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Broadband Genie Vouchers & Rewards: FAQs

Broadband Genie is an independent comparison service for home broadband, as well as bundled internet, TV and phone packages.

As well as saving you time and money, we can make your broadband switch even sweeter as we regularly offer broadband deals that include a free gift when you sign up. These can be in the form of shopping vouchers, pre-paid credit cards, and cashback. 

Broadband Genie Vouchers

All about our Voucher Tracker

Other Rewards

Broadband Genie Vouchers

  • I’ve purchased a Broadband deal with a voucher, what happens now?

    First of all, thanks so much for choosing to use Broadband Genie!

    We recommend that you check your sale 24 hours after purchase to make sure it’s tracked correctly. You can do this using our voucher tracker (don’t worry if it hasn’t, we can manually raise the sale too).

    Next, we’ll need to wait for the provider to confirm your sale and pay us a commission, which we’ll use to fund your voucher. It can take an average of 120 days for us to hear back from the provider.

  • What if my sale hasn’t tracked?

    If your sale hasn’t tracked, don’t panic! We can manually raise the sale instead. Be sure to check your sale with our voucher tracker with the registered email 24 hours after purchase.

    The voucher process will start once we’ve raised the sale.

  • Why does it take 120 days to get the voucher? What if it’s been longer?

    Broadband Genie gets a commission from providers for sales, this is what we use to fund the voucher. It can take some time for the provider to approve the sale for us. The average time for this process is 120 days from the installation date.

    If it’s been more than 120 days since your installation, please email us at: [email protected].

  • I can’t remember the details about my voucher, where can I find these?

    Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can send you another copy of the deal terms and conditions

  • How will I be sent my voucher?

    Once it's approved, your voucher will be sent to the email address you gave us when you registered.  If you need to change this, let us know on [email protected]

    To make sure your voucher doesn’t end up in your spam, please add [email protected] to your contacts.

  • Can I change the email address I registered with?/ I used a different email when I placed my order with my provider?

    Even if you used a different email on the provider’s site, we’ll still get your voucher to you.

    If you’d like us to send your voucher to a different email address, that’s not a problem! Email us at [email protected]

  • When will my router arrive? When will my service start? I have a question about my billing.

    While we wish we had all the answers, anything regarding your broadband service or billing needs to go straight to your provider. 

    For different ways to get in touch with your provider, check out our guides here:

  • What voucher will I get and how do I use it?

    We offer several different vouchers which are dependent on the deal. Email us at [email protected] and we can send you another copy of the deal terms and conditions.

    Our vouchers will be sent electronically via email. Drop us a line if you have any concerns about how to use them.

  • I found a deal with a choice of vouchers. How do I pick one?

    Some of our deals have a choice of voucher. Once approved, you’ll be emailed a voucher link with the different options to choose from. 

  • Can I change my voucher?

    Unfortunately, once you’ve chosen a voucher, we’re unable to change it.

  • How can I find out what’s happening with my voucher/ how do I know if my sale has been tracked?

    Type the email you used to register with Broadband Genie into our voucher tracker. Please allow 24 hours after purchase before checking for an update.

    The tracker will be able to:

    • Confirm your sale was tracked and tell you the current progress.
    • Tell you if there’s been an issue with the sale and if you need to get in touch with us.
    • State that your voucher has been rejected because the sale was canceled or if the package you purchased didn’t qualify for a voucher. 
    • If you have any questions about your voucher status contact us at [email protected] 
  • My voucher has expired, what do I do?

    Once your voucher is emailed out to you, you have 90 days to activate it, before the code expires. 

    If your voucher has expired, get in touch with us at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to see if we’re able to get a new voucher for you.

    We have to pay for all the vouchers upfront, so please keep in mind that there’s no guarantee we can send a new voucher. 

  • My voucher is lower than I expected/ not the voucher I wanted

    Does something not look quite right? Please contact us at [email protected].

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All About Our Voucher Tracker

  • Why does my sale not show up in the voucher tracker?

    Your sale may not have tracked automatically to us. This can happen for a number of reasons, including

    • Ad-blocking software or browser extensions. 
    • Privacy protection browser extensions.
    • Starting your registration on one device, but completing on another.
    • Having cookies disabled in your browser.
    • Taking too long to complete your registration.
    • Revisiting a saved quote.
    • Closing the browser.
    • Completing your purchase over the phone.

    Don’t fret if your sale hasn’t tracked. You can always get in touch using our contact form, and we’ll raise the sale manually. Make sure to check with any email addresses you may have used when registering for the deal.

  • Why does the tracker say wait 24 hours?

    Our tracker needs 24 hours before an update can be displayed. All you have to do is try again tomorrow!

  • Why does the tracker say my sale is still processing?

    Yay, we’ve tracked your sale! We’re just waiting for the provider to confirm the sale. This is because Broadband Genie receives a small commission from your new provider which we use to fund the voucher. It takes an average of 120 days from installation to receive your voucher.

  • Why does the tracker say my sale has been declined?

    You’ll be told one of two reasons if your sale has been rejected:

    • Sale was rejected by the provider”: The provider has told us your sale was canceled
    • Product purchased does not qualify for a voucher”: Unfortunately, we can only offer vouchers on eligible products and dates as stated in the deal T&Cs

     Providers can sometimes get this wrong and we’re happy to help if something doesn’t look right! Email us at [email protected] and we'll do what we can.

  • The tracker says my voucher is “on its way”. What does this mean?

    Great news! Your voucher should be with you in the next 7-10 days. To make sure it doesn’t end up in your spam folder, please add [email protected] to your email contacts.

  • The tracker says ‘you got it’ but I can’t find my voucher?

    You should have received your voucher. Double-check your junk and spam folders!

    If you’re still having trouble finding it, send us an email at [email protected].

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Other Rewards

Sometimes we display offers that are managed by the provider or another third-party company, these include bill credits, reward cards and vouchers.

  • Giftcloud Rewards:

    If you found a voucher deal through Broadband Genie and the deal mentions Giftcloud in the confirmation email or terms and conditions, email [email protected]. They’ll be able to help you out!

  • Carphone Warehouse/ Currys:

    Carphone Warehouse and Currys can process Broadband Genie phone sales. They do so on our behalf and will answer your call as ‘Broadband Genie’. But please note, they are a separate company. The associated Love2Shop vouchers are processed by their service (Carphone Warehouse). 

    You should have received an email from Carphone Warehouse/ Curry's outlining the offer and what to do next. You can also email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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