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Find your BT Broadband contract end date and get ready to switch!

How do you find out when your BT contract ends?

Are you coming to the end of your BT broadband contract? Think it’s time to change provider but want to know when you can switch? This article will walk you through finding your BT contract end date.

How to find your BT Broadband contract end date

You have several options for finding out your BT contract end date. You can look at your account online, call BT customer services or use BT Live Chat.

Find your BT contract end date online

The easiest way to check your contract end date is to look at your bill. The date will be listed under your plan or package. You'll be able to check your bill online by logging into your BT account.

Example of BT Broadband online bill showing how to find contract end date
Example of a BT online bill. Here, you can easily see your contract end date listed underneath your plan or package.

Finding this information on a paper bill isn't so easy. You may have to speak to someone to find your contract end date.

Call BT to find out your contract end date

You can also talk to BT directly to find out your contract end date. Call the Accounts and Billing department on 0330 1234 150. You can also quick-dial 150 from a BT mobile.

Customer services are open Monday to Friday 8am-9pm and 8am-8pm on weekends. 

Calls to the landline number are free when calling from the BT network, but calls from other networks may be charged.

Use BT live chat to find your contract end date

If you'd prefer to chat online, you can. Visit the BT help page and click the "Message now" option on the right of the screen. If you can't see live chat, try disabling any browser extensions which block adverts or trackers, as these may prevent the chat option from appearing.

Live chat is available between 7am and 10.30pm, seven days a week.

You'll need your security details for verification purposes for live chat in the same way you would if calling customer services.

Out of contract? Switch now and save hundreds!

Has your BT Broadband contract end date passed? Good news! Now you'll be on a rolling monthly contract. You could be paying more than you need to by staying with your current provider.

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For more tips on how to save money when moving between internet service providers, check out our guide to switching broadband and getting an amazing deal.

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