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Exclusive Virgin Rewards: £100 Rewards with M100 Broadband

Find out all about the latest Virgin rewards and free gifts:

  • £100 Bill Credit with M100 Broadband
  • Offer Exclusive to Broadband Genie
  • Free-gift offer ends 30th November 2020

EXCLUSIVE: £100 Virgin Rewards with Broadband Genie and Virgin

Virgin Media have some amazing rewards available - and they are exclusive to Broadband Genie. For a very limited time, Virgin is exclusively offering a £100 Bill Credit with M100 Broadband.

£100 Rewards with M100 Broadband

Virgin's 108Mb fibre package comes with an amazing exclusive offer:

  • 108Mb broadband (average speed)
  • 18-month contract
  • £0 setup fee
  • £100 Bill Credit
  • £23.95/month
  • Ends 30th November 2020

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Can I get these reward deals?

All these free-gift deals above are available to new Virgin Media customers only. So if you haven't used them before then you should be eligible. More broadly: Virgin Media operate their own fibre broadband network, which is slightly less ubiquitous than BT's Openreach network. However, it is available to an increasing majority of customers. To see if you can get a deal, either enter your postcode when you've clicked through to the Virgin site, or use our Virgin broadband checker.

How to claim Virgin Media rewards and free gifts

These rewards are all offered by Broadband Genie. All eligible customers should receive their voucher within 120 days of their broadband being activated. For more information check out our complete guide to claiming broadband rewards.

Broadband rewards from other providers

It's not just Virgin Media who are generous with their sign-up offers. Check out our broadband rewards page the following to see what else is out there:

  • TalkTalk Rewards and Amazon Vouchers: TalkTalk is a cost-effective provider at the best of time, but they occasionally will offer additional rewards too.
  • Plusnet Cashback and Rewards: Plusnet regularly hands out rewards in the form of a cashback cheque or pre-paid Mastercard with at least one of their packages.
  • BT Rewards: BT regularly offers everything from pre-paid Mastercards to Samsung tablets as an added incentive.
  • Post Office Broadband Vouchers: The Post Office Broadband is reliable and affordable and if you're lucky may occasionally come with a voucher reward upon signup.
  • Sky Free Gifts: A great option if you're looking to get a cheap Sky deal, but rewards aren't all that common.
  • Vodafone Fibre Broadband with Rewards: Vodafone boast a great fibre broadband offering, which is even better when they pair it with an incentive, see what's available today.
  • NOW Broadband free gifts: NOW Broadband sometimes run rewards such as hotel vouchers or Amazon Gift Cards.
  • John Lewis Broadband rewards: After a free John Lewis Voucher? Well, they are occasionally offered with broadband, so it might be a good time to switch.