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NOW Broadband deals for existing customers: upgrades & renewals

If your NOW Broadband contract has reached the end of its term, it’s time to consider your next steps to ensure you always have the lowest price. But should you stay with NOW, or switch to a new deal? In this guide, we’ll go over your options as an existing customer and explore the pros and cons of switching or renewing.

NOW Broadband existing customer deals: should you renew or upgrade?

When your broadband contract has reached the end of its minimum term you have the option to get a great new deal by switching to a new provider. You can also stay with and renew your contract. But which is right for you? 

Switching is often the best option because it lets you take advantage of the many special offers available to new customers, which can include generous shopping vouchers and other rewards

Here are just some of the deals currently available: 

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Whatever you do, don’t let your NOW Broadband service continue without doing anything, because you could end up paying more as a result.

NOW Broadband Broadband existing customer deals

NOW does not advertise deals specifically for existing customers. Instead, you’ll be offered a standard monthly price. Here are some of the deals currently available from NOW: 

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However, it is important to note that existing customers will not get any special offers included with these deals, as they are only for new customers. That is why switching at the end of your contract is often the best option to keep costs down.

If you choose to renew your contract, we recommend that you contact NOW customer service and ask what they can offer you to stay, as haggling can often get you a better deal.

NOW Broadband Broadband upgrade deals

If you opt to renew your NOW Broadband service you may be able to upgrade to a faster speed at the same time. 

NOW offers three different average download speeds: 11Mb, using ADSL, and 36Mb or 63Mb, which are fibre optic services using a standard BT Openreach telephone line. 

If you currently have the 11Mb NOW Brilliant Broadband service it is very likely that you will be able to move to fibre as it is available at most homes. 

If you already have the NOW Fab Fibre package with 36Mb average speed then you probably can upgrade to the 63Mb Super Fibre deal. 

However, no further upgrades are available at this time if you are already using NOW’s fastest 63Mb service. To get quicker broadband, you would need to move to the Virgin Media network or see if FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) is available in your location.

To find out what kinds of speeds and services are available to your home, use our postcode checker:

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Why do we need your postcode?

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Frequently Asked Questions about NOW Broadband deals for existing customers

What happens to my contract when I renew or upgrade?

When renewing or upgrading NOW Broadband you will need to sign up to a new 12-month minimum term, which means you are committed to paying for the service for that period of time (or you will be charged a termination fee for leaving early).

NOW does also offer no contract broadband deals which can be cancelled at any time, and this may be more suitable if it is likely you’ll have to end the contract before the minimum term is up.

With regards to the broadband connection, there will be no interruption or change to your internet if you are only renewing the current deal and not changing the speed.

If you decide to upgrade then there may be a brief period of downtime when the connection is switched over.

Can I upgrade my NOW Broadband broadband?

It is likely you can upgrade your NOW Broadband package if you currently have either NOW Brilliant Broadband (11Mb average speed) or NOW Fab Fibre (36Mb). If you already have NOW’s fastest package (NOW Super Fibre) then no upgrade route is currently available.

Can I get NOW Broadband in my area?

NOW uses the BT Openreach telephone network and is available to millions of homes across the country. Use our postcode checker to find out what services and providers are available at your home.

How do I contact NOW?

Call NOW customer service on 03303 323 050.

For more information and other contact methods, visit our guide to NOW customer service.

Will I get a new Wi-Fi router?

A new Wi-Fi router may be supplied if you upgrade to fibre optic broadband from ADSL. Otherwise, you will probably not be offered a new router. However, if you contact NOW to haggle for a new contract then it’s worth asking if they can supply you with a new router at the same time to sweeten the deal!

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