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How to cancel Sky broadband

What you need to know about cancelling Sky broadband

If you've been using Sky broadband for a while, but you've decided that now's the time to try something new, the first thing you need to do is cancel your contract. Ending your relationship with a broadband provider can seem a little daunting at times, however the cancellation process doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about cancelling Sky broadband, and the fees that you might need to be prepared for.

What to do before you cancel Sky broadband

Check your contract

Start by making sure you know whether you're tied into a contract. When you sign up for Sky Broadband, you'll usually agree to a 12 or 18-month contract. If you attempt to end your broadband subscription before your term ends, then you'll be charged a fee.

If you're unsure about how much time is left on your deal, call Sky customer services. You can ask them to confirm how much it might cost to cancel early at the same time.

Find a new broadband deal

Another thing you need to do before you cancel your Sky broadband is to make sure that you've found a better, cheaper provider to switch to. The chances are you're still going to need broadband, and if you cancel without switching you'll be left without broadband for weeks.

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How to cancel Sky broadband

If you’re out of contract: cancelling Sky for free

If your Sky broadband deal has reached the end of its minimum term then you are free to cancel and switch without penalty.

However, there is a cooling-off period that Sky customers can use to leave Sky for free. If you decide to get a contract with Sky and change your mind within 31 days, you can request for your broadband to be cancelled without giving any reason. This won't cost you anything. If you cancel during your cooling-off period, you will have any fees refunded, but you will not get payments back for any one-off fees you provide after the service is activated.

You can also exercise any "right to leave" that you've been given from Sky. For instance, if Sky hasn't given you the service that you agreed to when you signed up with them, you may be able to leave your contract early without a fee.

When it comes to the switching process, it depends on what type of broadband you're moving to. If you're switching your broadband from Sky to a new provider on the Openreach (BT line) network, then you can simply place your order with your new provider, and they will be able to handle the switchover for you. However, if you are moving to Virgin Media or another network you’ll need to contact Sky yourself.

To cancel over the phone You can call Sky's cancellation number at 0333 759 3625

To cancel over email: [email protected] 

Please ensure that you include your name, your address, your postcode and your telephone number when contacting Sky.

You can also write to Sky at:
Sky Subscriber Services Ltd, 
PO Box 43, 
EH54 7DD

Include your full name, and home telephone number, as well as any account details you have. You will only get a response to the billing address that's registered with Sky, so keep that in mind. Additionally, Sky will not be able to cancel your services until they've confirmed that you're a registered account holder. This means that Sky will need to call you to confirm and process the request.

Sky also offers email and live chat functions for people who want to get in touch. For full contact information for Sky, please see our Sky Broadband customer service and complaints page.

If you order a managed installation for your new service, then you can provide Sky with the date that you're getting your new broadband installed, so that they can cancel your other service as close to that time as possible.

Cancelling Sky if you’re still in contract

The process of cancelling Sky inside the contract period is very similar to the one outlined above. The only difference is that you may be required to pay an early termination charge. Sky will contact you to let you know how much your fees will cost.

Whether you're cancelling during a contract or after your contract has ended with Sky, you will need to give the company 14 days' notice. However, this doesn't apply if you're in a cooling-off period.

Sky broadband early cancellation fees

The table below shows the fee per month Sky will charge for early cancellation, as found in its early cancellation charges guide. However, the exact amount you need to pay will depend on which products you subscribe to and the price you pay, how long is left on your agreed term, and how long you've already been billed for.

Sky broadband package Charge per month
Sky Broadband 12GB £10.11
Sky Broadband Unlimited £15.07
Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro £22.22
Sky Fibre/Fibre Lite £5.44
Sky Fibre Max £17.26
Sky Fibre Unlimited £17.55
Sky Fibre Unlimited Plus £16.67
Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro (before May 2019) £22.22
Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro (after 15 May 2019) £28.94
Sky Broadband Essential £19.66
Sky Broadband Superfast £15.86
Broadband Ultrafast 1 £25.09

Prices last checked March 2021, but you should always confirm costs with your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions about cancelling Sky

What is Sky broadband's notification period?

Sky requests that all customers considering the cancellation of their broadband services contact them by phone at least 14 days before the cancellation needs to take place.

Do I need to return my Sky Wi-Fi router or Sky TV box?

Sky requests that all equipment provided by their company is returned to them using the methods that they provide.

Can I keep my phone number?

You should be able to transfer your number to the new provider that you switch to when you find a new deal for your broadband. Speak to Sky or your new provider about this.

Can I cancel for free if my Sky broadband is too slow?

Sky has agreed to the Ofcom broadband speed code of practice. That means you can be released from the contract without penalty if the connection is not providing the speed Sky quoted when you signed up.

To do this you must first speak to Sky technical support to see if the problem can be fixed, and only if it cannot be resolved can you leave without charge.

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