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About Broadband Genie’s voucher offers: How to get your voucher

Broadband Genie is an independent comparison service for home broadband, mobile broadband, TV, and landline packages. We regularly offer broadband deals which include free gifts such as shopping vouchers, pre-paid credit cards, and cashback. 

In some cases, the provider issues the rewards. They can be sent automatically after your broadband is activated, or you may have to fill out a claim form. You can find information about claiming rewards from specific providers in the following guides: 

We also frequently offer exclusive deals that include rewards issued by Broadband Genie which you can only get when buying through us.

The process for claiming an exclusive reward is a little different. On this page, you’ll find the answers to common questions to help explain how it works, and how you can claim your free gift.

Please read through the frequently asked questions below, and contact us if you need further help.

I’ve purchased an exclusive deal, what happens now?

Once you’ve registered with your new broadband provider, it will usually take around 14 working days for the service to be installed. 

Your voucher reward should be sent within 120 days. Vouchers are sent to your email address from [email protected]. Please ensure you have safe-listed this address with your email service to prevent your voucher email being marked as spam.

How can I find out what’s happening with my reward?

You can use our voucher tracker to check the progress of your claim. Please allow 24 hours from signing up for the deal before using the tracker.

To use the tracker, enter the email address you gave us when you left Broadband Genie to sign up for your broadband service.

The tool will either:

  • Confirm your purchase was tracked and tell you the current status.
  • Tell you there has been a problem and ask you to contact us.
  • Tell you that it was rejected by the provider and ask you to contact us.

Why does it take up to 120 days to receive my voucher?

When you purchase broadband through us, the provider pays a commission, and we use this to fund exclusive vouchers. That means we are reliant upon the provider to confirm and pay for sales before we can send your reward, a process that can take up to 120 days.

My email address has changed; what can I do?

If the email address you used to register for your reward has changed, then please contact us by email at [email protected], telling us the old email address and the new address you wish to use.

My voucher has expired, can I have another one?

Unfortunately, we are not able to send another voucher if yours has expired. 

To avoid this happening, please use our voucher tracker to monitor the status of your reward, and contact us if you have not heard anything within the allotted time.

Also, ensure you have whitelisted emails from [email protected] to prevent your voucher email from being sorted into your spam folder.

The tracker says my sale was declined, what happens now?

There are several reasons your reward claim may be denied:

  • You have cancelled or returned all or part of your order.
  • You used a promotional code, voucher, or another discount. Broadband Genie exclusives cannot be used alongside other offers unless otherwise stated.
  • You are an existing customer of the provider.
  • You used a saved quote to purchase the deal.
  • You did not otherwise meet the terms and conditions of the deal. 

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up to ensure you qualify.

If you think your claim was declined in error, please contact us.

Why has the voucher tracker not found my order?

While almost all voucher deals are correctly tracked, a small percentage may not be, but it doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on your reward. If our tracker says there has been a hitch and it cannot provide an update, you can contact us to find out the status of your claim. 

Some do take a little while to appear, so please wait 24 hours before submitting a contact form.

There can be numerous reasons why your purchase may not track, including: 

  • Ad-blocking software or browser extensions. 
  • Privacy protection browser extensions.
  • Starting your registration on one device and completing on another.
  • Having cookies disabled in your browser.
  • Taking too long to complete your registration.
  • Revisiting a saved quote.
  • Closing the browser.
  • Completing your purchase over the phone.

To help avoid tracking issues, you should complete the sign-up process in one session using the same computer and web browser. If you leave Broadband Genie without completing the process, start again from the beginning by clicking the link for the exclusive offer from our site.

We also recommend that you temporarily disable web browser extensions that may block or interfere with cookies and scripts (such as ad-blockers), or use a browser without extensions enabled.

Why does the tracker say there’s been a hitch?

This just means our tracker had trouble locating your broadband purchase. Fill in the contact form, and we’ll investigate and let you know the status of your reward.

What do the different stages of the voucher tracker mean?

  • Hold on: it’s been less than 24 hours since your purchase, check back tomorrow!
  • Processing: we’re just waiting for the affiliate network to confirm your sale and/or pay the commission
  • On its way: your voucher has been confirmed, and the commission has cleared. Keep an eye out for your voucher!
  • You got it: your voucher has been sent. If you haven’t received it, first check your junk and spam folders, and if you still don’t see it get in touch as soon as possible.