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Sky deals for existing customers: upgrades & renewals

Is your Sky Broadband deal coming to the end of its contract? You might be wondering what happens next and whether it’s time to upgrade or switch providers. Here you can learn about offers and upgrades for existing customers and how to get the best value deal.

Sky existing customer deals: Should you renew or upgrade?

If you’re at the end of your current Sky Broadband deal then you’re in a position to either renew your existing package, upgrade to a faster service, or switch to a new broadband deal. 

We generally recommend that you start by looking at a new deal with a different provider, as this allows you to take advantage of the special offers available to new customers, which can include generous free gifts and other bonuses. 

Here are a few of the best deals currently available:

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But even if you aren’t interested in switching away from Sky, you should not just continue with the same deal or you could end up paying more as a result, so it’s always best to at least renew or upgrade when your current contract expires.

Sky existing customer deals

These are some of the deals currently available from Sky Broadband if you’re a new customer: 

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Sky deals for existing customers will likely cost around the same as those for a new customer. However, what you won’t get are the free gifts and other special offers used to entice new subscribers; that’s why we recommend that you switch rather than renew to get the best value package.

To see what deals are available to you as an existing customer, use your Sky ID and log in at Sky.com to view the latest offers.

Sky upgrade deals

Staying with Sky doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep the same broadband package; upgrade options include faster broadband speeds and a TV bundle.

Upgrading to Sky fibre

Upgrading to Sky Fibre will be an option for many Sky customers who currently have ADSL broadband from Sky (the Sky Broadband Essential package with an average speed of 11Mb). 

Sky Superfast Fibre uses the same network, and you do not need a new line. It’s widely available around the country and delivers a significant speed increase, with an average download speed of 59Mb. 

To find out whether you can upgrade your broadband, enter a postcode to see what speeds and services are available in your area: 

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Why do we need your postcode?

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If you already have Sky Fibre then you may not have any speed upgrades available. Some older Sky packages had an average speed of 36Mb, and will likely allow you to upgrade to 59Mb. But if you already have Sky Broadband Superfast your only option for an upgrade is Sky Ultrafast.

Upgrading to Sky Ultrafast

Sky Ultrafast broadband is a new service that delivers average download speeds of145Mb+.

This will be the only upgrade route if you currently have 59Mb Sky Superfast. However, at this time the availability of Sky Ultrafast is very limited in comparison to Sky Essential and Sky Superfast; contact Sky to find out if this is available.

Getting Sky TV as an existing customer

Sky customers can get Sky TV at any time, regardless of how long is left on your broadband contract. 

Sky offers a wide variety of TV packages, including: 

  • Ultimate TV: Sky TV with Freeview and 100+ Sky channels, plus bundled Netflix subscription. 
  • Sky TV and Sports: 100+ Sky channels plus all Sky Sports channels, including Sky Main Event.
  • Full House: 100+ Sky TV channels, plus the entire Sky Sports and Sky Cinema lineup. 

You do not have to get Sky Broadband for Sky TV, but getting a Sky TV and broadband bundle can be great value compared to signing up for separate services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my contract when I renew or upgrade?

    Whether you renew your existing broadband service or upgrade to a faster speed, you will need to sign up for a new contract. That means you’ll be committed to paying for Sky Broadband for another 18 months. If you think you may have to cancel during this time then you might need to consider an alternative short term deal instead, as early cancellation can be expensive. 

  • Can I upgrade my Sky broadband?

    If you currently have 11Mb Sky Broadband Essential then you will probably be able to upgrade to Sky Fibre.

    If you currently have Sky Fibre, then your options may be limited. Anyone with a 36Mb Sky Fibre service will probably be able to move to the faster 59Mb service. Otherwise, the only upgrade available is Sky Ultrafast, and at this time very few homes can get this service.

    Use our postcode checker to find out what speeds are available in your area, or contact Sky to find out whether there are any upgrade deals available.

  • Can I get Sky in my area?

    Sky Essential and Sky Superfast use the BT Openreach network and a standard BT telephone line, so most homes will be able to get Sky Broadband.

    Sky Ultrafast uses a different technology and fewer homes currently have access to this service; speak to Sky to find out if your home is ready for ultrafast broadband.

    Just about everyone will be able to get Sky TV: the only requirements are a telephone line and the ability to install a Sky satellite dish. You do not need to have Sky Broadband, however, some kind of broadband is highly recommended to get the most out of it. 

  • How do I contact Sky?

    Call Sky customer service on 0333 7591 018.

    For further contact details visit our guide to Sky customer services.

  • Will I get a new Wi-Fi router?

    You will probably be given a new Wi-Fi router if you are upgrading from Sky Broadband Essential to a fibre optic service, or from Sky Superfast to Sky Ultrafast.

    If you are renewing but not upgrading, or your current Wi-Fi router is sufficient for your new broadband service, then you will probably not receive a free Wi-Fi router. However, you might be able to get a new router if you are negotiating a renewal, so mention this when speaking to Sky.

  • Do I need to pay for a Sky TV box or dish?

    There will be a setup fee for Sky TV, which covers the TV box and satellite installation. The cost will vary depending on your chosen package and extras, but typically you can expect to pay £20-£50.

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