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Direct Save Telecom features and review

Set up in 1999 with a goal of providing discounted line rental and calls, Direct Save Telecom (DST) now offers a range of residential and business broadband, phone calls and line rental tariffs.

Running off the Openreach (BT) telephone network, it claims to offer savings against the likes of BT, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin Media on its services while being committed to offering 24-hour UK-based telephone support.

Direct Save Telecom (DST) broadband deals come in a variety of flavours, including short term ‘no contract’ broadband that only ties you in for 28 days.

What does DST offer?

Across Broadband Genie, all the deals you’ll see are for new customers. DST’s deals are no different, so read on if you’re looking to switch to this flexible provider:


DST can offer both ADSL and fibre optic internet deals, including unlimited broadband and cheaper capped packages.

Most Direct Save Telecom broadband deals are on 12-month agreements, but for some packages, DST provides the option of rolling monthly (or ‘no contract’) broadband. DST is also one of the few providers to offer home broadband with no credit check.

All DST deals include a free Wi-Fi broadband router with free postage.


A phone line is required for DST broadband deals - the price you see listed is the cost of both the broadband and phone line.

Without paying anything extra, you’ll receive the standard call plan with regular per-minute charges. That’s the best option if you just need a phone line for broadband and won’t be making many voice calls. Otherwise, you can add evening and weekend calling or anytime calling for an extra monthly charge.

Direct Save Telecom broadband coverage and speed

As a reseller of BT Openreach network services, DST broadband deals are available to the majority of homes and businesses. The choice of packages will vary with location, so use the postcode search on our comparison tables to see what’s available in your area.

In some locations the telephone exchange may be non-LLU - also known as “market A” - which means that only one or two ISPs are available (often only BT). DST broadband is still available at market A exchanges, but prices are higher.

Direct Save Telecom broadband speed

In line with most other fixed-line broadband providers, DST offers ADSL broadband with an average speed of 11Mb and fibre optic broadband at speeds of 35Mb or 63Mb. It does also offer ultrafast Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) at speeds up to 300Mb, but availability is very limited at this time.

The exact speed you receive will vary according to location. When joining DST, an accurate speed estimate will be provided.

Direct Save Telecom broadband usage limits and traffic management

DST is usually unlimited, although “market A” broadband packages (see coverage, above) have a 100GB cap, but this can be increased to unlimited for a fee.

Traffic management is not used on any DST packages.

Direct Save Telecom - in summary

With prices starting from just under £20 for broadband and line rental, DST is one of the cheapest providers around. Plus it’s one of the few ISPs to provide broadband on a rolling monthly contract, which makes DST a good option for students looking for broadband. Many of its deals are also unlimited, and there’s no traffic management. And despite the low prices, you’ll still get a free Wi-Fi router with any package.

But you could end up paying more in other ways. For starters, if you’re in a non-LLU area, the costs are much higher. That’s not unique to DST, but if you’re in that situation, you may want to shop around carefully to see what other options you have. You should also be aware that DST’s early termination costs are unusually high and involve paying for the remaining months plus a per-line fee, the cost of the router and the setup charge. If you’re likely to be cancelling early consider their monthly no contract broadband instead.

To find out more read our full Direct Save Telecom review.

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