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  • Good range of broadband packages which you can bundle with phone and TV options
  • BT's fibre optic broadband service Infinity available in some areas
  • Pay one year in advance to save money on your line rental
  • BT Sport available to all BT broadband customers through the online app, or as a TV channel if you take BT TV

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

While BT didn't win any awards in the 2014 Home Broadband Survey, the ISP did receive some good poll ratings. Notably, 70% of BT customers would recommend them, 77% consider the connection to be reliable and 70% are satisfied with the speed. BT was also a nominated finalist in the Best Bundle Provider category for its good value TV packages, and came close to winning Most Innovative provider.

Who are BT?

The big daddy of UK broadband, BT owns the infrastructure that all other providers except Virgin Media use to put ADSL, ADSL2+ and now fibre optic internet into your home. It's the biggest fixed-line broadband provider by user numbers, its 'Home Hub' wireless router is well regarded, and it offers a good variety of products - everything from a straight broadband deal to offers including mobile phones, mobile broadband dongles and television services. With the introduction of BT Sport in 2013 the firm is now competing directly with premium TV bundle providers.

BT is rolling out 'super-fast' fibre broadband ('up to' 76Mb speeds) and continues to expand its ADSL2+ footprint, but is often criticised for not doing this fast enough (or without prompting from government). As you might expect from such a big company, some customers find the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, but it does offer 24/7 customer services and technical support, with premium options also available.

BT claims to be the world's oldest communications company, dating back to the Electric Telegraph Company of 1846. British Telecom (as it was known) was formerly part of the Post Office - then a government department - but became a public limited company (plc) in 1984. It now has more than 5.5 million subscribers (including Plusnet, which it owns) to its BT Total Broadband products, which it runs in partnership with Yahoo!

Customer reviews

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  • neutral

    by Barry Coleman at 14:38 on 16 Dec 2014

    Many, many, many years using BT dialup then broadband now fibre. I have noticed a big improvement since the early days of exceedingly frustrating so-called support. They are now, I think and hope, beginning to get it right. Support is pot luck but at least it is now possible, sometimes, to get real help on the phone from an English speaker. Fibre speeds are pretty much as expected unlike the old ADSL slow to stop to even slower. I think I'll stick with BT for a bit longer still.

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  • unhappy

    by Benjamin Hodgetts at 16:02 on 13 Dec 2014

    BT fitted a new line for free which seemed excellent. Speeds were 28MB with a low ping.

    Fast forward 3 months, my sync is suddenly locked to exactly 20000Kb, ping is terrible (35 when previously 8 to UK servers).

    I try over and over to speak to BT, being told someone will contact me and that they are chasing the fault. After weeks of chasing them they finally get back to me and say there's no fault and everything is fine.

    Apparently is sudden 8Mb drop on my connection (30% of my total speed!) is normal and is possibly down to, and I quote "more people connecting now".

    My old connection had a slightly better ping and would sync at 25Mb. I've moved to BT and EVERYTHING IS WORSE.

    I couldn't recommend against them enough.

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  • unhappy

    by D & K at 10:04 on 22 Nov 2014

    Spent 3 weeks trying to get an engineer out. When I managed to book one he did not turn up. Waited another week and had a visit and was told it was fixed. In this time internet dropping out for days at a time or so slow unusable. Still not fixed. Rang call centre again who refused to request another engineer to visit as we were 'long line' i.e. rural. Had broadband for many years at this address so why can't they sort it now. They dont listen to what you say, just keep repeating the same thing. Also they gave us the option of cancelling the service( without penalty! How generous) or carry on paying for the few minutes we manage to connect. As they are the only providers in the area we have no option but to continue paying a premium price for an appalling service. Also our neighbours (who presumably have the same length of line are able to get reasonable broadband)

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  • neutral

    by A Khan at 10:30 on 19 Nov 2014

    BT customer service is the worst service I've ever experienced.

    BT are unable to deliver to Internet speeds they boast about

    BTs wifi signal continually drops and when challenged BT inform you that they can "not guarantee" the wifi signal.

    I would urge you not to purchase products from this company.

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