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Onestream broadband customer service contacts, problems and complaints

How to contact Onestream customer and technical support

Onestream customer service contacts:

  • Phone number: 0300 373 9306
  • Complain via: Phone, live chat or write to: Onestream, Unit 15, Fulcrum 2, Solent Way, Fareham, PO15 7FN

Onestream is a smaller provider that offers fibre broadband across the UK for low prices. There isn't a single customer service telephone number to get in touch with Onestream. For this reason, we recommend working through its Help Centre FAQs to find the most appropriate line to call for help.

Alternatively, Live Chat is available.


How to contact Onestream broadband support and customer service

If you’re having a problem, first check the FAQs on the Onestream website.

The site will display suggested helpful solutions for you. Here's a little tip though, if you're keen to speak to a human. If the site asks you 'did you find what you were looking for?', click 'no' and you'll be presented with a phone number and a live chat link.

Onestream's customer support opening hours are:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturdays: 9am and 4pm

Onestream live chat

Onestream also offers subscribers the chance to get in touch via a live chat system. To access this, you'll need to be logged in to the website. 

Is Onestream down? How to check Onestream broadband status

Is your Onestream internet down? There are a few things you can try to fix it.

First, try rebooting your devices, and then the Wi-Fi router. If that doesn't work, you'll need to go to Onestream to determine if it's a network issue.

As Onestream doesn't have a service status page, you're best starting off by checking DownDetector. This is a separate site where you can check the service status of multiple broadband providers and websites. So if you find it helpful, it’ll be useful to bookmark it. Onestream doesn't have a separate listing but keep an eye out for other providers on the Openreach network such as Plusnet, Sky, BT and TalkTalk. If it's a network issue, these will all be showing spikes.

For further help with internet problems, check out our guide to troubleshooting broadband.

How to complain about Onestream

If you’ve been having problems and you haven’t been getting the help you think you should, here are a few ways to complain about Onestream.

Get in touch via Twitter / X or email

You can try the live chat feature on Onestream’s website first. Send a polite message outlining the complaint. At the very least, they should be able to direct you to the right personnel to handle your complaint.
If you don't receive useful advice, and you want to contact another way, you can go through the complaints page.
However you get in touch, include your name and account number, a contact number and address, the nature of the complaint, and any supporting material.

Complain in writing

To complain in writing, send details of the complaint and relevant material to the Onestream address at:

15, Fulcrum 2,
Solent Way,
PO15 7FN

Remember: to get the best results, ensure the letter is polite, legible, and fact-based.

Complaining about Onestream to Ombudsman Services: Communications

Hopefully, your official complaint will end up with a resolution that solves your problem. However, in some cases, this won't happen. In this scenario, you have two choices: cut your losses and move to a different provider, or take the problem to Ombudsman Services.

To reach this stage, you should have followed Onestream’s complaints procedure. To contact the ombudsman, you should have first received a deadlock letter or not heard from Onestream for eight weeks. Ombudsman Services for communications is an Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR scheme that acts to work toward a resolution that satisfies all parties.

For more details on making a complaint about broadband, read our in-depth guide.

Fed up with Onestream? Switch and save

If you've had enough of Onestream, you could always switch. If you're out of contract, switching is easy and potentially could save hundreds of pounds. We recommend you check if you are out of contract first. Also, do check out our guide to cancelling Onestream for more information.

If you are out of contract, you can see today's top deals below:

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Expert Summary

Onestream is one of many broadband providers that delivers your internet through an Openreach phone lines. This means that any problems with the lines and your internet should be able to be fixed easily. If you’re having issues, ontact Onestream through its live chat or a phone call.

If you want to complain about your broadband, there are a few ways you can do this. You can do so by contacting Onestream, and then later the Ombudsmen if they don’t help you.

Finally, if you’ve had enough of Onestream and want to move providers, you can read our guide on how to cancel your Onestream contract.

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