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How to cancel Vodafone broadband

What you need to know about cancelling Vodafone broadband

Are you considering cancelling your Vodafone broadband package? If you’ve reached the end of the contract, want to switch to a different provider, or are unhappy with some aspect of Vodafone’s service you may be thinking about cancelling. But what does that involve, and what could it cost? This guide will explain it all.

What to do before you cancel Vodafone broadband

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to cancel, because there are a couple of important steps to take beforehand.

Check your contract

Vodafone deals have a 24-month contract term and if you’re still within this period you will most likely face additional charges for early termination.

It’s best for your bank balance if you wait until the contract has ended before cancelling.

Find a new broadband deal

Assuming broadband is still required, you should choose a new deal before doing anything with your existing service.

Many providers use the same network as Vodafone, so you will be able to smoothly switch your line to a new provider. But even if you’re swapping networks you’ll want to get that in place to come online at the same time your Vodafone package ends. If you don’t do this you’ll be left without broadband for weeks, and may have to pay additional setup costs.

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How to cancel Vodafone broadband

If you’re out of contract: cancelling Vodafone for free

The easiest option is to simply switch to another Openreach service.

Most providers — including Vodafone — use the Openreach BT telephone line network. When moving between Openreach ISPs there’s little for you to do as the new provider will handle the process. 

But if you’re moving to another network (such as Virgin Media) or no longer need broadband then you will need to get in touch with Vodafone to cancel. 

To cancel Vodafone broadband, call 191 from a Vodafone mobile, or 0333 304 0191 from any other phone. 

If you need more information about how to contact Vodafone, you can find everything you need to know on our Vodafone customer service and complaints page.

You cannot cancel your Vodafone home broadband service by going to a Vodafone mobile store, and the stores will also not accept returns of the Vodafone Wi-Fi router.

Cancelling Vodafone if you’re still in contract

If you’re still in contract you need to follow the same steps as above, with the key difference that there is an additional charge for early termination of the deal. The amount will depend on how much time is left on your contract; see below for further details.

Vodafone broadband early cancellation fees

Vodafone calculates your early termination fee by multiplying your monthly charge by the remaining months in the contract, minus some cost savings and discounts.

The following example is taken from its price guide.

Example calculation: 

Your monthly price is £25. There are six months remaining in your contract.

  • £25 x 6 = £150
  • £150 - 20% VAT = £125.
  • Any savings costs are subtracted. For example, £14 per month x 6 = £84.  £125 - £84 = £41.
  • If applicable, a 1% discount for receiving your payment early. £41 - 1% = £40.59.
  • Finally, VAT is added on. £40.59 + 20% = £48.71.
  • The Early Termination Fee would be £48.71.

We recommend consulting the price guide or contacting Vodafone for further details about your specific contract, as the costs vary depending on the network you use as well as the type of broadband and package.

Prices last checked March 2022, but you should always confirm costs with your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions about cancelling Vodafone

What is Vodafone broadband's notification period?

Vodafone requires 30 days notice for cancellation.

Do I need to return my Vodafone Wi-Fi router?

If you’re still in contract you must return the router in working order, or you will be charged £99. A pre-paid label is provided.

Can I keep my phone number?

Your phone number can be transferred; make sure to mention this to your new provider when signing up.

Can I cancel for free if my Vodafone broadband is too slow?

Vodafone has not signed up to Ofcom's voluntary broadband speed code of practice, which includes the right to cancel for free in the event you suffer from slow broadband, so you do not have a right to cancel without penalty for this reason.

Vodafone may still allow you to leave due to speed, but you will need to raise it as an issue and perhaps follow its complaint procedure.

However, Vodafone does have a speed guarantee which lets you claim a 15% discount until the problem is fixed.

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