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Onestream router round-up 2024

Routers included with Onestream fibre and full fibre packages

When you sign up to Onestream as a new customer, you’ll get the choice of adding one of three different routers to your basket. None are cutting-edge or particularly outstanding in any way, but they’re solid, reliable and get the job done.

Are these Onestream routers worth using? Are they fast enough? Should you use your own hardware instead? Read on to find out!

What router do you get with Onestream?

Onestream uses the BT Openreach network to provide services.

Launched in 2017, the UK-based internet service provider (ISP) is known for its no-frills, low-cost approach to broadband.

Thanks to the national upgrade of the Openreach network, Onestream offers both part-fibre (FTTC) and full-fibre (FTTP) internet throttled to the speed of the contract you choose.

Its fastest package is ‘Onestream Full Fibre 1000’, with a download speed of 871Mb and an upload speed of 101Mb. However, whether you can sign up to this or not will depend on whether you have access to the full fibre network.

You can find out which broadband deals you can sign up to using Onestream’s postcode checker.

You can also learn more about Onestream deals in our dedicated guide.

Here's a brief rundown of the routers you're likely to get offered when you're checking out a deal:

  • The TP-Link VR400 is manufactured by a trusted name within network hardware. It's a well-known manufacturer of routers, switches, Wi-Fi boosters and related products.
  • The TP-Link TDW9960 is a budget VDSL2 router designed for those who just want a basic device so they can surf the net.
  • The Technicolor TG588v2 is an older router with similar to the TDW9960.

As home broadband routers go, none of these will amaze you with their capabilities, but all are trustworthy devices.

  • What’s the difference between part-fibre (FTTC) and full fibre broadband (FTTP)?

    Full Fibre broadband is also known as ‘Fibre To The Premises’, ‘Fibre To The Home’. This is often shortened to FTTP or FTTH. They’re all the same thing!

    Instead of copper telephone wire making up the final part of the journey from that green cabinet on the street, fibre optic cables are installed right up to your home.

    It’s amazing the difference in broadband speed this small data journey can have. With full-fibre broadband you can expect to receive speeds of 1Gb+.

    The downside is full-fibre is only available to a small percentage of homes in the UK, and it’s taking a good while to get everyone up to speed.

Onestream Routers available in 2024
Router Name Included with package:
TP-Link VR400 (Superstream+) All fibre packages including Supreme Full Fibre 55, 80, 115, 220, 550 and Hyperstream Full Fibre 1000.
TP Link TDW9960 (Standard) All fibre packages in FTTC areas
Technicolor TG588v2 (Superstream) Existing customers on Supreme Full Fibre packages

You’ll be offered either a TP-Link VR400, TP-Link TDW9960 or Technicolor TG588v2 depending on whether you’re in an FTTP or FTTC area.

  • The VR400 is a commercially available dual-band router well-known for offering simplicity and reliability in a very tidy package.
  • The TDW9960 is also commercially available and is regarded as an entry-level router.
  • The Technicolor TG588v2 was commercially available but has since been discontinued.

All three offer reliable speeds, decent Wi-Fi, some security options and simple setup.

The VR400 is newer and offers much faster speeds than the older TDW9960 or TG588. It also has a gigabit Ethernet port and support for Wi-Fi 6, which the Technicolor lacked.

TP-Link VR400(Superstream+ Router) specifications

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11a/n/ac 5GHz, 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, WiFi 6, dual band, 2x2 MIMO
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi: No
  • Ethernet: 3 Ethernet, 1GB Ethernet, RJ11
  • Extras: USB 2, ATM QoS

Technicolor TG588v2(Superstream Router)

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11n 2.4 GHz (2x2)
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi: No
  • Ethernet: 4 Ethernet
  • Extras: AutoWAN Sensing, integrated VDSL2 modem

TP-Link TDW9960 (Standard Router)

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, WiFi 5
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: No
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi: No
  • Ethernet: 4 Ethernet, RJ11
  • Extras: Parental Controls, Firewall

Do I get to keep my Onestream router after my contract is over?

You don’t get to keep your Onestream router if you cancel or switch broadband providers. Over the course of your contract, you pay for your router on a rental basis. If you decide to switch broadband away from Onestream, you’ll need to send it to:

Onestream Returns,
Unit 15,
Fulcrum 2,
Solent Way,
PO15 7FN

Unfortunately, you’ll need to pay for recorded delivery yourself. Unless it’s faulty or there’s an issue that isn’t your fault, it won’t send pre-paid packaging like some other providers.

Here are the fees for an unreturned Onestream router:

last fact-checked June 2024
Onestream unreturned router reason Penalty Fee
Failing to return a router in a 'brand-new' condition if cancelling during cooling-off period £125
Failing to return a router after cancelling or switching after contact end date £29.95
Failing to return faulty equipment £29.95

Is a Onestream router easy to set up?

Yes, all three devices are easy to set up.

The process is simple:

  • Plug the power into the wall and connect to your wall socket using the included cable.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect one LAN port to your computer. You can use Wi-Fi if you prefer, but there are fewer opportunities for issues during setup with a wired connection.
  • Open a browser and enter ‘’ into the URL bar and hit enter. Log in using the credentials provided to configure everything.
  • You’ll be presented with the configuration app where you can change the username and password, set up Wi-Fi and perform basic admin tasks.

How do I get a better signal from my Onestream router?

You can improve the Wi-Fi signal by following these quick tips:

Position your router close to the centre of your home. Positioning your device close to the centre of your home means Wi-Fi signals can deliver 360 coverage. Signals also have a shorter journey to your device, so should be stronger and faster.

Use a Wi-Fi analyser app, such as ‘WiFi Analyzer’ on your phone for optimum placement.

Avoid placing close to large appliances. Refrigerators, air conditioners and other larger appliances can interfere with Wi-Fi so try to avoid placing your router close to them.

Use a Wi-Fi booster or repeater. Onestream does provide Wi-Fi boosters, but you can also buy them relatively cheaply anywhere. TP-Links makes them, but you can use boosters from any reliable manufacturer.

They are simple to set up and can help with struggling Wi-Fi performance throughout your home.

Use a mesh kit. Mesh kits create new Wi-Fi networks and are more expensive than boosters. They can deliver better performance though and are readily available secondhand.

Consider powerline adapters. If you really can’t get good Wi-Fi in the building, consider powerline adapters. They turn your home’s wiring into a network using mains plugs. TP-Link also makes powerline adapters, although any compatible make should work.

Here are some other helpful guides:

What’s the password for a Onestream router?

The standard username and password are ‘admin’ and ‘admin’.

We recommend changing these as soon as you can to properly secure your router and your network.

Is the Onestream router good value for money?

Unfortunately, we can't say the routers are good value for money. This is one area where Onestream falls behind the competition, as it charges a monthly fee for the router as well as line rental.

  • The ‘Standard router’ costs an extra £2.95 per month
  • The Superstream an extra £4.95 per month
  • The Superstream+ costs an extra £5.95 per month

all in addition to line rental. During the length of a 24-month contract, that’s pretty costly.

You also have to pay another one-off £4.95 delivery fee on top.

Check out our details Onestream broadband review for more details on the customer experience.

If you're looking for a deal with a bundled router and don't want the hassle of sourcing your own. Here are a few other options that might suit you better:

Dynamic deal panel

What are some standout Onestream router features?

While decent, Onestream routers are average in almost every way, but easy to set up.

On the plus side, once you have connected and configured your router, you can largely forget about it.

They’re modest units that don’t take up much space, rarely need rebooting and just gets on with the job of providing broadband and Wi-Fi.

You do get a discount on McAfee security and premium customer service, but these do cost extra once the free period is over.

We like We don't like
  • Set and forget basic routers
  • Small sizes so don’t stand out
  • Gigabit Ethernet port on Superstream+
  • Decent Wi-Fi signal strength
  • Basic configuration options
  • Lags behind the competition
  • Not included in the broadband package

Can I keep my Onestream router if I have to move and downgrade my broadband?

Yes, you can keep your router if you move and/or downgrade your broadband service. As long as it’s compatible with the service you sign up for, you can keep it for as long as you’re a customer.

It may be worth checking hardware versions, as moving home would be the ideal time to get the newest device!

Just be aware that, like most broadband providers, if you move, you may have to take out an entirely new contract with a new fixed period.

This isn’t a welcome move, but one that many broadband providers seem to use now.

Can I use my own router with Onestream?

Yes, you can use your own router with Onestream. That’s good news if you’re a power user.

We would say Onestream is more open than many broadband providers about using your own equipment. So much so that they even have a dedicated page on using your own router.

Fortunately, the criteria is modest and there are plenty of compatible options to choose from.

What router would you need for a Onestream package?

  • For Onestream Fibre 55, Onestream Fibre 80 customers:
    A VDSL enabled modem router with a DSL port
  • For Onestream Supreme 80, Supreme 115, Supreme 220, Supreme 550 and Hyperstream 1000 customers:
    A router with a “WAN” port on the back. With fibre speeds, you’ll need a router capable of handling speeds up to 1Gb.

Expert Summary

Onestream's routers are average devices with average capabilities.

That said, they fit the company’s no-frills brand. They are no-fuss, no-trouble, no-frills routers.

If you just want to set it and forget it and don’t have specific needs, they will be fine. If you’re a power user or are looking for specific capabilities, you may want to use your own.

Fortunately, Onestream makes that easy.

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