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Vodafone Rewards: £60 voucher with fibre broadband

Check out the latest Vodafone rewards and free gifts below:

  • £60 voucher with Vodafone Superfast 1 and Superfast 2
  • Also available on Pro Superfast
  • Free gift offers end 1st of August 2021

£60 Amazon voucher with Vodafone Broadband 

Broadband Genie is giving away a free gift, in the form of a £60 Amazon voucher, with Vodafone fibre broadband, making these great value deals even better.

Vodafone Superfast 2 with £60 Amazon voucher

  • 63Mb average speed
  • 24 month contract
  • £0 setup
  • £24 per month
  • £60 Amazon voucher
  • Offer ends 1st of August 2021

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Vodafone Superfast 1 with £60 Amazon voucher

  • 35Mb average speed
  • 24 month contract
  • £0 setup
  • £22 per month
  • £60 Amazon voucher
  • Offer ends 1st of August 2021

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Vodafone Pro Superfast 2 with £60 Amazon voucher

  • 63Mb average speed
  • 24 month contract
  • £37 per month
  • £0 setup
  • Automatic 4G backup
  • Wi-Fi guarantee
  • £60 Amazon voucher
  • Offer ends 1st of August 2021

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How do I claim Vodafone rewards and free gifts?

This offer is only available for new Vodafone customers buying through Broadband Genie. You must provide a name and email address, and your voucher will be sent to the email address provided within 120 days. For further information visit our help page and guide to claiming rewards.

How can I get other broadband deals with rewards?

It's not just Vodafone who are offering great rewards with their broadband deals. A number of other providers can have offers available at any time, check out our broadband rewards hub or the following pages if you are interested in seeing what else is out there:

  • BT Reward Cards: BT will quite regularly offer pre-paid Mastercards and free gifts such as tech devices with their deals. Also, keep your eyes open for them giving away top tech too.
  • Plusnet Broadband Rewards: Similarly, Plusnet is also great for signup rewards. You can quite often bag yourself a cashback cheque or pre-paid card.
  • TalkTalk Vouchers and Rewards: TalkTalk has been known to offer rewards such as vouchers for new customers too.
  • Virgin Broadband Rewards: Virgin Media runs semi-regular offers such as bill credits or free tech with their fibre broadband deals
  • Shell Broadband Free Gifts: Shell do occasionally offer rewards, so their page is always worth a look!
  • EE Broadband Rewards: EE are not regular gifters, but they do sometimes offer rewards such as Amazon Vouchers.
  • Sky Vouchers: A great way to save money if you're after a Sky deal, check out what's available on Broadband Genie.
  • NOW Broadband free gifts: NOW are not the most prolific discounters, but are always worth a look if you're after a broadband reward.
  • John Lewis Broadband vouchers: Similarly, John Lewis offer rewards less frequently, but sometimes offer free John Lewis Vouchers.

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