month, I wasn't interested. They charge ridiculous connection fees per call.
    Offered me another deal which was basically the same as I was getting now but for £9.99 per month (instead of £14.99) and increasing my speed to 8Mbps. The only downside, I'm on another 12 months contract but I'm quite happy with that though. But what made my day was it's free for 3 months so nothing to pay until Jan 2010.
    So to all of you on AOL, try calling Member Services on 01179 191112 (I looked up the free number-connects you straight to a call center agent in Ireland) and say something like you're thinking of switching and we'll see what they've got to say. I hope I end up saying you guys some money.

    Also as I was reading this thread, it is also worth noting, if you want to check the capacity of your line (i.e. you're on an 8Mbps deal and you're getting a slower service, maybe because your line is only capable of a certain speed. My line is very old apparently and can only give me a max of 3.5Mbps even though I'm on an 8Mbps deal.)
    Check it out!
    So for those of you

  • neutral

    by fred at 21:40 on 2 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    good test pain to fill i form

  • happy

    by Barry J Thpompson at 13:44 on 3 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Great result, I'm with TalkTalk and yes the state up to 8Mbps and the word you should be looking at is 'UP TO SPEEDS OF'so as regularly get Download speeds of 4152.66 Kbps (4.06 Mbps) and Upload speed 764.69 Kbps (0.75 Mbps) so I am happy with the results. Try using a port other than 80 as this allows data issues when testing and may give a Slower result. BJT

  • neutral

    by Phil Heslop at 20:23 on 3 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I am on 3 Mobile Broadband (allegedly). Overall, it's been ok, but the past 7-10 days have not been good! Frequent dropouts and being connected but unable to display web pages. 3 tech support gave me some stuff to try (straight off the help pages....Duh!). I am on contract and gave my daughter my 3 Mobile PAYG dongle. She has had the same probs as me recently. If I get a resolution, I'll let you all know (don't hold your breath!)

  • neutral

    by chris at 1:36 on 5 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with Be Unlimited for three years since moving house
    I did have the 24Mb Be unlimited service but changed to the cheaper 8Mb Be value, having failed to ever exceed 2.5 Mb in practice, due to distance from the exchange
    This weekend, following broadband booster instructions on the web, we disconnected the ringer wire in the phone socket and immediately jumped from 2.5 to over 6Mb download, though the upload is still

  • neutral

    by Eagle Feather at 8:38 on 6 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I'm struggling with BT at the moment to increase my speed from 0.1261 Mbps to something nearer to the advertised 20 Mbps. Let you know the outcome.

  • unhappy

    by Darryl Owen at 16:34 on 9 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Hehe Ive been with Tiscali and had 0.17 Dwnstream! When i was supposed to get at least 1.8mbps so i switched to BT and now i run the test and getting:

    Date 09/10/09 16:31:26
    Download speed 72.87 Kbps (0.07 Mbps)
    Upload speed 151.81 Kbps (0.15 Mbps)

    Looking forward to moving to my misses house as she using Virgin Cable! 20MBPS FTW

  • unhappy

    by mat at 16:26 on 17 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    i feel like swearing tbh i play xbox live my internet cuts its self off all timei have top of range router and i ring them and they say dont have 2 computers on! Get f**ked, haha wot a joke i pay for 20 megs and only get 7003 on my internet test on sky and 5.2 on here - how the f**k that work out?

  • unhappy

    by maleware at 1:11 on 18 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Ofcom should be enforcing ISPs to only charge for the delivered speed. Sky gave us an estimate of 4Meg on a pre-sale test, so we signed up for "Up to 8 Meg" but can only get under 1 Meg on any speed test. Sky refuse to reduce the contract back to their 2Meg price. I think this is a clear case of mis-selling. Come on Ofcom - do something to protect the taxpayers that fund you!

  • neutral

    by Ljubisa at 8:27 on 19 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Somehow TalkTalk become so inadequate so inspite all my effort they refused to correct download speed, which is currently 0.66Mbps??, whereas I pay for about 8Mbps. This is how TalkTalk is losing costumers, no wonder I am changing ISP.

  • unhappy

    by Gary at 20:01 on 21 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Your test doesn't work, no speed is displayed.
    Are you just mining addresses as the man said earlier?

  • Chris Marling - EditorEditor - Chris Marling

    by Chris Marling at 10:17 on 22 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    No, we're certainly not mining addresses, and thousands of people successfully use our speed test on a regular basis. Have you tried heading over to to try the test there? Ours is fed in directly from them, so if you continue to have problems on their site too I suggest you drop them an email.

  • neutral

    by ross hewitt at 10:31 on 23 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    hay my d/l speed came through at 1.3mg (

  • unhappy

    by Jim at 8:46 on 27 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    On an 8Mb BT Broadband deal. Have been happy with it for a couple of years. Up until about a year ago their site was saying my connection was 6Mb maximum (max line speed) and I was getting 4Mb which was great for the sorts of things I use it for (youtube video, email, general web browsing)

    recently (last 3 weeks) its been real sluggish and the BT site is reporting a max line speed of 4Mb but I'm getting 1Mb-2Mb.

    *This* site is reporting 0.6Mb.

    In any case, I'm reaaly unhappy. Its not exactly a cheap deal (£17 pm or something?!!!) :-(

    Hopefully its just a short term glitch and it'll pick up again ...

  • neutral

    by ben at 2:22 on 28 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    im with bt signed up a 9mb and im recieving 17 np problems here maybe im a lucky 1 lol

  • neutral

    by John at 8:22 on 31 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I am an IT professional specialising in computer networks. Let me explain how BroadBand works. Firstly you have fundamentally two types of service SDSL (Symetrical Digital Subscriber Line) and ADSL (Asymetrical Digital Subscriber Line) On SDSL your download speed will be the same as you upload speed. On ADSL your download speed will ALWAYS we higher than your upload speed by whatever percentage your SP has configured on their DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexor). his is known as your speed profile.

    So you have the profile they have asigned to the line BUT you have two other things that determine the actual throughput you will received.

    1. The quality of your line which is mainly going to be determined by the distance of the phone socket in your house to the point where that cable terminates at the SP's exchange. Note this is NOT as the crow flies as cables have to go around trees, houses, follow conduits etc. The longer the line the greater the electrical resistance in that line and the greater the attenuation (reduction in signal strength)

    2. Contention ratio: - Think of this like a motorway. Whilst the theoretical speed limit may be 70Mph the more cars that start traveling the the slower the average speed becomes. The exact same holds true in networks, which is WHY in the evening when every Tom, Dick and Harry are using the internet your throughput goes for a ball of chalk. Whilst try again at 4am and you will be rocking and rolling BIG Time.

    Additional to the above is the ISP's financial commitment to their network. All corporations need to make profit to keep their shareholders happy. This desire is a trade of between the investment they should be making in their infrastructure to keep you the customer happy and what they save by maximising the return on what they have already deployed to keep costs down and the shareholders happy. It's a bit like train companies, keep raising prices but not spending more on new trains. What happens is customer get p***ed off and the train service becomes unreliable.

    Now another thing you need to know is that there are two types of ISP. Those that own their own infrastructure and those that resell BT's ADSL services. If your ISP is asking you for a MAC code (Migration Access Code) then they are simply reselling BT's own service which is why when something goes wrong irrespective of who you are with a BT engineer comes to your house (note the cable to your house UNLESS you are with Virgin will always belong to BT).

    Then you have those that have their own DSLAM's located within a BT exchange. These guys will NOT ask you for a MAC code because all they do is unplug your cable from the BT DSLAM and patch it into their own.

    All of this is known as LLUB ( Local loop Unbundling) and was a system brought about world wide to break the monopoly by the old world incumbents such as BT and AT&T.

    A final complication is the technical aptitude of the guys at the help desk when you call for assistance. As a a professional I can tell you these guys are my pet hate. They are IGNORANT and are only reading questions off a cheat sheet. Let me put it into perspective. A qualified and experienced IT engineer will be earning in excess of 70K per annum. Do you really think these call centre staff are earning that...NO, WHY NOT. Because if they were professionals and actually knew what they were doing they would not be working in a call centre. If you want to know why you are getting lousy service and the run around it's because the muppet you are talking to knows only marginally more than you do. They are a filter to sift out the bulk of the complaints from the actual techy guys located somewhere else.

    I have designed and built global networks and take exception when I call to report and issue and get asked, is your modem turned on, what operating system are you using (huh I use Linux well that throws them into a spin.....errrm what????? )

    Hope this helps your understanding

    NOTE: -I do not work for an ISP but rather I am an engineer for one of the large manufacturers that sell them the actual DSL equipment.

  • unhappy

    by vas at 19:46 on 3 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Long story short this country is way back in internet tech, well connection wise.Years ago Japan had 100mb God knows what speed they have these days.Long way to go and having a fast pc is not everything really.

  • neutral

    by Phil at 22:10 on 9 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I pay for 8Mbps with AOL and get 0.36Mbps (as just tested). Have accepted that broadband with 0.36 Mbps makes the un-missable......un-watchable.
    Welcome to Wales.

  • unhappy

    by Jay at 21:58 on 16 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Anyone wanna beat me when it comes to s**t talktalk connections? 66.23 Kbps (0.06 Mbps)

    Can't wait until 2 weeks when I pay for the cancellation fee and move to sky, this connection is b******t.

  • happy

    by Marek at 8:55 on 19 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I'm so happy AOL change my broadband speed from 2MB to 6Mb! Test working very well. My results 5,8 MB for download 0,3 for upload. Thanks!

  • neutral

    by Stewpot at 16:12 on 20 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Getting 8.46Mbps download and 0.39 upload form Virgin Media at 1600hrs on a Friday afternoon. Paying £20/month for size M package which they has been upgraded to a 'up to 10Mb transfer speed. Certainly good enough for browsing, email, and video clips.

  • happy

    by Phil at 15:01 on 21 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    sorry, but 21.04 Mbps from a 20 meg connection - you should have gone to virgin.

  • neutral

    by leigh at 14:05 on 22 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    I was on Telewest 10mb service and getting speeds of 4.5 mb. Upgraded to 20 mb service and now getting 5.67 mb. Although speed sems okay could obviously be better.

  • neutral

    by Terence Cox at 10:29 on 8 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    recently joined Post Office OKish but Jon is right, you eventually learn more by yourself than the 'technical help ' people, and I found your site most informative, get just over 1 mb, with max poss of 2, I can use this as I am no great user of the web, but one thing bugs me at weekends I can only get max of 1, which translates to an actual 0.8. Why are the lines busier at weekends. Get cut off for no apparent reason usually several times in an hour, but not all the time have whole days of continual conection, bliss. ISP says they cannot report fault unless BT lowest download is exceeded? with what seems an intermttent fault what chance have I. Will continue to put up with it unless someone tells me I can find a way round it. Thanks

  • neutral

    by Biggles at 21:54 on 14 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Thanks to John for an honest and helpful brief on how broadband works. To add to the forum of malcontents, I have been with Pipex for the last 5 years, and had no problems until recently. For no apparent reason, my download speeds deteriorated from an average of 3 Megs to around .2 of a Meg (that is point 2 of a Meg)! Professional checks have given the all-clear inside, and I am now left with BT blaming Pipex and Pipex blaming BT. Still trying to find someone who speaks English coherently, and has sufficient knowledge/authority to address the problem without giving me smoke and mirrors! Does this buck-passing sound familiar?

  • neutral

    by J.YOUNG at 19:00 on 15 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    was with virgin rubbish
    was with aol rubbish
    am with bt rubbish
    when contract ends going with o2

  • unhappy

    by Steve at 22:01 on 17 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    With Orange, have the 2mb package, had it for 4 years - great service...until the last 3 months, now constantly drops down to 0.1 mpbs download speeds. Lots of time talking to the helpdesk idiots (using a checklist of b.s.). Interesting discovery recently - service was restored "magically" overnight with the ISP performace going back up to 1.6mb, but I'm still only getting 100kbps ... 3 days later I'm back up to almost 1mbps... the problem - IP profile is constantly whacked (by BT) becuase of disruption on the line (new houses being built nearby??) - the issue - any interference at all and BT will reduce your IP profile after a short period of disrupted service, and not reset it until several days later - checkout and you can see this in the test result - apparently if you have a low IP profile the way to "fix" it is to switch your router on/off several times then wait 24 hours...hope that helps ...

  • happy

    by TempTastic at 23:14 on 20 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Paying for up to 8 meg with o2. Test reveals Download: 6.1 Mbps and Upload: 1.03 Mbps. Can't really complain!

  • happy

    by kabingers at 6:56 on 31 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I should be on 10Mb connection from Virgin, which I was getting until this week, its now dropped to between 3.5Mb and 5Mb.

    This is the first time I've used broadband genie and it seems pretty good.
    What I tend to do is also use about 2 or 3 speed checks. Visualware have a good one and thinkbroadband.

  • neutral

    by Juvenal Montoya at 1:46 on 17 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    This is excellent

  • unhappy

    by Fingers at 22:48 on 19 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Just did the test @ 22:30 d/load speed 0.77Mbps upload speed 0.37Mbps Sky tell me I am "upto 8MB" no wonder I cannot watch Sky news on my iphone properly and the connection on laptop is rubbish!!

  • neutral

    by wicks100 at 0:20 on 21 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I pay £25 a month for my broadband with BT ( up to 20mb, unlimited use) I should get 7-5 to 9 Mb in the area i live in.I am 100meters from exchange but all speed checks i have done over 24hour periods give results of only 1-1Mb to 2Mb with down load speeds of 3.3kb/s at 16-00hours to 500kb/s at 04-00hours my neighbor who is with virgin up to 10Mb contract is three times faster (if not more). When i have tried to phone BT the persons i am talking to cannot speak English coherently,so i do not understand them and they do not understand me, Scottish accent maybe, and they also do not seem to have much knowledge about the subject they are there to help customers with.Because i am an old **** and only been using a computer for a few months i thought the problem may be with me,so i have been getting my neighbor to deal with BT one phone call 40min and one at 55min the last one he put the phone down on them because he was fed up repeating himself over and over again very frustrating and getting nowhere with finding out why things download so slowly.Considering i live in the center of a capital city, where and who gets this mythical up to 20Mb.I still have 8months of my contract to go but there is no way i am going to pay £25=£12 line rental for the service i am getting.As i said to a call center person at BT you can not get blood from a stone he could not speak English sufficiently to understand what i meant even when i tried to explain .

  • happy

    by Ian at 16:16 on 21 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Was with Tiscali until the summer paying £17 a month for about 1.9 Mbps on a good day at the right time of day. Moved to BT, paying £9.99 a month for an 8meg service but was advised my line would only give me 4Meg. To start with I was getting around 2.5Mbps but after getting an accelerator on the box I can now get speeds of 3.7Mb and once 4.3Mb. Speed tests that show a map of other users speeds show that I have the best speed in my village. Some of my friend have also changed to BT and are aqually pleased by the improvement in service.
    I'm not complaining,

  • unhappy

    by dave hall at 1:36 on 23 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    2840.62 Kbps (2.77 Mbps)
    Upload speed 375.63 Kbps (0.37 Mbps)
    from bt, terrible!!!!
    1.2 miles from the exchange on option 3, give us a break!!!!

  • happy

    by Simon at 1:07 on 24 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I had 1.41 download and 0.45 upload. I have just ran another test on another site that suggested I was recieving 3.5 download. Bt say I can recieve 3.0. However being on Orange with free internet at no extra charge within my mobile contract from an offer 3 years ago that the speeds are okay for what i 'don't' pay, considering i will only ever recieve the same speeds in my street until june 2010 according to BT. it looks like ultra high speed isn't coming my way for a while yet. so i'm pleased with the result. guess i got a lucky deal when i did.

  • neutral

    by Jeff at 18:13 on 5 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    did your test which said download speed of 0.23 then went on your link to test the line speed which read 5.0 I am confused

  • neutral

    by jeff at 0:01 on 10 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I am still confused. does anyone answer these comments

  • neutral

    by Carolyn at 15:06 on 23 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Reading the above comments I have got my sanity back but still confused. I am not a tecky wizz but after trying to explain to Tiscali over and over again our problems including drop off problems and seemed to be co-incidentaly related to security updates from Windows, blaming our router yet again and during which he was obviously reading a help desk script until he put the phone down. I have been demented by the so called 'Customer help Desk' which we have the pleasure of paying per minute and still struggle to know what to do to get a consitant Internet connection. bbc iplayer is a joke. Who do we get a wireless Internet/Phone line connection from when there is no Cable suppliers to our village. I dont want to suscribe to Sky and our previous supplier Orange were not much better.

  • neutral

    by Jon at 1:49 on 24 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Can I make this Faster ? Many Thanks Jon

    Download speed achieved during the test was - 1722 Kbps
    For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 400-2000 Kbps.
    Additional Information:
    Your DSL Connection Rate :2336 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 448 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
    IP Profile for your line is - 2000 Kbps

  • neutral

    by Dai at 21:35 on 24 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I actually find it quite amusing how people can say " I only live 3 miles away from the exchange"

    ADSL Broadband that runs through your BT telephone line is slow unless you live around 500 yards away.

    Reasons for this are: BT Copper lines were installed years before broadband came into play, which means that they aren't designed to carry an adsl signal.
    You may be 3 miles away in a straight line distance but the actual cable length is going to be around twice as much as that.

    Noise rates on the line, such as telephone signal also interfere with broadband speed, so realistically if you are living a long way from your exchange you should try putting your broadband router, or modem into the first phone socket in your home, removing all non broadband equipment. Thus lowering the amount of noise on the line.

    The list is pretty much endless, at the end of the day the lines just aren't designed for broadband, and until the government pull theyre wallets out of their pockets and install fibre optic lines everywhere broadband is always going to have its downfalls

  • unhappy

    by tony wadsworth at 14:12 on 27 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    ripoff britain we are the laughing stock of the world with our broadband check out european bbands 10meg up 10meg down their uploads are faster than most of our downloads virgin 20meg 0.78 upload 50meg 1.5 upload and we all put up with it theyr all gona laf at us

  • unhappy

    by tony wadsworth at 14:13 on 27 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    oh check out samknows for bband

  • neutral

    by shahid at 7:38 on 28 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    well im with sky on the unlilmited package b4 iupgraded from everyday i was gettin around 10 megs down and 0.50 upload speeds now i get (3.64 Mbps) download (0.63 Mbps) upload i was hoping to get around 15megs download but hey thats isp for ya

  • neutral

    by Allan at 18:02 on 28 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    BT have sent 4 engineers to my house and apparently the line tests fine on every occasion (7mbs). My ip profile gets reset (6mbs) but within days/hours the profile gets reduced (currently 1.5mbs). It appears that my ip profile gets reduced at peak hours when other users reduce the speed of my line - when the sensor (rambo) at the exchange detects that my line speed is below my ip profile then it makes an automatic reduction. As a result when I next log on and my line speed is back up to 7mbs it's my ip profile that becomes the limiting factor to the actual speed I can achieve. Surely this system is bonkers! I accept that my line speed will go down at peak times but why should this have a permanent effect on my speed at non-peak hours? BT now tell me that problems with my upload speed (consistently 448kbs) are affecting my ip profile and hence my download speed. Is this just another load of junk or is there any possibility that this is true? I am at my wits end trying to get someone at BT that has the technical knowledge or language skills to be able to discuss this

  • neutral

    by Mr Spock at 18:36 on 2 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Im with aol and i've been upgraded to 8mb/s although Im getting around 6.8, but it's my upload speed which is the problem, it's just 0.35, the router's showing 448k. Surely 0.35 is low for 8mb/s??

  • neutral

    by Jo at 6:58 on 9 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I am soooo confused with connection speeds! I am with AOL at the moment and according to a similar test (I can't use this one at the moment as I'm not on my own computer) - my current address is giving me 0.8Mbps download and 0.17Mbps upload - which to me seems to sound rubbish but I find the speed fine - I spoke to BT today and I can empathise with others I spent a total of 2 hours repeating myself over and over (a whole other story!!) I am moving house and need to reconnect the line there which I can do for free (saving £100+) which is why I was choosing them! and their site says I will only get half a meg and my current address gets 5meg - however on the same test for speed (as above) it said that the new address would get 1.1Mbps download and 0.19Mbps upload - which is faster than my current one?? Can someone reassure me that I have the correct understanding of this and maybe give me any recommendations? I live in Exmouth in Devon.

  • neutral

    by Dale at 16:26 on 11 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Im with bt's 8meg option. I was told my line speed would only reach 6.5 meg. I now know that my profile is set to 6meg . great sounds brilliant!!! funny thing is that most of the time i get 1.5meg or 3.5 on a good day. why in off peak times should i get less than what my line can achieve its stupid and ofcom dont do nothin about it. Its as bad as FSA with banks. Virgin is in all the towns and villiages around me but not mine, if only they would install a line i would switch in a heart beat. My girlfriend has the 50 meg option and gets 49, If only i had a quarter of that!!

  • neutral

    by Steve at 21:18 on 14 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Dale - surely the solution to your problem is to move in with your girlfriend?...

    I posted on 17 Dec - since then I've fitted BT's iPlate (which essentially isolates the bell wire from your main BT socket) - I also ran speed test directly from the main socket by pulling off the plate all together and plugging directly into the main line - and discovered I can get 5 MB downloads.

    So I now have a stable 2MB download rate thanks to the iPlate - now trying to figure out how to get rid of the rest of the "noise" that is causing me to lose the 3MB between the test socket and the normal socket.. my house was built 4 years ago and appears that the maximum I can hope to get is 5MB until BT decide to upgrade our exchange....

  • unhappy

    by Imarkham-Lee at 11:59 on 16 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I moved to my new address on 16 Dec 2009nd imhgave all the details of my new address to the customer care people and i also indicated that i wished to transfer my phoneand and account to this new address. I also indicated that i wished to carry on with my monthly debit payments. Since Dec 2009 in spite of numerous phone calls i mnpow understand that my account has been changed to quarterly payments without my agreement and i understand that my account is in arrears to the tune of £184.35.
    I am bitterly disapppointed with the P.O. and am seriously thinking of changing my ISP
    Your comments and explanations of these matters would be more than welcomed

  • neutral

    by en at 3:33 on 26 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I live in the USA but will be taking my Sony Vaio laptop to the UK for 2-1/2 months.
    I have BT as my landline in the UK. Opinions vary on quality although O2 seems to be good. I need a fast reliable connection to connect with my office and clients (I am a real estate broker) and download pictures of property while in the UK. I also need a reasonably priced provider where I can cancel without penalty. Any ideas from the UK would be appreciated.

  • unhappy

    by ann at 21:21 on 28 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I am at my wits end with aol-i have been given every excuse under the sun as to why my connection fails,from the wrong leaves on the line and to the wrong type of snow ( god im getting muddled now) - i have even been told im not registered with aol !! doh -like for ten years !!! I get told i MUST connect through my main socket or else- but i cant its not practical for me to do so,i have no means to have my comp there ,then they get huffy and say " well that is why " etc etc -bit i can use this comp set up for months at a time ,so why suddenly is it no good ?

  • neutral

    by Phil at 22:40 on 29 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Have AOL, quoted as >8Mbps. In 2009 was getting download of 0.36Mbps, now in 2010 getting 0.13Mbps. Is it possible that putting a comment onto this Forum makes things worse?

  • happy

    by John Anderson at 3:58 on 30 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I am with Tiscali, now Talk Talk, cheapest package around @ 8MB for £18.48 p/m (all in ! ), yes they have recently messed me about with the 'hostile' buy out, so i argued my point till i was blue in the face, eventually getting 1st 6 months of a 18 month contract @ 1/2 price + a free wireless router, i'm sure it's pure coincidence but my download speed shot up a few days ago, i was getting between 1 Mb & 1.2 Mb per second now it's averaging 5.5 Mb per second ! ....all in all i think i came out of this very well !

  • happy

    by Graeme at 22:53 on 21 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Recently changed from O2 to TalkTalk, have found a dramatic increase in speed. Granted, O2 could only provide a maximum of 8mb/s (more like 1.5). Called TalkTalk, who estimated my line speed at 18mb/s (consistantly 11mb/s).

  • neutral

    by Andy Farrer at 20:35 on 11 May 2010 Report abuse

    Hi could you please let me know which plug in I need to download the Broadband "speed test player", I don't seem to have it, thanks

  • neutral

    by David Clarke at 13:02 on 12 May 2010 Report abuse

    Have been on BT option 3 (up to 8 mb's) for quite a while now. My local exchange was recently upgraded to adsl2 (up to 20 mb's) but I have been told that my maximum speed will only be around 6.5 mb's (my normal maximum) and even after testing my telephone line BT themselves say I should be able to obtain at least 12mb's. I live less than half a mile from the exchange but my download speed has not altered. In spite of BT's comments regarding my line speed increase I am then told by a different department my line will not support this speed. I am totally confused and somewhat disappointed.


  • happy

    by ben at 0:15 on 16 May 2010 Report abuse

    9.26mbps download and 0.46 upload :D!

  • unhappy

    by Ben S at 12:29 on 17 May 2010 Report abuse

    Date 17/05/10 12:05:45
    Download speed 124.88 Kbps (0.12 Mbps)
    Upload speed 186.83 Kbps (0.18 Mbps)
    Upto 8Meg? around 1/60 of that.
    Just Switched to Orange around 4 days ago. After finally installing it and having to phone customer service (The guy who could not speak English Properly on the phone had completely misspelt the password I gave over the phone which was a fantastic start, and I was unable to get the password from the e-mail, because Orange were having an issue with their e-mails reaching their customers..) Anyway it started okay, felt fairly swift, then the next night it plummeted to what it is now, which comparing it to all of the above tests, seems unbelievably awful. I attempted to phone Orange on Saturday, but they have an automated message saying that their experiencing problems and to only phone if it's vital.
    Like an idiot, I assumed that 4 days of this supposed 'problem' and the thousands of customers they have would result in the issue being fixed, but like most companies, their inability to honour any commitment seems to be non-existent. Needless to say, after only being with Orange for 4 days, I'm already looking around for another provider, despite some of the negative reviews here, Virgin seems to have a fairly consistently high speed and seems to be fairly reliable.
    I think what has been mentioned before about Ofcom enforcing some regulations in terms of the service we get would be brilliant, because 'upto' just doesn't cut it.

  • neutral

    by tony wadsworth at 18:39 on 17 May 2010 Report abuse

    you should all try BE broadband i know it sounds daft but i found it quite bad but other people love it and for around 25 a month just for broadband and thats for a 3 month contract so after 2 month you dont like it well you can cancel it customer services and technical side are good freindly and know what they are talking about the reason i say its quite bad is because i live 2.5 kil from the exchange so my line is pretty unstable but oh deary me i might have to phone my arch enemy up VIRGIN MEDIA if they will have me i gave them a hard time hope they forgive me hee hee

  • neutral

    by andistevo at 4:18 on 31 May 2010 Report abuse

    im on vodafone mobile nroadband,
    i regualy test my speed n it always varies from 1.5mb to 2.83mb its not the advertised 3.5mb but its ok all the same

  • unhappy

    by Alison at 14:45 on 12 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Broadband was fine for last 6 months, then dropped to download 104 kbps upload 210 kbps.
    Sky forced me to buy a new router at £28. now speeds are 192download and 339 upload. I have to ring them every morning, they reconfigure the moden and my speed rises to 352download. By the evening its back to 192. Its so slow I cannot watch any vidoes or listen to music on You tube as the buffering drives me mad.

  • neutral

    by Al at 9:51 on 16 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with tiscali ad infinitum then they were bought out by talktalk. My speed has always been great using a Belkin router. I started having issues with my bt line 3 months ago but still the broadband was great, then they 'allegedly' fixed the line and I noticed a slow down in the speed. Last week the Belkin died, talktalk were great sending me out a new Thompson router which I set up easily and I also treated myself to a new dual core laptop. Sadly my speed has plummeted, I called bt out again and sure enough they hadn't any worksheets for the previous work and the cable to my property had corroded so they changed it. Has it made any difference? NO. Having been using an antiquated machine and a Belkin router for years with no problems my speed is now so slow that I want to throw it out the window. I may just go and get a new Belkin router. But I'll be talking to talktalk first:-).

  • happy

    by vimarsh at 14:08 on 22 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    IT gave me download speed 180 MBPS and uload speed 150 MBPS

  • neutral

    by Khan at 18:40 on 22 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    strange my talk talk connection is very slow at peak times but the results are:
    D/L 14.29mbps
    U/L 0.83mbps
    at peak time of 18:45hrs
    Should i be complaining?

  • happy

    by vexpez at 18:31 on 23 Jun 2010 Report abuse


    I used to have the same problems, but I found it's usually the broadband provider "turning down" your speed. Get in touch with them and tell them you have a problem. They will tell you to change your DSL filter etc. etc. , if you haven't already done this, then do it. They will usually threaten to send a BT engineer round to your house to check your line which may cost you £140, which usually scares most people off, just because they know most people are not familiar with what they are doing. When I told them my brother in law works for BT (which he does), suddenly my broadband speed went from 0.5 to 6 meg like they promised at the start. This particular example was from Talk Talk, but other broadband providers do the same thing.

    Also a quick tweak is to right click on your connection (usually bottom right corner of your screen, looks like a TV and click "repair" this will clear your DSl line of rubbish and should help also. Another is to download TCP Optimiser, it's free and I would recommend downloading it from CNET. Just adjust the speed at the top to the speed you should be getting and it will show a big difference.

    Hope this helps.

  • unhappy

    by Davey at 17:53 on 26 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I'm annoyed with Talk-Talk and their bad software. Problem is that when I had dial-up a mate persisted in sending me full size photos of his yachting exploits. These attachments would stall Outlook Express and as I had a bad line as well (tree-rubs, corroded joints, water in the manhole etc) it was a total disaster. OE had a menu for blocking files. I chose "When message exceeds 250KB do not download it from the server". Eventually I got around to drilling a wall, getting rid of all the daisy chained phone extensions and getting the broadband to work. It does however appear that the 250KB limit that I set has migrated over. Internet works fine, Outlook Express now only receives, webmail has to be used for sending. Photographs still cannot be received but the menu in OE for adjusting allowable file sizes has gone! Looks like they've blocked Joe Public from adjusting server settings. OK its a budget service but talking to Indian or Philipino "helplines" is no help at all. Anyone know a GOOD ISP? Only 7 months to go til the end of contract.

  • neutral

    by KEVIN MENDHAM at 14:48 on 30 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    just been reading the comments on this page . i am with talk talk and service is rubbish , but i switched my dsl cable and bought a high speed dsl cable,put that on and now getting 4.2 mb on a regular basis where as i was lucky to get 2.0 mb before , i live three miles from the exchange

  • neutral

    by Michael at 21:00 on 1 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    I've been with talk talk a few years and basically they a ok and cheap but when things go wrong things go wrong and when you try to sort it you'l find that they have around 200 line tecnical supports(you will know what i mean if you are with them).Im waiting to try O2 when they decide to come in my area because they have nearly the same offer now : )

  • neutral

    by vicky spiers at 14:50 on 19 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    We have recently gone to sky for broadband and receive aywhere between 10 and 15mps and that is on the upto 20mps deal. Our upload speed is .95mps and that is constant, never changes. We have had both bt and virgin and neither we were happy with. We had upto 8meg on bt and we only ever got between 1 and 2 meg and with virgin we paid for upto 20meg and yes we did get upto 10 meg but they traffic manage their broadband throughout the day so more often than not we only got about 3 meg download speed which made things incredibly difficult

  • unhappy

    by Ken at 17:58 on 22 Jul 2010 Report abuse

    If ur with Smallworld do not complain about speed as this can happen I have a 10mb line
    1460.07 Kbps (1.43 Mbps) Down Speed
    331.72 Kbps (0.32 Mbps) Up Speed
    This is there way to brass off anyone who complains and that was because I complained about the bill this month

  • unhappy

    by Biker at 11:33 on 17 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    Ok, I understand the hype about slower speeds on ADSL and so on, but answer this - last week according to BT speedtester (Note all tests done on this server are logged for your ISP to check with BT) I was getting 2.2meg on a 7150kbps line. On saturday a BT engineer is working on the pole right outside my house, I asked him if this would interfere with my broadband - he said no he was doing an instalation for a house up the road. Now yesterday I check my speed again with BT speedtester, as I have an ongoing issue with broadband speed dropping off and eventually no broadband, I was getting this before I moved to Talktalk from Orange, 6 weeks ago, now I have moved the problem is worse, but checking my speed again I now recieve 1356 kbps on a 2 meg line. How is this possible? I have had a BT engineer to the house, who said small fault to the extension my skybox is plugged into, he fixed that and disconnected the 2 other extensions as they are no longer needed. My main boix in the house has a ADSL v1.0 splitter fitted to it.
    This was put in by a BT engineer last year, to stop my broadband dead at my computer. Now last week because of the ongoing issue a Talktalk (Cube engineer) comes to the house who takes the front plate off the ADSL v1.0 and replaces the front part and gives me a new router. After hes gone 20 mins my speed drops again. Now talktalk are telling me the fault is my responsibility, even if the BT engineer checks the and does not come to my house line I have to pay for it.
    Talktalk clearly states that if the fault is not at your home talktalk have to pay for it as you pay them for the line rental etc, therefore there responsibility, so why am I being lied to all the time - I clearly caught outr last night a talktalk customer service representative who said I was getting 8 mbit connection, when I quote bt speedtest data to her of 1388kbps on 2 meg line she hangs up. This morning Im getting 1356kbps - this goes on for weeks getting lower and lower, till no broadband, then I phone again, within ten mins I have full 8 meg broadband agin. I have had this issue for 2 and a half years now. First with Orange, now with Talktalk.

  • unhappy

    by Andrew at 10:59 on 27 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    upload of 0.23 and download of 0.11...

    Thanks BT and your "up to x speed" broadband service....grrrr....

  • neutral

    by Jennifer Ward at 14:21 on 27 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with for approx eight years and over the last 2 years had some problems with my Broadband but I remain with them as their customer service is second to none and they always refund phone calls, plus extra for the distress when the error is found to be with themselves or as in my case due to B.T. fingers crossed these occurrences are only rare and seem to happen on all networks. I use Tesco Home Phone also and the service is excellent.

  • happy

    by Adrian O at 16:43 on 27 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    I am not from UK, but from Romania. And it seems we are spoiled with good speed. I ran several times and I have averaged 48.96 to 50.61 Mbits upload and between 1.07 and 2.77 Mbits download. As to ping time ( I get a steady 2 ms!

    Reading your complaints here I'd say I get good service. It's broadband optical fiber and it costs me a mere 5 pounds a month.

  • neutral

    by Adrian O. at 16:48 on 27 Aug 2010 Report abuse

    ... one more thing to add: If there's anything to complain it's that my ISP promised this broadband to be of 100 Mbps (that what the contract says) and I never get more than 50 Mbps.

    The provider is RDS-RCS, which covers much of Transylvania (and probably 80% of homes in my town).

  • happy

    by Luki at 23:38 on 2 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    I subscribed to O2 home broadband which connected just 2 days ago. The advertised speed of my package was up to 8Mbps. I just ran the speed test here, and it gave me an upload speed of 8.6 Mbps and download speed of 1.04 Mbps. I ran similar tests in a few other websites which gave almost identical results. I am must say O2 simply exceeded my expectations! I also discovered that my Model was configured to work in ADSL2+ which explains the higher throughput over the usual 8Mbps limit. I hope O2 will continue to deliver this fantastic service over the years to come. Thank you O2!

  • unhappy

    by Phr333k at 12:20 on 4 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Very interesting reading all these comments, and close to home! I am with TalkTalk so agree 100% with everyone's opinion of their help desk staff. Worse than useless. My problem is intermitant connection. I believe this is caused by a fault on my line maybe caused by touching wires resulting in voltage fluctuations. My download speed on a supposedly maximum telephone exchange speed of 8mbps, veries between 6 and 31 Mbps. I am now in the process of changing to Plusnet; rated highly by "Which". Fingers crossed.

  • neutral

    by Terry at 12:37 on 5 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    If you have a Sky Box disconnect it from the telphone line then try a broadband speed test. I did this and my broadband speed went from 24Kbs to 4Mbs. I am with Tiscali (now called TalkTalk) - I wonder if Sky are deliberately sabotaging broadband which is not with them? Regards

  • neutral

    by Stephen at 7:45 on 9 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Date 09/09/10 07:35:36. Achieved Download speed 2430.17 Kbps (2.37 Mbps) and
    Upload speed 373.65 Kbps (0.36 Mbps) on Server Port 8095 (tcp).
    Yesterday I spoke to the Tiscali fault desk (now TalkTalk). Chap there ran tests and said my line max is 3.5Mbps and i am approx. 4Km from my local exchange which is Watford (Herts). He reckoned my results were acceptable bearing in mind both cable distance and of equal importance is fact that we're on overhead drop cables and its likely some go back to the 1950's and 1960's.

    The realirty is folks that unless you get your ISP or rather the cable infrasyructure provider (invariably BT) to replace every single bit of wiring with brand new top grade copper your never going to achieve anything near the so called advertised max.

    Of course if the entire network including all wiring right up to your PC is replaced with fibre then that's a different story !!!!

  • neutral

    by pat mullaney at 17:04 on 14 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    does not having a phone make any difference to overall bill when
    you have tv and broadband from virgin

  • neutral

    by Guido The Tiger at 19:39 on 16 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    UK 16th September 2010 18.30pm (usually peak usage time for the internet)
    Download speed 16940.14 Kbps (16.54 Mbps)
    Upload speed 705.82 Kbps (0.69 Mbps)
    my ISP is VirginMedia and the service is the "up to" 20Mbps
    if I run the tests at quieter times I regularly get speeds of 19+Mbps! although the upload rate is always between 0.68 & 0.73Mbps
    VirginMedia's broadband comes via fibre optic for me, my previous ISP (BT) down my phone line NEVER managed more than 0.9Mbps download speed (0.268Mbps) so I have really noticed the change!
    I have been using VirginMedia since the beginning of May and it has been consistently high.

  • neutral

    by Guido The Tiger at 20:32 on 16 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    UK 16th September 2010 18.30pm (usually peak usage time for the internet)
    Download speed 16940.14 Kbps (16.54 Mbps)
    Upload speed 705.82 Kbps (0.69 Mbps)
    my ISP is VirginMedia and the service is the "up to" 20Mbps
    if I run the tests at quieter times I regularly get speeds of 19+Mbps! although the upload rate is always between 0.68 & 0.73Mbps
    VirginMedia's broadband comes via fibre optic for me, my previous ISP (BT) down my phone line NEVER managed more than 0.9Mbps download speed (0.268Mbps) so I have really noticed the change!
    I have been using VirginMedia since the beginning of May and it has been consistently high.

  • neutral

    by fish at 11:16 on 17 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    do wot i did phoned BT in middle of my contract did a speed test they said it was slow i couldnt watch video so i stopped my contract. it also happend with a neighbour so wot im saying if your speed is crap dont pay for it ....their in the wrong

  • unhappy

    by VK at 23:23 on 24 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    My download is 1.09 and upload 0.46 and Vergin Media said I am in the 10mbps service. What do I need to do to get VM to sort out this slowness.

  • unhappy

    by marcell at 23:58 on 4 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    It's sad it's bad!
    In my country all provider sad you have download Up to 3Mb and upload 1.8Mb.
    the fact is -> Upload 150-300Kb, Download 50kb.
    do u have any solution?
    software or hardware? for upgrade my connection - i need stable?
    or my be i must built some tower in my house? lol.... :D

  • unhappy

    by MM at 20:12 on 5 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Never had the best ADSL but was relatively happy for gaming with BT line and SKY broadband. Since moving to SKY Talk for the phone service my speeds have been decreasing from the 2 Mbps service I had with BT until now I get a whopping 0.14 Mbps at best!! 0 Mbps usually - i.e. I've had little or no connection for the past 2 weeks. Sky customer support are difficult to get through to and the support staff know nothing. I've been promised call back after call back and nothing has materialised.

    I'm 6 months into a 12 month contract and I wish I could cancel it now as BT are rolling out BT Infinity in my area. As the SKY Broadband service has been sold off and SKY are now simply a customer of the company they formerly owned I think it's time for people to jump ship. The service was already poor when it was wholly owned by sky and now they are simply a middleman, with little or no incentive to sort out issues. This is also why they cannot change or fix issues on your broadband like the once would have been able to.

    I know that I for one will be cancelling all things SKY branded as soon as I'm out of contract. I'm already looking at cancelling beforehand as they obviously cannot deliver on the service they promised.

  • neutral

    by JoJo at 15:54 on 7 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    I cant even DO the speed test. I get a black screen and thats it. But my broadband speed with Post Office broadband frequently drops. It will be fine for months, then all of a sudden it will drop so low that you can't even run a speed test because the page will time out before you get to do it. Im guessing that's not good. But you phone Post Office up and they tell you the exact same excuse every single time... "the whole country is having an issue with broadband speeds right now." Funny how I was downloading at over 250kb per second this morning and now its around 3kb per second. I could quite easily change ISP's. Talk Talk ahve been practically harrassing us to move over to them, but I download a very large amount and their "unlimited downloads with a cap of 40gb per month" is nowhere near what I need. PO doesn't have any caps on their unlimited it seems, hence why we're sticking. but can I do anything to speed my connection up?

  • happy

    by Simon at 16:16 on 29 Oct 2010 Report abuse

    Was with BT...advertised up to 20 mps...never got more than 1.3 mps download AND i only live 50 meters from the exchange!!!

    Now with Virgin...advertised up to 20 mbps...and I have had over 19 mbps download on numerous occasions. My average is 17-18 mbps download and 0.81 mbps upload even at peak times in the day.

    One happy bunny surfer here!!!

  • neutral

    by Adrian at 16:42 on 29 Oct 2010 Report abuse


    When you get black screen, try clicking on your 'Refresh' icon. Sorts it for me

  • neutral

    by adrian breakspear at 21:46 on 4 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I would just like to say I WAS a customer of AOL for years, and kept giving them the benefit of doubt re. incompetency and poor product and useless customer service until eventually I gave up on them. I switched to Plusnet and wow! real people who made sense and helped get me get aood service including liaising with BT to improve my line, I just waited a few days and hey presto a good reliable service. I really think AOL had no idea what my problem was and would never have got to the root of it which Plusnet did very promptly and efficiently. Oh and yes, Plusnet RE easy to contact which AOL are not, and so much cheaper. The difference is quite staggering. Sorry AOL we gave you lots of chances to get it right but good riddance !

  • happy

    by Russell Downe at 4:50 on 8 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    hi just test my wirless laptop on talk talk and get download 14.79 mbps and 0.86 upload

  • neutral

    by Geoffrey at 18:17 on 17 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    All these suppliers are making false statements on the advertised speeds they offer which should be dealt with by the Government, people would be much happier if they were told the likely speed rather than this Piss taking advertising stating inflated speeds that the majority will never get until optic fibre is available to everyone in the UK, lets say slow and hope infinity proves to be what they say it will be and not another gimmick

  • neutral

    by jimbo at 14:42 on 28 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    Hi I am with sky and getting what appears to be good speeds.( download 5.7 Mbps ) However my questions is. Does anyone know BT's policy on cable renewal? The phone line to my house and from the pole to the exchange were installed in the mid 1960's. I feel that with a more modern cable, I would get a very fast speed. BT salesman claimed that if I went back to BT, they would renew the cable. Oh how I laughed!

  • neutral

    by chaos at 1:23 on 3 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    im using a vodafone dongle Download speed 68.85 Kbps (0.07 Mbps)
    Upload speed 67.53 Kbps (0.07 Mbps)

  • unhappy

    by dean at 10:17 on 15 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    we got our sky b/b the other day and checked speed 3.21 down 0.44 up
    today ive got it set up wifi with a new dongle and im only getting 0.05 down 0.03
    whats going on............. pls helppppppppppppppplol

  • neutral

    by Professor at 21:36 on 19 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    yea... my download speed is 0.13 mbps. upload speed is 0.06 mbps.

    do you know how happy id be with the crappy services everyone else is getting? lol

  • happy

    by michelle at 18:46 on 22 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Hi i'm in Enfield UK and with Virgin Media, iv'e got fibre optic cable up tp 10 meg and using a wireless laptop.
    My Download is 7176.39 Kbps (7.01 Mbps)
    Upload is 963.68 Kbps (0.94 Mbps).
    Im an ex BT user, i changed provider because of lousy speed. I am sooooo happy i changed provider far better speeds, great service and cheaper. I know its not the same for every one because of the many variables , distance from the exchange etc etc,but dont stay loyal if the service is bad CHANGE PROVIDER you may be surprised with what you can get else where. Merry christmas every one

  • unhappy

    by jane at 22:39 on 26 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Just switched from BT to Virgin and boy what a mistake. Live in the Bristol area, download speed 425 kbps
    stream 394 kpbs (max)
    it's impossible and know they'll probably blame traffic, but to be honest it wasn't much better off-peak hours. Not even remotely hitting 1.0 Mbps. I'll need to call them but am not that. Hope there's a 10 day cancellation period.

  • happy

    by simon at 12:08 on 17 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    virginmedia broadband the best in the uk, iv got 50m download and 3m upload,

  • unhappy

    by Matt at 16:28 on 18 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Just thought I would add this info for some users that were unable to change there package, after upgrading to a super duper package which stated would offer higher speeds when in fact, after the change they saw b****r all improvement (sometimes lower) speeds:

    Ofcoms - ISPs MUST:

    Resolve technical issues to improve speed and offer customers the choice to move onto a lower speed package when estimates given are inaccurate;

  • unhappy

    by Matt at 16:39 on 18 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    We have just upgraded from Home user to Business package, hoping that we would see an improvement in speeds (after being promised an increase by BT themselves).
    Home user speeds: 2.9mb/s download & 0.35mb/s upload
    Bussiness user speeds: 1.9mb/s download & 0.7mb/s upload
    As you can see we actually lost 1mb/s download!

    Dec '10: We contacted BT - they sent engineer. Engineer says that they will go and sort. Never heard anything back from them.

    Dec '10: We contact BT again - they send engineer. Engineer says they will improve speeds - NO improvement again.

    1st - 4th Jan '11: Connection becomes intermittent.

    4th Jan '11 - Connection is No more! Cannot access the web at all. We call BT - Enginner comes out. They find lots of faults on the line.

    4th - 12th Jan '11 - Absoultey NO internet connection. Several visits (and promised visits that never happened) from OpenReach and other (higher up) Engineers. No solution. One engineer states that the fault is with the cabling. 1940's style copper/alluminium cables prone to interferance - we actually have 7mb/s coming out of the box only a few hundred metres down the road!

    14th Jan - After lots of F****N around (we are trying to run a business and we had no internet for 10 days - Literally NO communication with BT - they didn't even tell us that they got us a connection) BT give us a stable connection. 1.9mb/s download - we are losing 6mb/s during it travelling a few hundred meters.

    Present - Trying to get higher speeds. Why they cant just replace the cabling we don't know as that's what is at fault.

    I just hate speaking to the dingbats on the phone reading of a sheet. They don't have a clue what's going on. Grrrrr! I havn't even mention half the hassle we have had. BT are an absolute nightmare. Although saying that 80% of the problem is the fact that everything has gone private with companies competing. An absolute discrace and we suspect nothing will be done about it.

  • unhappy

    by Bushvilla at 14:06 on 20 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I am with TalkTalk and have recently moved home. Before taking out a contract with TT I was told that I can get speeds of between 8-10meg, so decided to join them and then once joined and had a line connected by BT, I can now only get a max speed of 5meg. I live about 1 mile from the exchange and spoke to TT who say thats the max I will get with an ADSL. However, speaking to Virgin, BT and PLusnet they all say I can get a max speed of 13meg....ranging from 7.5 - 18 meg. So how can they provide me 13meg but TT can only provide 5meg????? Any suggestions apart from changing providers?


  • neutral

    by Ole Juul at 4:44 on 22 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    The speed test asks for a JRE installation. Of course I have that already, so there must be something wrong with this website at the moment. I am using Firefox 3.6.13.

  • neutral

    by wrinklyninja at 17:33 on 27 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Day 1. Just had the Virgin 20Mb package installed. Just tested 2hrs after installation and getting download speed of less than 6Mb upload speed of 0.7Mb I shall have to wait and see as this is not "as advertised". In both cases this is currently double what BT was providing me with, and this is just after an "exchange upgrade" which added a paltry 0.5 Mb to the download.

  • unhappy

    by wokbot at 22:59 on 4 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    With BT and receiving 0.15 upload when paying for 20mb, is my exchange on the moon? What can I do to make BT fix this, my internet on my phone is faster no joke, the guy from India told me my connection speed would be around 6, I think he meant a max of 0.6

  • neutral

    by thecjp at 12:41 on 6 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Paying for TalkTalk 8 Meg, and getting, rather surprisingly, 7.5 Mb down and 0.8 Mb up. I seem to be stuck on 0.8 up regardless of my download tho, as I have seen it as low as 3.5 Mb down before. A note to gamers, even if you have a great connection, if another player with a poor connection is host, you will still lag.

  • neutral

    by Kevin at 8:58 on 19 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Why do you guys think that 1 MB is 1000 KB and not 1024?

  • neutral

    by Simon at 20:38 on 13 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    Can anyone explain how "streaming" speed relates to download speed? Been having trouble (lots of long download pauses) receiving BBC iplayer on a new Sony EX401 TV, connected by cable to O2 modem, so ran iplayer speedchecker on my PC. This consistently gives download speeds of about 9MB but records "streaming" speeds of only about 0.7-0.8MB. My neighbour consistently gets download AND streaming speeds of about 9MB, also with O2 and over a similar BT line. Iplayer works better on my computer, perhaps because I can reduce the bandwidth, a facility not available via the rather primitive menu system on the Sony TV. The low streaming speed probably explains the poor TV performance - but can anything be done about it since the download speed seems to be well within the service providers' specifications?

  • happy

    by Ryan at 14:10 on 18 Mar 2011 Report abuse

    i guess pretty decent results for the download :)

    Detailed Results
    Date 18/03/11 14:01:23
    Download speed 5991.31 Kbps (5.85 Mbps)
    Upload speed 596.29 Kbps (0.58 Mbps)

  • unhappy

    by Tom Patmore at 19:57 on 4 Apr 2011 Report abuse

    Recently we had a sky broadband guy come out to fix our sky box, ever since then our sky broadband speeds have been abismal. 0.06 download. anyone know what could be the problem? thanks

  • neutral

    by steven at 8:53 on 1 May 2011 Report abuse

    Hi all well i have had some problem for the past 2 months, im currently with talk talk/ tiscally/homecall/pipex ( great when u call those guys they say hello pipex how can we help, then hang up and say ty for choseing talk talk)
    My problem is this im geting 112kbps Dl speed when it used to be around 4 Mb,After calling the isp they refreshed the line speed whent up to 6 mb, 4 Days later it was 112kbps again.
    So yet again called them up and refreshed same result, This has been going on now for 2 months calling every 4 or 5 days they have had BT issue 3 new profiles with 72 hr waits, and we have had a bt engineer out.
    What im woundering tho is this The Bt engineer said the line was 6 mb on his tests,On my pc under the router setings on my routers page it says its 6 mb and in the network thing on control pannel it says it 5.5 Mb but still every test i do is 112Kbps.
    does any one have any isea whats up ? cause its really anoying me:(

  • neutral

    by Kent at 11:42 on 3 May 2011 Report abuse

    I'm using a BT landline and my ISP is Zen with a maximum 8Mbps download speed. I hear about BT landlines being 'speeded up' to allow up to 20Mpbs or even 40Mpbs, and BT are advertising that BT Infinity will be available in my area by June 2011 offering speeds of up to 40Mbps. Do I have to change my ISP to BT to be able to enjoy the faster speeds, or will my ISP offer the faster speeds once my exchange has been enabled. I ask because the BT Infinity ads suggest that an enginner has to come round to the house and make changes.

  • happy

    by neil at 16:46 on 4 May 2011 Report abuse

    13meg thats brilliant im with talktalk plus yesterday i was getting 15meg aswell i was with bt for 4yrs and my top speed with them was 2meg

  • happy

    by lesley at 10:48 on 7 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    Hi. 1st visit to BBGenie and it confirms my v.slow down/uploads. have been with talktalk since they started up, but am now on a month by month contract as my bband is still free (as per the original phone deal). it's painfully slow but am reluctant to add the £6+ boost, just in case it makes no difference at all. .

    have read all your v.interesting and enlightening comments, so my question is : will i get a better speed by connecting the ethernet cable to the router ? if so, then i'll do it, as my laptop is always on mains so mobility is not a problem.
    thanx in advance.....

  • happy

    by Jim at 21:47 on 9 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    I posted some BT broadband speed woes above (Oct 2009). I spoke to someone just after this who gave me a tip - and it worked. My problem was not the ADSL it was my wireless router (BT HomeHub). Apparently they are configured to only use a few 'channels' so as they got more popular with neighbours etc there is more people using the same channels and they can interfere with each other and cause slowdown and connections to drop. If you go into the HomeHib configuration you can hardcode the channel it uses to be something less popular. I think I chose channel 11 or 12 or something. Its been fine the last 18 months - getting downloads of 4Mbit/sec easy on a 8Mb package, 6Mb line speed which is not a bad average IMO

  • unhappy

    by Roni at 23:28 on 19 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    You think you have problems, I just tested my Broadband speed and it was 0.11 download, yesterday it was 0.12 so it's getting worse. I am with BT and I pay for their most expensive package. It's absolute ROBBERY. But what can I do? I am waiting for BT to respond to yet another complaint I have made. It's so frustrating reading their adverts for 20 MB - if I could achieve 2 mb I would be VERY happy. Can anybody suggest what I can do? I live a long way from the exchange, so don't expect mega speed, but this is ridiculous!

  • unhappy

    by Roni at 10:37 on 20 Jun 2011 Report abuse

    You think you have problems, I just tested my Broadband speed and it was 0.11 download, yesterday it was 0.12 so it's getting worse. I am with BT and I pay for their most expensive package. It's absolute ROBBERY. But what can I do? I am waiting for BT to respond to yet another complaint I have made. It's so frustrating reading their adverts for 20 MB - if I could achieve 2 mb I would be VERY happy. Can anybody suggest what I can do? I live a long way from the exchange, so don't expect mega speed, but this is ridiculous!

  • neutral

    by Andy at 10:04 on 6 Jul 2011 Report abuse

    Just a quick question to the tech guys...if I am already with Sky and BT upgrade their lines will i see the benefit?

    I am told that I can get BT infinity from sepetember so I am guessing some form of upgrade is taking place? but i am tied to SKY for another 11 months!

  • unhappy

    by Steve at 9:42 on 24 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    Help please! We've had criminally slow broadband in the office (Belfast City Centre) recently. BT blamed Talk Talk and vice versa. The line (shared with our fax machine) was noisy (crackly) and so we called the engineer out again. He has sorted the line but Talk Talk tell me that they had capped our speed at 130kbps because of the inconsistent line and that it will take 3 days for it to get back to normal. The BT engineer said this was rubbish and that they could change it there and then if they wanted. Who is right?

  • neutral

    by laura at 18:47 on 24 Aug 2011 Report abuse

    hi,me and 4 other friends are planning to move in to a new house and we thought of getting virgin media 10mb u think 10 mb is enough for 5 of us??..we mainly want it to watch series online,download movies..facebooking,checking our emails..

  • unhappy

    by aizat at 18:09 on 4 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    i connect my download 1 - 3mb... after 20 sec it become slow to 90kbp to solve it .....if i want the connection is good, i must disconnect then connect it again and it become fast then slow fix ...taking fire help

  • unhappy

    by Davey at 0:34 on 5 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I will NEVER forgive BT for their bad workmanship. Over thirty years ago I paid for a phone line to be installed here. It was on an overhead line but as the installer was aged about sixty I assumed that he must know his job. Later I bought a fax machine and an expensive router box that could detect whether the call was phone or fax. Altogether about six hundred poundsworth. One day a loud bang came from the equipment. A few seconds later there was the rumble of thunder. My equipment had been hit by a Lightning (induced) Electro Magnetic Pulse or LEMP. I then checked the "engineers" wiring. He had installed a junction box containing two surge arresters but the centre tap of the surge arresters that was required to be earthed, didn't go anywhere! I was evidently not the only person in town with negligently done phone wiring as after every electrical storm the repair shops would be ram-jam-full of blown fax machines, Sky boxes and computers all awaiting repair or write-off reports. Probably the owners of this knackered gear had all had their phones installed by the same charlatan that wired my house. To prevent repetitions of this disaster I drilled down about five feet and installed an earth rod (second-hand15mm copper pipe actually) The rod was joined to the centre tap of the surge arresters with 6 square millimetre cable avoiding making sharp corners. In thirty years there have been no repetitions of that £600 disaster. Incidentally BT brazened-it-out claiming that "The house had been struck by lightning" and that "It was an Act of God". NEITHER of these claims are correct as it was an Act of Negligence by the installer of the line. Later I attached costly computers to the BT line. After the £600 fax machine fiasco this seemed a bold step to take but three decades later all is still well although "severe tree rubs" and corroded joints have been a great nuisance at times. Incidentally a BT spokeswoman informed me that "BT wiring is done to EU standards" and "BT wiring is only for telephones, not fax machines or computers". Seems they are still in the Stone Age. In my first job I worked as a Transmitter Technician at a shortwave transmitting station in Cumberland where programmes in forty nine different languages used to be beamed around the world. The programmes came up from London on rather poor land lines most of which were "Tariff S" (only suitable for speech not music). We did have one music line but this mysteriously went "out of service" so everything was then Tariff S. Eventually the truth was pried of BT (or Post Office Telephones as it then was). Our best music line had been re-allocated to a bookmaker who needed it for his computer! (not many people had computers in the 1960s, money talks!) Grrrrr!

  • unhappy

    by Philip Carr at 22:22 on 19 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Waited 3 weeks for a replacement router from AOL that will (hopefully) give me wireless throughout the house. Also still waiting for the extra 3000kb/s AOL promissed when I switched to there phone line.All over you to sign up for the complete package then when you have problems a big fat zero.If I could get out of the contract I would.
    AOL sucks

  • unhappy

    by Jorda at 10:03 on 21 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    My connection all of a sudden went so crap i cant even play online games on the ps3.

    It was really good then all of a sudden it went all crappy.. someone tell me whats going on? i know its not my PC because my ps3 expereiences it aswell

  • neutral

    by sohail at 20:03 on 23 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    I was having problems with bt, so i decided to get talk talk, but after reading these comments I am confsed! can any one please tell me which one to choose if I have finally decided to leave bt!

  • neutral

    by Cobbo at 16:25 on 29 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Been getting BT speed of only 128kb from what was 3meg, this has been for a week now, only to find out that BT capped the speed after a reported phone line fault that the engineer could not find, they then have forgotten to lift the cap leaving me in limbo with 128kb..... Engineer left the house 3 hours ago saying "it will be uncapped in the next 20 minutes".........fuming...... As a line test shows speed at maximum will only reach 250kb and I am actually getting where's that old 56k modem I have knocking about.......

  • neutral

    by Foreigner at 21:31 on 4 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    All these service providers are pathetic. Distance from the exchange shouldn't make any difference. It's just an excuse for giving poor service for your money. They should develop and improve their infrastructure instead.

  • unhappy

    by upsilon48 at 20:12 on 15 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    TalkTalk - constant problems with speed, disconnections and lots of other troubles including once trying to bill me £99 for an engineer visit which didn't take place.

    It's never TT's fault - it's your modem, it's the way you sit at the PC, it's because it's a Thursday, it's because it's raining. TT are routinely obstructive and unhelpful. They didn't get awarded 'worst ISP of the year' two years running for no reason.

    After lots of other problems, my latest situation is that my speed is only decent after about 11pm until about 7am, just at the times I am in bed and not using the internet - totally useless!! Avoid like the plague!

  • unhappy

    by june raper at 13:07 on 20 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    I am (on technical matters) completely computer illiterate. I cannot understand about 90% of the questions you ask in various sites so I cannot answer them, normally this means I can get no answer - currently, how to get a speedtest done (though I did manage to get a chat line which helped). Now I would not know how to get back to that - I found it while trolling about just trying to get to something I understood. Just how do you expect people to understand all the jargon on your 'speedtester' site so they can get some answers to innumerable questions - I am ANGRY having tried on Phone BT, OPENREACH, WAITROSE (our server) - all of whom are passing the buck. Meantime I cannot access on-line sites for about three quarters of the day, weekdays and hardly at all over weekends. I know what is wrong - we have a completely inadequate ALUMINIUM line, but how to anyone to sort it (or tell me when I can get it sorted) is just about impossible. I know the line is inadequate, we have a hard line access (checked by professionals) but NO ONE wil really get to the bottom of things - ie. WHEN WILL WE BE GIVEN AN ADEQUATE LINE for which we are paying for but are getting poor or no service. OFCOM is my next port of call (and only one left)

  • unhappy

    by june raper at 13:12 on 20 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    Following my recent comment, above, JUST WHAT IS IT WITH YOU LOT. How can you read so many complaints, some REALLY SERIOUS, and not DO SOMETHING? Who are the morons in this game?

  • neutral

    by Cooldudev1 at 7:00 on 29 Oct 2011 Report abuse

    DOWNLOAD 10.16 Mbps
    UPLOAD 0.62 Mbps
    well thx, but if i download stuff [i had to download all updates for World of Warcraft (thats 11gb total)] and i only could download as fast as 1.3mb/s ..... a bit sad ... my internet can dload 10.16Mbps but it ain't downloading so fast? :/ ... i tried 2 speedtests now... same results with both... please help what i should/could do?

  • neutral

    by Internets :( at 0:25 on 21 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    I ran the speedtest here and on, They both say I should get around 1mbp/s but I actually only download at round 150kb/s.

    Any ideas whats wrong?

  • happy

    by Mikey at 18:42 on 22 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    Guys, let me help some of you. Firstly, BT are the cause of most of your problems, irrespective of who your ISP is. Whether you are with Talk, Talk, AOL or someone else, they all use BT Wholesale lines. Whilst you may get a better customer service by changing provider, you are highly unlikely to get any faster speeds. To check what you can get (and distance from the exchange does make a difference), go to the BT site and enter your postcode and phone number. They tell you what is the most you can expect where you live. For example, where I live, it is between 1.5 and 3 Mbps (download). Ignore adverts stating, "up to 8mbps", check what 'you' can possibly get. Once you have done that, you need to look at what you have got in terms of equipment. Routers vary enormously in quality and how they are configured. For example, I bought a router which automatically configured the channel to 13, which was not good for a netbook which could only go to channel 11! I have seen this problem with several BT boxes and computers dropping connection all the time (change the channel if this is you). My advice is to manually set a channel e.g. 1 and turn off automatic and all your network adapters to channel 1 on each computer. There is software available to look at what your neighbours are on so you can find a quiet channel. Time to Google if this is news to you! Some people get better results with the face plate off their phone socket (extensions always lose speed). Speed boosters from BT shops (£7) improve speeds for some people by cutting out wire noise. For me, they made it slower. Cheap phone cables or cables which are too long can also affect your speeds. For gamers, port forwarding is usually necessary. For some people, having one gaming machine (PC, Xbox., PS3) outside of the DMZ (firewall built into router) can improve connection problems enormously. Again Google it. Finally, if you use wireless, there are things to help. Stone walls in cottages are a big problem, so are microwaves, cordless phones and sometimes radiators. Position your wireless router high up and away from these (I discovered my friends who was having wireless problems under her bed of all places). Power line adapters are great for those of you who need to get the Internet into hard to reach rooms. You run a cable from your router into the adapter, which plugs into the mains. You have another adapter in the room where you want the Internet and a cable from that to your computer. They are best ran from a socket on their own but work great. Once last thing. When you first get a provider, BT always spend ten days testing the line at different speeds. Then they leave you at a 'stable' speed. This is usually lower than what it is capable of. I always ring up my provider and ask them to get BT to force us to the maximum for our area. They don't like to do it in case it makes the connection unstable. It never has for us. If it does, they can lower it again! If the majority are at lower speeds, they can fit more people into the exchange. Sound about right? Contact your MP about BT. They are the problem and their outdated systems.

  • unhappy

    by dylan marsland at 7:53 on 27 Nov 2011 Report abuse

    If anyone didnt know, the reason download times go down so much in the evenings are because of peak times, also, if you use the internet a fair bit, your download usage for the day/month will have been used up, meaning your average speed goes down by about 80%.
    I'm currently on a 10 mb virgin connection, you'd be surprised by how quickly broadband's used up

  • neutral

    by Mikey at 12:24 on 2 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    Hi, As a follow up to my last post above and to demonstrate that I know what I am talking about and BT support do not, after two different BT support 'specialists' promised the world and in the end delivered 1.39mps and said that that was all I was going to get, I became rather irritated. They also said the problem was our internet browser and slow computers. I informed that I use four different browsers on two fast laptops, a very fast gaming PC, an iPad and and iPhone; all of which report slow speeds, so therefore, the problem is not my end it is theirs. They wanted me to pay for their home network people to sort out the problem in our house which is not in our house. I made a formal complaint about BT incompitence, asked for compensation and told them how to fix the problem (which is their end) and guess what? They did what I suggested and we now have gone from 1.39mbps over night to 3.39mps which is probably the best we can expect. I just want the apology from their so-called expert and some money back!

  • happy

    by Andy at 12:44 on 2 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I live in rural Aberdeenshire, I am on Talktalk Essentials and average 6.2 download and 652 upload. I have found that with Talktalk never use customer support, register with their customer forum. This forum is monitored by users and by expereinced Talktalk staff seconded to the forum. I complained,through the forum about slow speeds when I changed from rip-off BT to Talktalk. I received a prompt response from them, followed their instructions and have never regretted it.I have had speeds of up to 7.5 on occasion but seldom below 5.5 and my connection has never dropped. I am using the router supplied,DSL 2780, AND HAVE NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL.

  • unhappy

    by Martin T at 17:04 on 8 Dec 2011 Report abuse

    I have been with Virgin Media (NTL) for about 10 years or more.
    I have seen upgrades come and speeds increase but recently I have nothing but trouble with them. Their foriegn army of customer service ( I use that term loosely) are difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain the issue to.
    Constant issues for several week where its impossible to play games, watch iplayer etc.. or even borwse the internet.
    Speed test show 0.28mbps and upload of 1.5mbps, yet I am meant to have 20Mbsp
    Having spoken to various (6) The first told me there were no faults and it must be my PC (Which works flawlessly at my mates) But its the same on both my laptops and my daughters PC. Which are never used together, though in reality I should be able to game while she browses! CSrep 2 Told me there was a fault in my area which was ebeing looked into. This was never shown on the status page. CSRep 3 told me I was exceeding my download cap (Unlimited with Virgin, though fair usage applies) I max 5gb a month Which is mainly Gaming, Iplayer, browsing and email. CS Rep 4 same as 3 but offered refund, cs rep 5 Told me that it was fair usage and if I upgraded to the XL package it would improve. So I did 3 or 4 days later its worse then ever. Customer service rep 6 I am now told to wait while they monitor as something is over subscrubed and there were 92 people using it and its meant to be 70 max. Now I hardly understood the CSrep but they offered me £10. However it seems between them they are incapable of Customer Service at all. Its really dissappointing that after this ammount of time when the speeds are much faster then ever before the constant issues have arisen and they cant solve it. I used to have friends over so had 3 PCs playing CS, BF2 and various other games with no issues on a 2meg now 10x faster and the modems just a flashing paper wieght!

  • happy

    by Pixc at 1:54 on 4 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    I'm with AOL, my speed with all providers is upto 8MB, this may increase should BT or Virgin get fibre optic installed, online gamers on average would benefit from a 10MB connection, I seem to do ok, I get the odd issue with it but AOL sent me a new router which works a bit better and tbh they are cheaper than BT, BT try and get me back every 6 months or so but I am not jumping ship to pay more money, even if BT has so called excellent customer service, AOL have been good to me, Virgin would get my custom instantly if they could provide me with a good deal when I have the money but for now AOL are just fine. I download a lot and AOL did say if its between midnight and 7am you can do what you like, otherwise try and be considerate of other users and keep heavy downloading to a minimum :)

  • unhappy

    by Chris at 14:15 on 21 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Well been with Talktalk for over 1 year, I live about 3 and a half miles from the nearest exchange, and although the speed at the exchange is advertised as 24mb, I only get a mere 1mb speed! Don't seem fair that I still pay same as someone else getting this or close to 24mb speed? Being so rural, I doubt Talktalk will EVER see our property as a priority, such a pity as I rely on internet for my work! Guess I will have to move :(

  • neutral

    by GARRY at 9:55 on 29 Jan 2012 Report abuse

    Just signed up to sky from orange, speed was faster on a 56k modem ?? 5 years ago. Bt shows line is capable of 13mbs can anyone advise me on how to address the problem.Thanks
    Speed k/sec Acceptable ? Time Recorded
    41.6 k No 08:17:03
    26.4 k No 08:16:56
    16 k No 08:16:49
    37.6 k No 08:16:33
    31.2 k No 08:16:25
    9.6 k No 08:16:17
    24 k No 08:16:00
    8 k No 08:15:50
    8 k No 08:15:29
    33.6 k No 08:15:11
    16.8 k No 08:15:03
    29.6 k No 08:14:46
    26.4 k No 08:14:37
    25.6 k No 08:14:28
    39.2 k No 08:14:19
    28.8 k No 08:14:12
    25.6 k No 08:14:03
    38.4 k No 08:13:54
    72.8 k No 08:13:47
    25.6 k No 08:13:41
    34.4 k No 08:13:34

  • neutral

    by yelseeb at 12:12 on 5 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    BT put a transmitter box about 20 yds away and I was paying Virgin £21 for 10mb so I spoke to BT about their deal. They said I would get up to 40 mb for £17. I thought that was optimistic but signed up. I get 20 to 25mb so I'm quite satisfied. The engineer who installed the eqipment (there is a charge) said this would improve. We'll have to see.Virgin keep telling me they are doubling their speed but I told them that would still be more expensive. :)

  • neutral

    by S Jordan at 10:30 on 14 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    BT is prob hacking of BTOpenzone plus BTphone on your line thus leaving you with the rest i.e charging you for a 240 download speed but hiving of 33% for openzone then 33% for BTphone leaving yoy with a useable 33%
    Depending on what size of broadband BT say thet are delivering they are prob taking 66% for themselves .. you can check this wireless connection (its clearrer to see) if there is a signal for openzone and BTphone YOU ARE PAYING FOR it .. ring them and ask them to remove it ,they are using your broadband for the 20 million hotspots accross GB and they are charging YOU

  • neutral

    by troll at the speed at 20:03 on 31 Mar 2012 Report abuse

    was ment to get 60Mbps... virgin media doubled my download speed for free as a promotional offer and yet its worse.

    Date 31/03/12 20:00:52
    Download speed 11981.36 Kbps (11.7 Mbps)
    Upload speed 2823.40 Kbps (2.76 Mbps)
    Server Port 8095 (tcp)

  • happy

    by Peter Dixon at 9:59 on 28 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Have 8Mb service with Talk Talk, broadbandgenie test showed 8.46Mb. Another test site showed 9.19Mb. Should I complain?
    Thanks for the test facility and to The Grauniad for the reference.

  • unhappy

    by Allan West at 2:56 on 29 May 2012 Report abuse

    Be a really good idea to make the page the correct size, in order to be able to access the flaming Java Downoad this site insists on!! Then I might be able to use the speed check facility.

  • happy

    by Dave at 2:59 on 6 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Detailed Results
    Date 06/06/12 02:56:16
    Download speed 101257.51 Kbps (98.88 Mbps)
    Upload speed 4683.35 Kbps (4.57 Mbps)

    Finally a decent speed test...

  • happy

    by Peter Perrin at 14:48 on 11 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Got over 14 and 3 this morning 10 and 2 now withsky soglad I moved to them.

  • unhappy

    by Anth at 16:46 on 20 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    suppose to be getting upto 16mbps and done the speed test and am getting a lousy just over 8mbps and they call this broadband more like adsl not adsl2+ plusnet and they fantastic service yeah right !!!!! absolutely pathetic no wonder its BT There sister company stay well clear from these muppets .

  • happy

    by Perrin at 10:48 on 24 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    I am getting from SKY 10 down and 1 up so am happy as its like it says on the tin.

  • happy

    by matt at 14:50 on 12 May 2013 Report abuse

    ive just moved, but doing everything as before,but internet so slow, often doesn't load - tips?

  • neutral

    by Jack at 1:31 on 24 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    Plusnet customer for a few years, been fairly happy with their service and their rolling contracts but recently the speed has been shocking. Test showed Download speed 144.94 Kbps (0.14 Mbps)
    Upload speed 111.08 Kbps (0.11 Mbps)

    Anybody else experiencing the same?

  • neutral

    by slowtime at 11:03 on 17 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    Can't get the Genie speed tester to work ...any ideas?

  • neutral

    by Steve at 8:52 on 16 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Is there any chance of a longer test ? There are providers out there that will use a burst mode for say a max of two minutes which gives maximum speed then they literally halve your speed unbeknown to you.
    Thus a test of less than two minutes doesnt tell the full story of what you are really getting.

  • unhappy

    by Shuv at 18:59 on 17 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    TalkTalk has been an disaster. I am reviving speed of 25 KB/s instead of the "Up to 8MB" i should be getting.

  • happy

    by TJ at 16:16 on 15 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    If any of you guys want performance try and get Gigaclear fibre. The speed in our village just outside Oxford (via BT) was around 1 Mb/s. I just scored 708 Mb/s download and 9 Mb/s upload (yes that's right over 700 !). I'm a happy bunny.

  • happy

    by Dyllan at 10:03 on 21 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    I have just upgraded to BTs superfast service. I live out in the sticks in Wales and I have been following the progress over the months of the Rollout of superfast in the part of Wales where I live. MY old service was advertised as 8mb download speed, I would constantly hit 4-5mb sec so I cant really grumble at that.
    The new service I have since the upgrade of the local exchange advertises at up to 38mb sec. Over the last few days I have constantly hit 26-28mb sec download and 6-7mb sec upload. I am one extremely happy person. As I mentioned previously I do live out in the countryside area. Congrats BT, excellent service.

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