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Community Fibre broadband customer service contacts, problems and complaints

How to contact Community Fibre customer services and technical support


Community Fibre is a popular and well regarded full fibre provider specialising in delivering very fast internet to homes in London.

Whatever your speed, issues with your broadband connection can happen. If you’re plagued by a router problem, you’ve got issues with your Wi-Fi, or you just need help with a billing issue, you’ll need to get in touch with a member of the Community Fibre Customer Service Team.

Over the course of this page, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can get a quick resolution to any problem.

How to contact Community Fibre broadband support and customer service

Community Fibre offers a few different avenues for getting help and support. There’s a customer service telephone line, and online support accessible via the web. You can also contact Community Fibre on Twitter and Facebook if you’d prefer.

Community Fibre customer service number

Call Community Fibre on 0800 082 0770

  • Opening times: 8am-9pm Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm Weekends and Bank Holidays.

Community Fibre on social media

Get in touch through Community Fibre's Twitter / X account or Facebook page

Social media is often a good first point of contact if you have a general, non-urgent query. It can also be handy if you have a problem as it offers a public forum for complaints.

We also recommend checking social media if you’re having issues with your broadband, as you might be able to get an answer from your fellow Community Fibre customers.

Community Fibre online support

The Community Fibre website has an online support hub and is a good resource for solving many issues. This includes FAQs that can solve common queries. In most cases, this will be the quickest and easiest way to get help.

If the online support doesn’t answer your question, you can submit a support request online. 

How to check Community Fibre service status — is Community Fibre broadband down?

If you're having problems with your broadband service, you can use a site such as Downdetector to check the number of outage problems reported in the last 24 hours.

We also recommend checking social media. If it is down for multiple people, you’ll likely see people asking Community Fibre about it on there.

How to complain about Community Fibre

Just as there are multiple ways to contact Community Fibre with any questions, you can also use these contacts to complain.

Get in touch with Community Fibre on social media

If you're trying to resolve an issue with Community Fibre, it's usually worth trying social media. It's not only public, but messages will often be read and responded to quickly during business hours. 

You can send a message to Community Fibre on Twitter / X @CommunityFibre or get in contact through the Community Fibre official Facebook page.

Speak to customer services

If you’d prefer to speak to someone, you can call Community Fibre customer service on 0800 082 0770.

Complain in writing

If you don’t think you’re being listened to as a broadband customer and would like to take things further, you can complain to Community Fibre in writing.

You’ll want to write a succinct and polite letter describing your issues. If you feel the need, you can include printouts of any evidence of your problems, so you can keep a paper trail.

Send your written complaints to:

Community Fibre Ltd,
Fox Court,
14 Grays Inn Road,
United Kingdom

Complaining about Community Fibre to Ombudsman Services: Communications

All broadband providers must belong to one of two Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR schemes). In the event you’re unable to resolve a dispute, the ombudsman can step in and make a decision. 

The ADR for Community Fibre is the Communications Ombudsman.

To make use of the ombudsman, you must first have made an effort to complain directly to the provider. 

You can go to the ADR if you’ve received a deadlock letter. This is a document that states neither party can agree, and if you do not receive a response to any communication for at least eight weeks.

For further help with complaints, our guide to complaining about broadband goes into more detail.

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Expert Summary

Community Fibre provides a great service and offers multiple ways to get in contact if you have any problems. Faults happen, and in that case, you’ll want to take advantage of the online support hub before either calling, or getting in contact through social media.

However, sometimes your queries won’t be resolved in a way that you’re happy with. In this case, you might need to complain. We recommend doing this over social media if it’s a minor issue. But for bigger issues, give them a call. You can read our guide on broadband complaints if you have any further questions.

Finally, if you’ve been having too many issues with Community Fibre, remember you're in control and you can switch providers. Read our guide on how to cancel your contract with Community Fibre and use our deals checker to find out what your broadband options are at home.

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