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How to cancel Community Fibre broadband

What you need to know about cancelling Community Fibre

Has the time come to end your Community Fibre broadband contract? Perhaps you’re moving home, have found a better deal, or are unhappy with the service. But whatever your reason for cancelling, there are some important steps you need to take before proceeding. In this guide, we’ll explain how to cancel Community Fibre, and what it might cost.

What to do before you cancel Community Fibre broadband

Don’t jump straight into cancelling your broadband without reading this first, because there are two crucial steps you need to take beforehand. 

Check your Community Fibre contract

All Community Fibre deals have a minimum contract term of either 12 or 24 months. If you cancel before this term has ended you will often have to pay a cancellation fee, and this could be quite expensive. 

Check the terms of your contract or contact Community Fibre customer service to find out how long is left on your minimum term.

Unless it’s unavoidable, we recommend waiting until the contract has ended so you do not pay any unnecessary fees.

Find a new broadband deal

Unless you no longer need broadband at all, you’ll want to get a new broadband deal to take over when the Community Fibre contract ends.

It can take around 14 working days to set up a new broadband service, so you’ll need to arrange this ahead of time to avoid being left without internet access. 

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How to cancel Community Fibre broadband

If you’re out of contract: cancelling Community Fibre for free

If you’ve come to the end of your Community Fibre contract then you can cancel for free. 

To cancel, call customer services on 0800 082 0770. Alternatively, you can submit an online support request and ask for a callback. 

Once you’ve notified Community Fibre, you must arrange for a new broadband service to be set up. Start by searching for deals in your area using a postcode. 

Community Fibre requires 30 days notice for cancellation, and installing broadband usually takes around 14 days.

But we recommend starting this process as soon as you’ve given notice to cancel so you will not be left without internet access at any point. It's fine to have some overlap; because Community Fibre operates its own network separate from any other provider, you can have another broadband line installed alongside it. 

Cancelling Community Fibre if you’re still in contract

The steps for cancellation when you’re still within the minimum term are the same as above, except that you will usually have to pay an early termination fee.

The cost will vary depending on the reason for cancellation and how many months are remaining on your contract; read on below for more details.

Community Fibre early cancellation fees

The standard fee for cancelling Community Fibre will be your monthly cost multiplied by the number of months remaining on your contract term. 

It may also include additional fees for installation if this was not paid when you signed up. 

If you are forced to cancel because you are moving to an area where Community Fibre is not available, this fee will be reduced by 50%. However, you must provide proof in order to claim this discount.

Frequently Asked Questions about cancelling Community Fibre

What is Community Fibre’s notification period?

Community Fibre requires a minimum 30 days notice to cancel the broadband service. 

Do I need to return my Community Fibre router?

You must return your router when your contract ends, otherwise, there may be a charge.

You may also be required to return additional equipment (such as a TV box or extra router) if you are downgrading your service.

Can I cancel for free if my broadband is too slow?

In the unlikely event that your broadband doesn’t meet expectations, you should first contact customer service as there may be a fault that can be resolved by technical support.

If the problem continues, you will need to pursue a complaint with Community Fibre.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, you can port your phone number from Community Fibre to a new provider; make sure to confirm this with your new ISP when signing up.

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