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Virgin Media deals for existing customers: upgrades & renewals

The time has come: your Virgin Media broadband contract is at an end and you are now free to search for a new deal. But should you stick with Virgin and renew, or switch and get a new package from a new provider? Find out everything you need to know about renewing, upgrading, or switching as an existing Virgin Media customer right here.

Virgin Broadband existing customer deals: Should you renew or upgrade?

Our general advice for existing Virgin Media customers is the same as every other provider: always look at what else is out there and compare it to Virgin’s existing customer offers. 

Switching at the end of the contract could net you a great value deal as you can take advantage of the rewards given to new customers. And because providers tend to increase costs for existing customers at the end of a contract, it is usually the best way to keep monthly costs as low as possible. 

As an example, here are just a few of the top deals currently available:

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However, it should be noted that while comparing and switching is generally best practice, the situation with Virgin Media is a little different due to its unique services.

While most broadband providers share the same infrastructure (the BT Openreach telephone network), Virgin has its own lines with speeds and packages you cannot get elsewhere. And in many parts of the country, Virgin will be the fastest broadband provider available. 

Switching away could very likely mean accepting a slower broadband speed, and it could also impact your TV service if you have Virgin Media TV. As such, many Virgin Media customers may be best off staying where they are, as the tradeoffs for switching might not be worthwhile.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just let your Virgin Media deal continue without at least speaking to Virgin because the monthly fee will increase after the minimum contract term ends. Even if you aren’t interested in an upgrade, you should negotiate a price on your current package.

Virgin Media Broadband existing customer deals

Virgin Media has offers for existing customers. To see these, use your Virgin account and log in on its existing customer deals page to find out what they’re offering you. 

It’s reasonable to expect a deal similar to those offered to new customers; here are a few of the packages currently available to new subscribers:

Dynamic deal panel

If you don’t see anything on the existing customer deals page, call customer services and haggle for a better price. If you explain you’re thinking about leaving they should offer you something to stay.

Virgin Media Broadband upgrade deals

Virgin Media offers a wide range of broadband speeds, from 54Mb up to a rapid 1Gb. Unless you are already on the fastest speed in your area, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to opt for an upgrade when renewing.

To find out what speeds are on offer in your area, enter your postcode:

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Why do we need your postcode?

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Getting Virgin Media TV as an existing customer

You can add Virgin Media TV alongside your broadband service at any time — Contact Virgin customer services or log into your Virgin account to upgrade. 

You do not need to wait for the end of your contract to add TV, but if you are out of the minimum contract term and interested in a TV deal you should look at a TV and broadband bundle to get the best value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virgin Media deals for existing customers

  • What happens to my contract when I renew or upgrade?

    When renewing or upgrading you will be signing up to another minimum contract term (which at the time of writing is 18 months). That means that you are committed to the monthly payment for that period, and cancelling before it ends will mean paying an early termination fee.


    If you know you’ll have to cancel before the term is up then you should consider a short term contract instead, as this will allow you to cancel at short notice without fees.

  • Can I upgrade my Virgin Media broadband?

    It is very likely that you can upgrade your Virgin Media broadband. Virgin offers speeds up to 630Mb across much of its network, and some areas can now get gigabit broadband. So unless you’ve already signed up for the best speed your area has to offer, there will probably be a speed upgrade available.


    Use our postcode checker to find out what speeds and packages are on offer in your location.

  • Can I get Virgin Media in my area?

    There is a good chance you can get Virgin Media broadband: the network is available to around 53% of premises around the country. Enter your postcode into our postcode checker to find out.

  • How do I contact Virgin Media?

    Call Virgin Media customer services on 0345 454 1111.


    For alternative contact methods read our guide to Virgin Media customer service and technical support.

  • Will I get a new Wi-Fi router?

    If you are renewing and not upgrading, you will probably not receive a new router. If you upgrade and your current router is not suitable for the faster speed, Virgin will send a free replacement.

  • Do I need to pay for a Virgin Media TV box?

    If you’re getting a new TV deal a TV box will be supplied free of charge.


    For an upgrade to older TV boxes, speak to Virgin Media. There may be a cost involved, but if you are in the process of renewing your contract it’s worth asking for a free upgrade as part of the negotiations. 

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