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Sky Broadband customer service contacts, problems and complaints

How to contact Sky Broadband customer services and technical support

Sky customer service contact details:

How to contact Sky broadband support and customer service

Sky Broadband offers several contact options, from making a phone call to online diagnostics and live chat. Whether you start with a call or an email, it's useful to know if there will be someone on the other end of the line.

Customer service opening hours for Sky Broadband support are 8.30am to 8pm.

Please note: this guide is purely for Sky Broadband users. If you're looking for assistance with Sky TV, see the Sky TV help page. For mobile problems, head to the Sky Mobile support page.    

Sky Broadband customer service numbers

For many, speaking to someone is better than online help. If this sounds like you, calling Sky Broadband customer service will probably be more comfortable.

Keep a note of the Sky Broadband customer service phone number: 0333 7591 018.

Customer services are open from 8.30am to 8pm.

Remember to listen carefully to the menu and make the right choice to find the type of help you need.

Sky Broadband address

Sometimes, calling isn't ideal, and writing an email may result in no response. In this situation, you might prefer to write.

When you want to get in touch with Sky Broadband, use this address:

Sky Subscribers Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

Sky Broadband live chat

Sky Broadband also offer a live chat service that operates via Facebook.

To use this, head to the Your Sky Broadband questions answered page and select the following options:

  • Under "Still need a hand?" click Yes, I still need help
  • Under "Prefer to keep looking for help online?" choose "No, I want to get in touch".
  • Answer the question "What do you want to contact us about?" with the response "I need help with my Sky Broadband".

This will unlock the link for the Sky Broadband customer support on Facebook Messenger. You'll also see an option to send a text message, which is another convenient option.

Is Sky Broadband down?

Whether the entire network is down or just certain things (like web pages, email, or streaming media), if it seems that Sky Broadband is unavailable, you have some options for checking this further.

First of all, try rebooting your devices, and then your Wi-Fi router. Often this will fix connectivity problems. If not, it may be a network problem and you can move on to checking service status with some handy online resources. Of course, you won’t have an internet connection, so you'll need to use mobile internet on your phone to check these.

Start off with the Sky Service Status page to check for issues. This is an automated page, so should give a realistic representation of the current status of Sky services. For further help, you might also quickly check (or message) @SkyHelpTeam on Twitter. They should be able to give you a fast response.

When you run into problems with Sky Broadband, it is worth taking a few moments to work through the steps on the Sky Broadband help page. You can also find further assistance with internet connection problems in our guide to troubleshooting broadband.

How to complain about Sky Broadband

Get in touch via Twitter or email

If you need to escalate your problem to a complaint, it's a good idea to drop a message to the @SkyHelpTeam on Twitter. This is a general support account for all Sky services, and they'll be able to advise you on where to direct your complaint.

Using Twitter is a smart option as it is almost instantaneous, and allows the customer service team to easily give you a status update, or forward the relevant link, address, or telephone number you need.

If Twitter is unsuccessful, then try contacting Sky Broadband via email. Sky Broadband's customer service email address is [email protected].

Contact customer services

Complaints can be made over the phone, with representatives trained to deal with managing grievances. This is usually the first step in making an official complaint.

Sky's dedicated complaints phone number is 0330 0413 019.

Complain in writing

To make a complaint in writing to Sky Broadband customer service, send details and any supporting material to:

Customer Complaints
Sky Subscribers Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

Your letter should be polite, clear, accurate, and factual.

Complaining about Sky Broadband to Ombudsman Services: Communications

In most cases, your complaint will have been resolved favourably. Sky maintains a code of practice for complaints, but if you run into a stalemate, it's time to consider an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) scheme where an ombudsman acts as a mediator, working towards an agreement between you and the broadband provider.

To take advantage of this, you will have followed the complaints procedure, and have either had no contact from Sky Broadband for eight weeks or received a deadlock letter.

You can take complaints about Sky Broadband to Ombudsman Services: Communications.

For more information about this topic read our guide to complaining about broadband.

Had enough of Sky Broadband? Switch and save £££s

If you're fed up with Sky and looking to switch to a different provider you might be able to swap for free. If you're out of contract with Sky then you can move to different broadband at no cost. Our guide to checking your Sky contract end date can tell you how to check your contract term, and our guide to cancelling Sky can show you how to move to a different provider. 

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