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BT Broadband customer service contacts, problems and complaints

How to contact BT customer services and technical support

BT Broadband customer service contact details:

  • BT complaints telephone number: 0330 1234 150
  • Complain via: Phone, Twitter/X, or write to:

    BT plc, PO Box 334, Sheffield, S98 1BT

BT is one of the biggest broadband providers in the UK. It runs the Openreach network that many other internet service providers make use of. With BT, you can sign up for broadband only packages as well as bundled landline and TV deals (via EE TV). This might be appealing if you’re after channels such as TNT Sports. Full-fibre broadband packages could also be an option if it’s been installed in your area.

As with all broadband providers, there could be a time when you need to contact customer services.

This is how you get in contact with BT complaints and customer service.

How to contact BT Broadband support and customer service

BT’s customer service opening hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 8am-9pm
  • Weekends and bank holidays 8am-8pm

Alternatively, live chat is available between 7am-10.30pm any day of the week.

BT Broadband contact telephone numbers

Home broadband users can contact BT customer services and technical support by phoning 0330 1234 150, or 150 from a BT mobile.

The call centre opening hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 9pm.
  • Weekends & Bank Holidays: 8am to 8pm.

Alternatively, you can use the Live Chat function through the 'message us' option on the BT website between 7am-10.30pm Monday-Sunday.

BT Business Broadband customer service

If you want to contact BT Business broadband customer service, you should call 0800 800 154 (24/7 service) for faults or 0800 800 152 for complaints(8am-6pm Monday to Friday). Alternatively, Business Broadband live chat is open between 8pm-6pm on weekdays, or you can use WhatsApp.

Is BT Broadband down? How to check BT broadband service status

If it looks like your BT broadband service is offline, there are several tools available for you to check the service status, so you don’t necessarily need to call tech support.

First, check the official BT.com service status page. This will let you know if there are any obvious issues with BT phones, broadband, email, TV and mobile phone services. If there’s nothing obvious on there, it can be smart to check the official BT Broadband Twitter / X account. Even if nothing’s been announced, you might see other people experiencing the same problems.

You can also use the third-party tool, Downdetector. This provides service updates not just on BT Broadband but a range of providers and services. It’s a really handy site, so you might find it worthwhile to bookmark.

For more help with broadband connectivity issues, such as issues with your BT Wi-Fi router, please read our guide to troubleshooting broadband.

BT Complaints Tips

There are plenty of ways to get in contact if things go wrong. And, if you feel you aren’t getting the service you were promised, you may want to complain.

Here are a few good ways to do that:

Get in touch with BT via Twitter / X

Before you take things any further, it might be worth tweeting @BT_UK on Twitter./X The public nature of Twitter can provide a bit of extra motivation for complaints to be handled quickly. You have nothing to lose, after all, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’!

Get in touch via phone

Sometimes, there’s no better solution than speaking to a real human. You’ll be able to talk through any problems, and calls are often recorded. This can be a quick way to get your issues resolved.

The number you’ll need to call is 0330 1234 150.

Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday 8am-9pm
  • Weekends and bank holidays 8am-8pm

Writing to BT

If you want to make your complaint more official and think you may have to eventually take things further, you should write to BT about your complaint. The benefit of this is that you’ll have a clear paper trail if you have to take things further.

Write to:

BT plc
PO Box 334
S98 1BT

Make sure you include your phone number, email address and BT account number.

Complaining about BT to Ombudsman Service: Communication 

If you can’t reach a satisfactory resolution with BT, you can submit a complaint to the Ombudsman. Each provider is a member of one of two ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution schemes. For BT Broadband, you need to contact Ombudsman Service: Communication

To make use of the ADR process, you need to have received a deadlock letter from BT. This is a document that states that neither side can agree on a solution. However, you can complain to the ombudsman without a deadlock letter if at any point you haven’t had a response from BT for at least eight weeks. 

Read our in-depth guide to complaining about broadband, which explains the various steps in a lot more detail.

Switching from BT Broadband

If you've been struggling with BT, you could always consider switching broadband services. You'll be able to switch for free if you're out of contract. The process is easy, and if you decide to move to another provider on the Openreach network (that includes Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone and Plusnet) you won't ever need to speak to BT at all. Your new provider should do all the admin work and prep for you. Make sure you read our guide to cancelling BT Broadband to find out more.

The good news is many UK broadband customers are already out of contract. You should follow our guide to checking BT contract end dates to find out if you're free to find a better broadband deal. You can find our pick of these below:

Dynamic deal panel

If you’re out of contract, you can start switching right now by entering a postcode or address below to see all the deals available in your area:

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