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Sky contact numbers: Customer services, problems & complaints

How to contact Sky Broadband customer services and technical support

Sky customer service contact details:

Sky is best known for its TV packages, but it’s also got a whole host of bundled broadband deals on offer, including phone.

Unfortunately, there’s always the chance something will go wrong. On this page, we’ll show you the various ways you can contact Sky Broadband. We hope you’ll find it useful for getting a quick resolution!

How to contact Sky Broadband customer service and support

If you're having issues, Sky encourages its customers to follow its online help guides. However, if you'd still like to get in touch, you can call 0333 7592 425.

What is Sky Broadband’s Email?

If you don’t like making phone calls, or can’t get through, you can send a message through an online form. You can access this by signing into your Sky account.

Make sure you provide all the necessary information about your problem. The good thing about emails is that you’ll have a digital paper trail. If you have to go back and forth, you’ll have evidence of what’s been said before.

Sky Broadband live chat

Sky Broadband also offers a live chat service.

To use this, head to the Your Sky Broadband questions answered page and select the following options:

  • Under "Still need a hand?" click “Yes, I still need help.”
  • Under "Prefer to keep looking for help online?" choose "No, I want to get in touch."
  • Answer the question "What do you want to contact us about?" with the response "I need help with my Sky Broadband."

You'll then be asked to sign into your Sky ID to continue.

My Sky App

The My Sky App allows you to browse through all the Sky UK products. You can use it to manage your billing, but it also acts as a handy shortcut to access help. If you’ve been invited to sign up to the Sky VIP loyalty programme, you can access your VIP reviews through here, too.

Is Sky Broadband down?

There are some options for checking whether Sky Broadband is down.

First of all, try rebooting your devices, and then your Wi-Fi router. Often this will fix connectivity problems. If not, it may be a network problem. You can check the service status with some handy online resources. But of course, you’ll need to do this on your mobile.

Start off with the Sky Service Status page to check for issues. This is an automated page, so should give a good idea of the current status of Sky services. For further help, you can check @SkyHelpTeam on Twitter / X. They should be able to give you a fast response.

When you run into problems with Sky Broadband, it's worth taking a few moments to work through the steps on the Sky Broadband help page. You can also find more tips on internet connection problems, in our guide to troubleshooting broadband.

Sky complaints: how to complain to Sky Broadband

When you’re having problems with your broadband, you might want to contact Sky to complain about your broadband.

There are several ways that you can do so. Let’s look at your options.

Get in touch via Twitter / X

If you need to escalate your problem to a complaint, it's a good idea to drop a message to the @SkyHelpTeam on Twitter / X first. This is a general support account for all Sky services.

Using social media is a smart option as it can give speedy results. It allows the customer service team to easily give you a status update, or forward the relevant details you’ll need to resolve the matter. Plus, if you complain through here, Sky will be more likely to get back to you quickly. They won’t want people to see them in a negative light.

Complain by phone

Complaints can be made over the phone, with representatives trained to deal with managing these situations. This is usually the first step in making an official complaint.

Sky's dedicated complaints phone number is 0333 7592 425.

Complain in writing

To make a complaint in writing to Sky Broadband customer service, send details and any supporting material to:

Customer Complaints
Sky Subscribers Services Ltd
PO Box 43
EH54 7DD

Your letter should be polite, clear, accurate, and factual. Make sure you keep a paper trail of your correspondence, in case you need to take things further later.

Complaining about Sky Broadband to Ombudsman Services: Communications

Sky maintains a code of practice for complaints, but if you run into a stalemate, it's time to consider an ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme. Here’s an Ombudsman acts as a mediator, working towards an agreement between you and the provider.

To take advantage of this, you’ll need to have followed the complaints procedure, and have either had no contact from Sky Broadband for eight weeks, or received a deadlock letter.

You can take complaints about Sky Broadband to Ombudsman Services: Communications.

Looking for more tips on how to successfully complain? Visit our guide: 'how to complain about your home internet'.

Had enough of Sky Broadband? Switch and save ££s

If you're fed up with Sky and looking to change to a different provider, you might be able to switch for free. If you're out of contract with Sky, you can move to different broadband at no cost. Our guide to checking your Sky contract end date can tell you how to check your contract term, and our guide to cancelling Sky will explain how to move to a different provider. 

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