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Virgin Media price rises

A guide to Virgin Media price increases in 2024

Find out how much Virgin Media Broadband bills rose in 2024, how it compares to other providers' increases, and whether you can leave without paying a penalty.

It’s fair to say, none of us enjoy paying more for the same service. When it comes to paying the broadband bill, it’s far nicer to save money than see contract price rises announced.

In April 2024, Virgin Media broadband customers saw a price rise of 8.8%

In this special guide, we’ll explain Virgin Media price increases and offer advice for new and old customers.

Virgin Media broadband price increases: the key points

  • In 2024, Virgin Media's price rise was set at 8.8%.
  • Applying a higher rate of inflation makes the increases bigger than rival providers
  • New contract conditions prevent customers from leaving early over pricing

Why is there a Virgin Media broadband price increase?

Annual price rises are sadly just a fact of life. Broadband customers should be aware that April often brings unwanted news of contract price increases.

This not only responds to the UK’s rate of inflation, but also due to greater demand, network growth and also service upgrades.

To calculate its inflation, Virgin Media uses the retail prices index (RPI) metric instead of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate used by most providers. Annoyingly, the RPI is typically the higher of the two, linked more closely to house prices and mortgage rates.

In comparison, the RPI (4.9%) was 0.9% higher than the CPI (4.0%) in February 2024. Virgin Media then adds its own 3.9% rise to reach the 8.8% total increase.

Price hikes are standard practice for most broadband providers. If you’re worried about they could mean for you, then our guide to broadband price rises explains more.

How much did Virgin Media broadband go up in 2024?

The price increases are relative to the different Virgin Media products. Being a percentage, the rises get greater for the more expensive broadband deals, but we can work out the new monthly rates to give revised costings.

Here we’ve used prices from February 2024 to add the 8.8% monthly increase for five of the most popular options:

Example of Virgin Media broadband price rises in 2024
Virgin Media package Monthly Price After 8.8% price rise
Virgin Media M125 Broadband Only £29 £31.55
Virgin Media M250 Broadband Only £33 £35.90
Virgin Media Big Bundle £31 £33.73
Virgin Media M350 Broadband £37 £40.26
Virgin Media Gig1 £48 £52.22

Which Virgin Media customers are affected?

The price changes were applied in April. Those with existing contracts signed before the announced rises saw monthly bills increase from thereon.

Not everyone was affected, though, with special plans exempt from the changes.

The pricing of Virgin Media’s Social Tariffs, ‘Essential Broadband’ and ‘Essential Broadband Plus’ stayed the same price.

Talk Protected landline service and Stream from Virgin Media also faced no extra cost. This was the same for any add-ons or extra admin fees.

Can you cancel due to a Virgin Media price increase mid-contract?

You always retain the right to cancel a broadband contract for any reason. In most cases, there are exit fees to pay when customers choose to leave early.

Virgin Media changed its terms and conditions last year to include these price rises. This means customers agreed that they could not freely walk away without being charged.

According to Ofcom's ruling, price rises must be stated at sign-up, with at least 30-days notice prior to the changes.

When will Virgin Media next raise its prices?

Is this likely to happen again and if so, when? Price hikes are expected annually and in April to mark the new financial year. If inflation is low, the increases are smaller but always there.

In the unlikely event that the RPI is 0% next year, Virgin Media will raise prices by at least 3.9%

Be aware that ‘out of contract’ hikes are likely and often higher. You may be rolled onto pricier tariffs once your minimum contract term is over, paying far more than you should.

It’s a sad fact that the longer you stay with Virgin Media out of contract will increase the chance of bigger bills.

What options do I have if I can’t afford the Virgin Media price hike?

For those genuinely worried about affording the changes, there are a few actions we can recommend:

Speak to customer services. Don’t just ignore it or default on the bills, let your provider know your situation and ask for payment advice.

Ask about social tariffs. Virgin Media has social tariffs packages for those customers on benefits like income support. If you qualify, these deals are exempt from the rises.

Switch if you can. If you’re out of contract, it’s time to switch to another provider.

What’s the best provider to switch to from Virgin Media?

Switching away from Virgin Media to a provider with the same broadband speeds can be tough.

Providers like BT, TalkTalk and Sky are on a different network (Openreach) which makes moving to the same full fibre packages less likely. If you do have a choice of full fibre broadband ‘altnets’ in your area, this could give you what you need for similar speed.

Sky has a switching credit offer and is a good option for those enjoying a TV bundle package. Switching credit helps the move to a new provider by reimbursing fees.

Broadband Genie’s deals checker is always the best way to find out what the alternatives to Virgin Media are. Just enter your address and view the best packages and providers that serve your home – it couldn’t be simpler!

Broadband Genie deals checker

Alternatively, here are some of the best alternatives to Virgin Media at the moment:

Dynamic deal panel

How to get in touch with Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s online customer portal offers support links and service FAQs. If you need to speak with an agent, you can use the live chat messaging service.

The Virgin Media customer service line is the best way to call, dialling 150 from a Virgin line or 0345 454 1111 on other phones.

If in doubt, check our guides on making Virgin Media complaints and what to do when you choose to cancel your account.

It’s worth noting that when cancelling, Virgin Media customers are required to initiate a switch. These customers should make sure to find a new deal before asking to leave.

Expert Summary

Virgin Media raised its prices by 8.8% in April 2024.

By changing its terms and conditions in Autumn 2023, the provider has stopped current customers from leaving early without fees. If you do ever get notified of a 30-day window for cancellation, then this could be a chance to act on.

Otherwise, it’s advised to speak with the provider and explain any payment concerns. Those out of contract are in the very best position to renew at a discount, or switch for cheaper deals.

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