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How to claim reward cards and gifts from BT, Sky & more

Cash reward

Broadband deals with free gifts such as shopping vouchers, reward cards, and gadgets are some of our most popular offers.

The free extras included with these packages can make already cheap offers even better, and when you take the value of freebies into account, the effective monthly cost of a deal can be very low. 

But how do you go about getting hold of your free gift?

In this guide, we’ll explain how to claim vouchers and other rewards from popular ISPs. We'll also tell you how to claim the rewards from Broadband Genie’s amazing exclusive deals.

Claiming rewards: the key points

  • Some rewards must be claimed, and are only available for a limited time.
  • The process for claiming rewards varies depending on the provider.
  • Rewards are often sent via email; check your spam folder if you do not see your free gift.
  • Broadband Genie exclusive rewards can take up to 120 days to arrive.

It's important to emphasise that this is general advice based on current and past offers, and it may not apply to every single deal. You should always carefully read the terms before signing up.

For the latest deals, visit our broadband reward deals page or check out our rewards pages for specific providers:

General rules and information for claiming broadband rewards

Read the terms and conditions

It’s crucial to read the small print when signing up for a deal because it can contain important information, such as rules for eligibility and the timeframe for receiving a reward. 

You will probably have to be a new customer

Most broadband deal rewards are reserved for new customers so if you’re still with the provider or have been with them in the past, you may not be able to claim. In some cases, previous users may be eligible if some time has passed since they were last a customer (usually 12 months, but again, read the small print).

This restriction may apply specifically to broadband, so you aren’t necessarily excluded if you have another service from the same company. For example, if you have or had Sky TV, you may still be able to claim a reward when signing up to Sky broadband.

Check your spam folder

Email is the preferred contact method for rewards. You may get messages which contain instructions for claiming, or the reward may be a voucher code that is sent via email. But it’s not unknown for these to end up in the spam folder, so check there first if you haven’t heard anything in the expected timeframe. 

If you find that emails from your ISP are regularly filtered as spam, you should add them to your safe-list to ensure you don’t miss important communications.

How to claim BT Reward Cards

BT frequently offers a “BT Virtual Reward Card” with its broadband packages. This is a pre-paid Mastercard. 

In order to claim your BT Mastercard, you must wait until the broadband service is activated then visit https://www.bt.com/manage/bt-reward-card and login with your BT ID to register your claim. If successful, your BT Mastercard should be sent within 30 days.

BT will also sometimes offer Amazon or other shopping vouchers. Instructions for claiming vouchers should be emailed following activation of your broadband. Typically, vouchers are issued as a code to your email rather than a physical card. 

Note that there is usually a time limit for claiming BT rewards. This is often two months from the date of activation, but read the offer terms and conditions to confirm.

Where to use your BT Virtual Reward Card

The BT Virtual Reward Card is a Mastercard pre-loaded with credit for you to spend at any retailers which accept Mastercard.

How to claim Sky rewards

Sky rewards such as a Sky Mastercard with pre-paid credit can be claimed online via your Sky account using your Sky ID. 

You must wait for your service to be activated before claiming. Some rewards (such as a Sky Mastercard) require you to wait for 30 days after activation. 

Where to use your Sky rewards

If you have received a Sky Mastercard, you can use it at any store which accepts Mastercard. Other vouchers may be for specific retailers (such as an Amazon gift card). 

How to claim Plusnet cashback and rewards

Plusnet commonly offers both cashback and reward cards as free gifts.

To claim your freebie, you’ll need to follow the instructions in the email that Plusnet should send about ten days after the service is activated. Click the link in the email, enter your details into the form, and you should then see a confirmation screen. 

The email is valid for two months from the date it’s sent. If you leave it too late, you may miss out on your reward. 

Where to use your Plusnet rewards

Plusnet cashback is sent as a cheque. 

Plusnet reward cards are pre-paid Mastercards, which you can spend in any retailer that accepts Mastercard.

How to claim Virgin Media broadband rewards

Virgin Media does not offer free gifts as often as other providers, but it does have a wider variation in the type of rewards it offers. As well as shopping vouchers it has also been known to give away gadgets such as smart speakers, and even free wine from Virgin Wines. You can also find Virgin Media offering bill credits. 

Rewards such as speakers, vouchers and wines will typically be sent around 30 days after activation of your Virgin service. 

Bill credits are applied automatically to your first Virgin Media bill. If the credit exceeds the amount of your first bill, the remaining credit will be applied to subsequent bills until it is used.

How to claim EE rewards

Like many other providers, EE offers pre-paid Mastercards. To claim the EE Reward Card, you must complete an online claim form, the link to which will be sent in an email after your first bill payment. You have 60 days from the email being sent to claim, and the card should be sent within 30 days. 

How to claim John Lewis broadband reward cards

John Lewis broadband sometimes offers John Lewis gift cards as a reward.

Gift cards don’t need to be claimed and should be sent via email within 60 days of broadband activation. 

How to claim rewards from Broadband Genie exclusives

Broadband Genie regularly offers exclusive deals which provide rewards you won’t find anywhere else. In some instances, these are fulfilled by the providers like other rewards, but they can also be issued by Broadband Genie. Some of the best exclusives will include multiple rewards, issued by both the provider and Broadband Genie.

Claiming an exclusive deal is straightforward, with only two requirements:

  1. You must sign up online through Broadband Genie.
  2. If prompted, you must provide a valid email address.

The email address is only used to contact you with updates regarding your reward and — when applicable — will also be used to deliver your reward in the form of an email containing a voucher code.

It's crucial that we are able able to track your registration with the provider; failure to do this means your reward could be delayed, or could even make you ineligible to receive it.

To ensure this doesn't happen, please note the following:

  • Complete the sign-up process in one session. If you stop and come back later, you should start again from our link to ensure it is correctly tracked.
  • We recommend temporarily disabling web browser extensions (such as ad blockers or privacy filters) which may block the cookies we use to track your purchase. Alternatively, use a different web browser without any extensions.

As always, to be eligible for an exclusive reward, you must abide by the terms and conditions of the offer. And as mentioned above, this probably means you have to be a new customer. Read the terms and conditions, and contact us if you have any questions.

Please allow up to 120 days from the activation of your broadband service for delivery of your reward. 

If you have any questions about an exclusive deal, please get in touch.

Where to use your Broadband Genie exclusive rewards

Rewards such as pre-paid credit cards can be spent in any stores which accept that payment method. 

Some rewards may be for specific retailers. If you have received a voucher code for a retailer which has a high street presence, you can usually redeem the voucher in-store by presenting the code, but contact the retailer to confirm.

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