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Direct Save Telecom broadband customer service contacts, problems and complaints

How to contact DST customer services and technical support

However reliable a provider may be, there may be times when you need a little help. Whether that’s technical support, a complaint, or something else, being able to contact Direct Save Telecom to get help is essential. This guide to DST customer service and support will tell you how to get in touch with Direct Save Telecom, including customer service opening hours and telephone numbers.

How to contact Direct Save Telecom broadband support and customer service

You have three options for contacting DST: an online contact form, in writing to their postal address, and by phone. 

Direct Save Telecom contact numbers

While we may do most things online now, sometimes we want to discuss something with a real person. Any provider that doesn’t offer live customer support isn’t one you want to do business with. Fortunately, Direct Save Telecom does have live support available over the phone.

Call Direct Save customer service and technical support on 01923 709709

Opening hours are: 

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm.
  • Weekends and holidays: 9am to 5pm.

Direct Save Telecom address and online contact form

If you need to write to Direct Save Telecom, you can use the following address:

Direct Save Telecom,
Direct Save House
Century Court
Tolpits Lane
WD18 9RS

Direct Save Telecom doesn’t offer an email address but does have an online contact form.

Is Direct Save Telecom broadband down? 

If you want to contact Direct Save Telecom about a suspected outage on their service, there are a couple of checks you can do yourself before waiting in a call queue. 

For starters, you can reboot your modem and/or router to make sure it isn’t a hardware fault. If it’s still not working then check these sources to see if your service is down:

The Direct Save Telecom Twitter feed may be updated with any known network issues.

The Direct Save Telecom Facebook page may also be updated with any outage notifications.

If you need further help with Direct Save Telecom broadband, read our guide to troubleshooting broadband.

How to complain about Direct Save Telecom

We sincerely hope you never have cause to complain about your broadband but if you do, there is help to be had. You have a range of options available to you for complaints but you should always follow a specific pattern:

  1. Contact Direct Save Telecom first and give them the opportunity to address your issue. List your grievance, provide evidence and give them time to respond.
  2. Escalate within Direct Save Telecom after giving them a reasonable time to respond.
  3. Contact the ombudsman and take it from there if you don’t get anywhere with your escalation.

Get in touch via Twitter or email

Direct Save Telecom’s Twitter feed has not been updated in a while but it is an avenue for you to contact the company if you need to.

If you get no response from Twitter, you may need to contact Direct Save Telecom direct via their contact page. You can then fill in a contact form or initiate a live chat.

Complain in writing

If you prefer to outline your complaint in writing, you can. Outline your grievances, list evidence, explain the steps you have taken so far and outline what you want from Direct Save Telecom and when. Then send it all to:

Direct Save Telecom
Direct Save House
Century Court
Tolpits Lane
WD18 9RS

Complaining about Direct Save Telecom to Ombudsman Service: Communication 

If you have made your complaint to Direct Save Telecom and have not reached a resolution, you can take your case further via the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. For DST the ombudsman is Ombudsman Service: Communication.

For the ombudsman to accept your complaint, you must have received a deadlock letter from Direct Save Telecom, or have waited eight weeks for any response from them. Only then can you complain.

If you would like to know more about how to complain about broadband read our in-depth guide to complaining.

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If you've had enough of DST, then you could consider switching - it could save you hundreds of pounds every year! You should be able to switch for free if you're out of contract - check out our guide to cancelling DST for more. We'd also recommend contacting DST (using the details above) to confirm if you are out of contract.

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