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How to cancel Onestream broadband

What you need to know about cancelling Onestream broadband

Perhaps you’ve found a better deal (maybe one of our amazing reward offers?) or you’re unhappy with the service you’re getting, or you just no longer need broadband. Whatever the reason you may have for cancelling, this guide will explain how to end your Onestream broadband service, and what it could cost.

What to do before you cancel Onestream broadband

Decided it's time to move on from Onestream? Before you jump straight to cancelling a broadband service, you should always check the existing contract terms. And if you’re planning on keeping broadband, you’ll also need to choose a new broadband deal.

Check your contract

Cancelling when you’re still in the minimum contract period of your existing deal can be expensive as you’ll be charged a fee for the remaining months. Check with Onestream to find out how long is left on your contract, and what it could cost to end it early. Read on below to find a breakdown of cancellation fees.

Find a new broadband deal

Assuming you want to continue having broadband, you’ll need to find a new provider. Most ISPs - including Onestream - use the Openreach network, so switching is very easy because the new provider will manage the process. If you move to Virgin Media or a different network then it’s a little more involved as you’ll need to handle the cancellation of Onestream and the activation of your new service. 

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How to cancel Onestream broadband

If you’re out of contract: cancelling Onestream for free 

The simplest way to cancel is by switching to another provider which uses the same BT Openreach telephone network as Onestream (Virgin Media is the only major ISP which does not use Openreach lines). Your new ISP will handle the switch and transfer your service with minimal interruption. 

But if you’re not switching, or you’re moving to a different network, you’ll need to either call or write to Onestream. 

To cancel over the phone call 0333 241 4449.

To cancel in writing you can either email [email protected] or write to: 
Onestream House,
4400 Parkway, 
PO15 7FJ

Include your name, address, telephone number and details of your Onestream package. To make life easier, you can instead download a cancellation form that contains everything Onestream will need.

For all Onestream customer service contacts, please see our Onestream customer service page.

Cancelling Onestream if you’re still in contract

To cancel Onestream when you’re still in contract, follow the same process as above. But the difference is you will face an early termination charge for the remaining months of your contract. Because of this, you are best off waiting until the contract has finished.

Onestream early cancellation fees

If you cancel mid-contract, then Onestream will charge a fee for each month remaining. The table below shows the current Onestream early termination charges as detailed in its price guide.

Onestream broadband package Charge per month (on-net) Charge per month (off-net) Charge per month (off-net extra)
Onestream Flow (broadband only) £5.00 £11.87 £21.87
Onestream Flow (broadband & line rental) £12.85 £18.12 £35.24
Jetstream Fibre (broadband only) £7.00 n/a n/a
Jetstream Fibre (broadband & line rental) £14.85 n/a n/a
Jetstream Fibre Max (broadband only) £12.50 £23.75 n/a
Jetstream Fibre Max (broadband & line rental) £20.35 £37.49 n/a
Xstream Superfibre (broadband only) £15.00 £26.87 n/a
Xstream Superfibre (broadband & line rental) £22.85 £41.24 n/a

Prices last checked April 2022, but you should always confirm costs with your provider.

Off-net and off-net extra are non-LLU connections. This will only apply to a small percentage of customers as most premises have access to LLU broadband.

Frequently Asked Questions about cancelling Onestream

  • What is Onestream broadband's notification period?

    Onestream requires 30 days notice for cancellation.

  • Do I need to return my Onestream Wi-Fi router?

    If you're not in contract you can keep the router. If you cancel before the contract has ended, you must return the router at your own expense, or you will be charged for it.

  • Can I keep my phone number?

    Your phone number can be transferred to another provider - just be sure to make your new provider aware of this when you sign up.

  • Can I cancel for free if my Onestream broadband is too slow?

    Onestream has not signed up to the Ofcom broadband speed code of practice, which is a voluntary agreement that gives customers of participating ISPs a right to cancel due to slow speeds. Onestream could still allow you to cancel for free due to slow speeds, but it is at their discretion, and you may need to follow the complaints procedure. If you are unhappy with the speed, you should start by first raising the issue with technical support.

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