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  • Ultrafast full-fibre broadband
  • Symmetrical broadband with average speeds up to 920Mb
  • Optional phone call and TV add-ons

All about Community Fibre broadband

Community Fibre delivers incredible ultrafast full-fibre broadband in London, with speeds that few other providers can match.

As well as very fast fibre broadband, it can also offer affordable deals with more modest speeds, which are still faster than many of the alternatives. You can also sign up for phone packages and optional TV bundles with Community Fibre.

Can I get Community Fibre broadband?

To get Community Fibre, you must live in London and be within its fibre network area. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in London, then you won't be able to sign up for Community Fibre at this time. But all's not lost. There are other providers that can offer similar speeds, so enter your address or postcode into our deals checker and find out what else is on offer. Alternatively, you can visit our broadband deals in London page.

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What packages are available? How fast is Community Fibre?

Community Fibre offers the following broadband packages. 

  • Community Essential Fibre: 20Mb download / upload speed
  • Community Fibre 75: 75Mb download / upload speed 
  • Community Fibre 150: 150Mb download / upload speed 
  • Community Fibre 200: 200Mb download / upload speed
  • Community Fibre 300: 300Mb download / upload speed
  • Community Fibre 500: 500Mb download / upload speed
  • Community Fibre 600: 600Mb download / upload speed
  • Community Fibre 1 Gig: 920Mb download / upload speed
  • Community Fibre 3 Gig: 3000Mb download / upload speed

Community Fibre is a 'Fibre-To-The-Premises' (FTTP) provider, which means it runs fibre lines all the way into your home, for a much quicker connection.

Many fibre broadband services only use fibre optic lines up to the street cabinet, with the final connection completed with the old copper telephone line (this is called FTTC or 'Fibre-To-The-Cabinet').

Community Fibre does away with this older tech and provides superior speeds and reliability as a result.

Community Fibre also offers the same download and upload speed, which is known as symmetrical broadband. This is a rare feature, so it has a far better upload speed than the majority of other deals you’ll find. You can also find this if you sign up to Hyperoptic, which also provides broadband in London.

Community Fibre Wi-Fi router

All Community Fibre packages include a free Linksys Wi-Fi 6 Intelligent Mesh router.

Because the Linksys Velop is a mesh network router, if you find that your Wi-Fi network is struggling to reach around your home, then you can add another Velop router to extend coverage. A mesh kit provides a far quicker and more reliable connection than standard Wi-Fi boosters

Community Fibre calls packages

All Community Fibre packages are broadband only deals, without any need for you to get a phone line or pay line rental.

But if you do want a home phone, this is available for an additional monthly fee. 

The Community Fibre call plan offers unlimited UK landline and mobile calls, plus free call features including call waiting, voicemail, and call forwarding. There's also a dedicated app to make free Wi-Fi calls to all UK landlines and mobiles, even if you're abroad.

No additional line is needed for this service. It uses your fibre optic broadband connection, with a free adapter for landline telephone handsets.

It's important to note that this does not provide you with access to either international or premium-rate numbers. You must also have an alternative phone (such as a mobile) in case of an emergency because if you lose power or broadband connectivity your Community Fibre phone will not work.

Community Fibre TV

An optional TV bundle is available as an add-on for all Community Fibre deals.

For an extra £10 per month, you get a free 4K TV box with access to 200+ live channels (including Freeview) and a library of on-demand content. Over 40 apps are available, so you can access content from places like YouTube, All4, Amazon Prime and TikTok direct from your screen. Additional channel packs are also available for an extra fee.

Will Community Fibre customers get a mid-contract price hike?

In 2024, Community Fibre customers will see their packages rise by 6.9%. This is the consumer price index rate of inflation, plus an extra 2.9%. 

Here's an example of how monthly spends will increase:

Examples of Community Fibre broadband price rises in 2024
Current total broadband cost Increase in new bill
£20 +£1.38
£22 +£1.51
£25 +£1.72
£27 +£1.86

For more information, and to see how this compares to other broadband providers, visit our guide to broadband price increases in 2024.

Community Fibre pros and cons

We like We don't like
  • Rapid full-fibre broadband
  • Excellent upload speeds
  • Good value deals
  • Reassuring customer feedback
  • Free router supports mesh Wi-Fi
  • Gigabit deals include a Wi-Fi 6 router
  • It’s only available in London
  • Wi-Fi routers only have two network ports
  • Call plan may not suit everyone
  • Mid-contract price rise

To find out more about Community Fibre and whether it's right for you, read our full Community Fibre broadband review.

Frequently asked questions about Community Fibre

  • Is Community Fibre any good?

    Community Fibre has an excellent reputation and is extremely well-liked by its customers. It currently has one of the highest ratings of any broadband provider on Trustpilot.

  • Is Community Fibre cheap?

    Community Fibre isn't the cheapest provider you can find on Broadband Genie, but it provides much faster speeds than many similarly priced deals.

    If you're concerned about getting the very cheapest broadband, use our comparison tools to search for offers in your area and sort by price — but you will need to compromise on speed.

  • How do I contact Community Fibre customer service?

    Call Community Fibre customer services on 0800 082 0770. Lines are open 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 7pm on weekends. 

  • How do I switch to Community Fibre?

    Because Community Fibre operates its own network, you'll have to handle the cancellation of your current broadband service, in addition to signing up for Community Fibre. 

    First, you should contact your current provider and find out how much notice they require to end your service, and what it might cost. 

    If you're still in the minimum contract term, there will usually be a fee for early cancellation, so we recommend waiting until the contract has ended to avoid this.

    Then, choose your Community Fibre package and follow the sign-up process. They'll arrange for an engineer visit to install the fibre optic line and your Wi-Fi router. For most customers, the installation will be completed within a few days.

    The Community Fibre network is separate from other providers, so you don't necessarily need to arrange cancellation of the current broadband service for the same day Community Fibre is due to be installed. By allowing some overlap between the two, you can ensure you’ll never be without internet.

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