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Sky Broadband router round-up 2024

Hubs included with Sky fibre and full fibre packages

Are Sky routers any good? How do they compare to other providers? Is the reality as good as the marketing? What’s the new Sky Wi-Fi Max Hub like? Are the Sky Wi-Fi Max Pods worth the money?

If you have questions about Sky Broadband, we have the answers.

What router do you get with Sky Broadband?

Sky Broadband now offers two routers, the Sky Broadband Hub and the new Sky router; the Sky WiFi Max Hub. Both are modern routers that deliver good connectivity.

The Sky Broadband Hub is the default dual-band router. This replaced the Sky Q Hub.

The Hub is much more than an entry-level router. It has more antennas, better Wi-Fi range, high average speeds and some smart features that make it a decent option.

The Sky WiFi Max Hub is an optional, paid upgrade introduced in July 2023. It’s a Wi-Fi 6 router that uses smart features, allowing you to control Wi-Fi speed, device access and more from the MySky app.

The Sky WiFi Max Hub also has the option to use Sky Max Pods. These are Wi-Fi extenders that link to the Max Hub to improve wireless signal throughout your home.

Sky Broadband Hubs: in summary

  • New customers will receive a Sky Broadband Hub as standard
  • It's possible to pay extra for a Wi-Fi 6-enabled router called the Sky WiFi Max Hub
  • Hubs remain the property of Sky. You'll be charged for missing or damaged devices
  • Sky Hubs come with a standard log-in and password. For your security, you should change this during set-up

This page shares everything we know about Sky Broadband Wi-Fi routers, including their features, benefits, highlights, pros and cons. Join us while we explore Sky broadband routers!

Router Name Included with package:
Sky Broadband Hub Superfast 35, Ultrafast Broadband, Ultrafast Plus Broadband, Gigafast Broadband (including TV service bundles)
Sky WiFi Max Hub Optional premium add-on for all broadband packages, including full fibre
The Genie

The Genie says...

Your broadband won’t work until your account has been activated, so it’s worth waiting until then before you try and set up your Sky router.

Sky Broadband Hub specifications

  • Wi-Fi: Dual-band Wi-Fi radios, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 4x4, MU-MIMO, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 a/n/ac), ADSL2+ and VDSL2
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi: No
  • Ethernet: 4x Gbps LAN ports
  • Extras: Smart channel selection, smart scan, firewall

Sky Broadband WiFi Max Hub specifications

  • Wi-Fi: Dual-band Wi-Fi radios, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 4x4, MU-MIMO, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/n/ac, ax), ADSL2+, VDSL2 and FTTP
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Ethernet: 4x Gbps LAN ports (1 can work as WAN)
  • Extras: USB-C, 2 RJ11 ports, parental controls, downtime scheduling, OpenSync, DFS

Do I get to keep my Sky Broadband Hub after my contract is over?

You only get to keep your Sky Broadband Hub after your 18-month contract is over if you remain a Sky Broadband customer. The router is provided on loan with all Sky broadband packages and will need to be returned.

You can request prepaid return packaging from Sky and return the equipment. Make sure you include your name and account number in the package.

You’ll have 60 days from the end of your contract to return the equipment (30 days if Sky ended the contract).

The charges are listed below:

Sky Hardware Type Charge for non-return
Sky Q 1TB box Up to £117
Sky Q 2TB box Up to £135
Sky Q Mini box Up to £52
Sky Max Hub Up to £75
Sky Broadband Hub Up to £53
Sky Q Hub Up to £50
Sky Max Pod Up to £68
Sky Broadband Booster up to £36

Is a Sky router easy to set up?

Yes, the Hub is easy to set up with your home broadband service. The box the hub came it will have an activation date on the side. If your contract has been activated, you can set up your router.

Place the hub close to the centre of your home for maximum Wi-Fi coverage. Plug the white microfilter into your BT wall socket. Connect the phone line into the phone port on your hub and the other end to the phone socket in the microfilter.

Attach the purple Ethernet cable into the purple socket in the microfilter and the other end into the Sky Hub.

Connect the power supply, turn it on and allow your new router to sync with the network until all lights are green.

How can I improve the Wi-Fi signal of my Sky Hub?

The Sky Broadband Hub is known for delivering excellent Wi-Fi signal and comes with a minimum Wi-Fi guarantee.

Sky guarantees a minimum 3Mbps signal in every room of the average house.

Sky Broadband Hub also come with smart channel selection. This feature scans Wi-Fi channels throughout your property and automatically switches to the fastest.

This provides hands-off wireless optimisation without you having to do anything, which is a great option.

You can connect optional third-party Wi-Fi extenders or buy your own mesh kit if you have a larger home or live in an older property with thick walls.

The Sky Broadband WiFi Max Hub also delivers good Wi-Fi signal but also has another trick up its sleeve, WiFi Max Pods.

WiFi Max Pods are optional signal extenders for the WiFi Max Hub that connect the hub and provide stronger wireless signal throughout the property.

For more information on how to improve sluggish Wi-Fi, you can check out our guide: ‘Intermittent or slow broadband? Troubleshooting connection problems’ or go right back to basics and find out 'where's the best place to put a Wi-Fi router?'

What’s the password for a Sky Broadband router?

There’s a default username and password for a Sky Broadband Hub. The default username is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘sky’.

You’ll find the Wi-Fi name, password and PIN on a sticker on the site of your hub.

We strongly recommend changing both the router login and Wi-Fi login as soon as you’re all set up to protect your router and your network.

For more help, you can read our guide: ‘How to log into and change your Wi-Fi router settings’.

Are Sky Broadband Hubs good value for money?

Yes, Sky Broadband Hubs are good value for money. The hub itself is loaned to you free as part of the broadband contract.

  • The Sky Broadband Hub is free with Superfast Broadband 35, Ultrafast Broadband, Ultrafast Plus Broadband, Gigafast Broadband
  • The Sky WiFi Max Hub is an optional extra that currently costs £7.50 extra per month for the length of your contract.
  • WiFi Max Pods are available upon request for WiFi Max customers at no extra charge.

The Sky Broadband Hub is a great dual-band router even though it’s default equipment.

The Sky WiFi Max Hub builds on that by adding Wi-Fi 6 and speed guarantees. The Wi-Fi Max Pods are a nice free option too.

There should be no reason you need to buy your own router unless you have specific needs not catered for by the Sky Broadband Hub or WiFi Max Hub.

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What are the standout features of the Sky Broadband Hub?

The standout features of the Sky Broadband Hub are the gigabit Ethernet ports and the Wi-Fi coverage.

It supports Wi-Fi 5 and has decent signal strength over reasonable distances. The inclusion of smart channel selection and smart scan add extra benefit.

Smart channel selection automatically assesses Wi-Fi signal strength and utilises the strongest signal. Smart scan checks the router for issues and will automatically restart if required.

Both these features mean your Sky Broadband Hub can be left along to manage itself once set up.

The Sky WiFi Max Hub adds Wi-Fi 6 compatibility and the option of Wi-Fi Max Pods that make it even more convenient.

Sky Broadband Hub - Pros and Cons
We like We don't like
  • 4x Gigabit LAN ports
  • Built in firewall
  • Sky's Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee – Minimum 3Mbps Wi-Fi signal throughout your home
  • Smart channel selection and smart scan features
  • WiFi Max Pods as free options with the WiFi Max Hub
  • Good upload and download speeds
  • There’s not much to dislike about the Sky Broadband Hub!

Can I keep my Sky Broadband Hub if I have to move and downgrade my broadband?

You can keep your Sky Broadband Hub as long as you remain a Sky customer. The wireless router remains the property of Sky and is loaned to you as part of your contract.

If you downgrade to cheaper broadband, you can keep the Sky Broadband Hub. If you leave Sky, you’ll need to return it.

Can I use my own router with Sky Broadband?

Yes, you can use your own router with Sky Broadband. You can configure your Sky Broadband Hub as a modem and connect it to your own wireless router.

Unless your wireless router also has a compatible ADSL modem or can work directly with fibre broadband, you won’t be able to replace the Sky Broadband Hub altogether.

You can use it just as a modem and provide Wi-Fi and any other features using your own router, though.

For more help on this, read our guide: 'How to buy your own Wi-Fi broadband router'.

  • What does ADSL mean?

    ADSL stands for ‘Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line’. It’s broadband technology that allows the transfer data across regular telephone lines. You can make calls at the same time as being connected to the internet.

    An ADSL line will, at minimum, allow for a broadband connection of up to 8Mb. These days, that’s pretty slow and won’t allow you to do much other than emailing or basic web searches.

    ADSL2+ is now available at nearly all exchanges across the UK with slightly faster data transfer rates of around 10-11Mb.

Sky Broadband Hub Review: Expert summary

The Sky Broadband Hub is a solid ISP router that delivers the reliability and connectivity we expect. It was a solid step up from previous wireless routers and includes some smart features too.

Setup is very straightforward, Wi-Fi signal strength is decent and smart channel selection and smart scan means you and set it and forget it.

The Sky WiFi Max Hub is an excellent upgrade even though it costs extra. You get support for Wi-Fi 6, optional WiFi Max Pods and a faster Wi-Fi guarantee throughout your home.

For all of those reasons, we like the Sky Broadband Hub and WiFi Max Hub!

Interested in finding out more about Sky? Check out our full Sky Broadband review.

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