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How we fund Broadband Genie

At Broadband Genie we’ve always believed you should build success upon success: we’ve evolved naturally, rather than relying on banks or other external funding, so have never had to use loans or angel investors. 

How and why does Broadband Genie make money? 

Don’t worry — we’re not pretending to be a charity or non-profit vigilantes! Running the site is expensive and we have a team of expert staff that maintain it: from coders to broadband experts. And then there are marketing costs, hosting, coffee, biscuits… 

We have several ways of funding all this, but crucially we do it without passing the costs on to you.

To varying degrees, Broadband Genie makes money from: 

Commission: If you click on a product, you’ll be taken to that broadband supplier’s official website to complete the purchase. When you do, they pay us a fee (a commission). 

This will never impact the cost of your broadband or which packages you see on our site. The deal you’d normally see on their site may be a little different — but ours will be better, not worse!

Sponsored links: Some broadband suppliers pay us a commission to highlight one or more of their deals on our web pages (or have other types of advertising on our pages).

These are clearly marked and, once again, these deals are priced to be as good or better than they are on the suppliers’ sites: the cost is part of their marketing budget and isn’t directly passed on to you as the consumer.

Paid search: You’ll perhaps have seen paid adverts for Broadband Genie when you’ve done a web search, or on your favourite social media sites.

Once again, the commission we make from broadband suppliers from these extra visitors to our site more than covers the cost of the ads — so again, no extra costs are directly passed onto you.

How do you rank your comparison tables? 

We understand some people worry that comparison websites artificially inflate the rankings of some deals if they’re getting a better commission for them. We can promise you that isn’t the case at Broadband Genie. 

By default, the broadband deals you see on our comparison tables are sorted by popularity.

Popularity is measured by a combination of the number of clicks a deal gets (so, the number of people who show enough interest in a package to visit it on the supplier’s official website) and total sales (each provider tells us when a customer we’ve sent their way has bought the product). 

Sponsored deals are not factored in when sorting by popularity.