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NOW Broadband customer service contacts, problems and complaints

NOW contact numbers and technical support

NOW broadband customer service contacts:


NOW Broadband allows you to get both broadband and TV packages, all under one bill. It offers a variety of different broadband speeds, as well as bundles that include phone or TV services.

If you've got a reason to call NOW customer support, you can use this page to find the correct phone number, email or address quickly. With all this information in one place, we hope you can get back to enjoying a brilliant broadband service in no time.

How to contact NOW customer service

NOW customer service opening hours are 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

If you call at peak times, you're likely to be placed in a queue, so try to call during quieter periods.

NOW broadband contact number

There are several ways you can get in touch with NOW Broadband, including hopping onto the NOW website FAQ to access its live chat and phone line.

NOW prefers customers to refer to the online FAQ system to troubleshoot issues. You can then check with the live chat for further help. It asks for customers to only call if the problem can’t be fixed, or there are other issues not covered by these online resources.

If you need to speak to someone, NOW customer service's phone number is 03303 323 050.

If you're thinking of cancelling NOW Broadband, you'll need to call 03300 412 473.

You can also email [email protected].

NOW Broadband postal address

If you prefer not to call on your landline or mobile and would rather put pen to paper, the best address for NOW TV and NOW Broadband customers is:

NOW TV Customer Care
The Hub
1st Floor
Grant Way

Is NOW Broadband down?

Having problems connecting to the internet? It could be that NOW's home broadband service is down. Perhaps you don't have any streaming TV, or you can't access Facebook, or collect emails. There might even be a telephone outage.
There's a chance the issue is related to the wider network and not caused by something at home. Before you contact NOW, we recommend you take a look at your cables and connections. Check the following:

  • Is everything connected to the router?
  • Is the device powered up?
  • Is your TV box connected to the router?
  • Have you tried accessing Wi-Fi from a different device, or restarting your device?

If there’s still a problem, check NOW’s official Twitter/X account. If there’s a serious outage, this will be the first place it updates customers.

You can also use Downdetector to check the NOW broadband service for outages. If you’re regularly having issues with your fibre broadband, we recommend using our speed test. Make a note of the times you have issues. You can use this to work out your average speed, and it’s good evidence if you need to raise a case.

If you need more help with internet problems, read our guide to troubleshooting broadband.

How to complain about NOW Broadband

Get in touch via Twitter / X

You can use Twitter to send a message to NOW.

However, one problem you're likely to face when contacting NOW Broadband via Twitter is that this account also covers all of NOW TV's services. It can be difficult to be seen due to the sheer number of messages and comments.

But it only takes a few moments to send a polite message outlining the problem. Give it a go! You might get a quick response and nothing’s lost.

Speak to customer services

Should social media give you no joy, contacting NOW Broadband customer services is the next step. Use the live chat function, or call 03303 323 050.

Complain in writing

If you're struggling to get the level of customer service you're expecting, you might decide to contact the provider by post. You can send your mail to:

NOW TV Customer Care
The Hub
1st Floor
Grant Way

As ever, be polite, ensure the letter is typed for legibility, and include as many factual details about the problems as possible.

Complaining about NOW to Ombudsman Services: Communications

In some cases, it might be necessary to take steps to log an official complaint. If poor customer service has blighted your experience, this could end up being your last resort.

Follow the provider's own complaint procedure, and await the outcome. If this hasn't worked out, you receive a deadlock letter, or you’ve waited over eight weeks for a response, then it's time to bring the matter to the attention of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body. 

ADR schemes act on behalf of your ISP to achieve a favourable outcome for both you and the internet provider.
To complain about an ongoing issue with NOW Broadband, contact Ombudsman Services.

Not sure where to start? Learn more about how to complain about broadband.

Just want to leave NOW? Here's how to switch

Have you had enough of NOW? Are you struggling with your download speed? Does your broadband connection keep cutting out? Maybe you’ve got your eye on another fab fibre product elsewhere. If you’ve reached the end of your contract, you can switch for free to a cheaper deal.

To find out when your contract ends, contact NOW using the details above. We'd also recommend our guide on how to cancel NOW Broadband.

If you're free to switch, we recommend doing some research first before you get in contact with NOW, we've put a couple of our favourite deals below:

Dynamic deal panel

Not all of these broadband deals will be available in your area, so if you'd like to double-check, simply enter your address below:

Broadband Genie deals checker

If you’re ready for a switch up, but there aren’t any NOW broadband packages that catch your eye, switching is a simple process.

In most cases, you won't even need to speak to your current provider before making the move.

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