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  • Good range of broadband packages, between 10 GB and unlimited download allowance, which you can bundle with phone and TV options
  • BT's fibre optic broadband service Infinity offers speeds of up to 76Mb in some areas
  • BT's wireless Home Hub 4 now uses dual band technology for reduced wireless interference
  • Unlimited broadband packages are now fully unlimited with no download cap or traffic management.
  • BT Sport now available to all BT broadband and TV customers

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

While BT didn't win any awards in the 2014 Home Broadband Survey, the ISP did receive some good poll ratings. Notably, 70% of BT customers would recommend them, 77% consider the connection to be reliable and 70% are satisfied with the speed. BT was also a nominated finalist in the Best Bundle Provider category for its good value TV packages, and came close to winning Most Innovative provider.

About BT

The big daddy of UK broadband, BT owns the infrastructure that all other providers except Virgin Media use to put ADSL, ADSL2+ and now fibre optic internet into your home. It's the biggest fixed-line broadband provider by user numbers, its 'Home Hub' wireless router is well regarded, and it offers a good variety of products - everything from a straight broadband deal to offers including mobile phones, mobile broadband dongles and television services. With the introduction of BT Sport in 2013 the firm is now competing directly with premium TV bundle providers.

BT is rolling out 'super-fast' fibre broadband ('up to' 76Mb speeds) and continues to expand its ADSL2+ footprint, but is often criticised for not doing this fast enough (or without prompting from government). As you might expect from such a big company, some customers find the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, but it does offer 24/7 customer services and technical support, with premium options also available.

BT claims to be the world's oldest communications company, dating back to the Electric Telegraph Company of 1846. British Telecom (as it was known) was formerly part of the Post Office - then a government department - but became a public limited company (plc) in 1984. It now has more than 5.5 million subscribers (including Plusnet, which it owns) to its BT Total Broadband products, which it runs in partnership with Yahoo!

Customer reviews

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  • unhappy

    by Andy at 13:57 on 20 Feb 2014

    I agree with everyone complaining about the lack of customer service and resolution from BT. I had a near perfect download stream from my up to 8meg connection for years until I received my new tariff from BT in September 2013. According to BT my internet service is still the top unlimited package so nothing changed there.
    Since September my speed has fluctuated wildly after 5pm through to midnight and all weekend, EVERY WEEKEND!
    My normal speed should be 7.15meg download and 0.37 upload. For the past 6 months I've been getting anything from 2.75meg to 0.21meg on the download. This is ridiculous. Watching the speed over any given time period sees it jump wildy from one extreme to the other. during the day when at work I am told the speed is stable, at maximum and consistent. Yet after 5pm it all changes.

    Like so many others trying to get answers from BT about it, I too am one of these people. Many countless hours wasted (entire evenings when I should be relaxing after work) trying to get some kind of support.
    I've had the whole gamut of excuses, which vary depending on the mental capacity of the indian helper at the other end of the line. To begin it was my internal cabling and filters, which were all replaced. Then it was the fault of my router, which (to be fair) they sent out a replacement. That did not fix anything. Then it was back to blaming my internal phone cable coming from the main box. That was replaced at my expense but still no change. Then I get someone who passed me to "level 2 support" only to be forced to explain my problem all over again. Told to wait 2 days for engineers to correct a fault they detected at the exchange. Funny it was blamed on my substandard internal connections for 2 months. 2 days pass and no improvement. back on the dog and bone to BT help.
    This was a rinse and repeat of all the above for the next 4 months. Eventually they sent out an openreach engineer to test connections at the house. Miraculously the speeds were perfect all the time he was testing the line. I would not let him go without getting some explanation for the problem. He couldn't be any more vague if he tried. He said to begin, I might be suffering from what they technically call the rain effect, where external devices interfere with the broadband signal (e.g. plasma tvs or street lights) but I was having none of that. He then made some calls to his team and after a bit of muttering to and fro, he tells me its a known fault due to over subscription at our exchange. He tried to explain saying the card my connection is on was maxxed out and this caused automatic throttling of the connection to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks. I said "ok, bottlecks eh? so in order for others to get their paid for internet service at a speed they enjoy, my paid for connection must suffer?" Again I was not convinced.

    The engineer said there is an open ticket with the "Operations" team but when I queried on when this would be done I got no real timescale. So I suppose I'm meant to accept that as a closed and resolved issue? The short answer is no, but BT say yes it is.

    This fight continues and I know switching to another provider at this stage will not resolve the speed issue.
    I'm absolutely exhausted trying to get any headway with BT and they just don't care so long as you keep paying.

    For all those coming in this forum saying their internet is fine with BT, just wait. You'll be next (if not already suffering since posting.) I have many frends up and down the UK, and the majority of those who are on BT are having this same problem. I do not lie.
    Furthermore I checked on samknows website my local exchange and from what I see there is no evidence of over subsricption on the exchange - 657 retail users and 60 business users. So there you have it. BT will say anything to stall you for another few days or weeks and do less than zero about it.

    It's time we got some kind of petition together and boycott payments to BT. Perhaps when the money stops coming in they might actually do something about it. But then again they won't. They have the monopoly over all the phone lines across the UK, which begs another question -why are we paying for line rental to third parties? Why should we pay line rental at all?

    Its the biggest fleece this side of the northern hemisphere, but because BT is part government owned, nothing will ever be done except to help those in the big cities.

    I come home from work at night and expect to get use of a service I pay top whack for. Instead I just get a jittery connection unable to hold a steady ping, upload or download. When I need help my entire evening is killed whilst a helper refuses to get past his/her scripted response.
    I don't put up with doing any of their tests any more. It's wasteful time, stressful and pointless. It just gets you nowhere slowly.

    Its high time we all made a stand. We are not sheep, we are PAYING CUSTOMERS.

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  • unhappy

    by Lynda Sales at 21:54 on 4 Feb 2014

    I can only agree with the negative comments above. I am usually a calm and polite person but dealing with BT would drive a saint to swear.

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  • happy

    by Keith at 18:11 on 21 Dec 2013

    BT? Absolutely brilliant. Very high speeds- in excess of 19mbs, superb service. Very stable speeds too- no capping or slowing down, goosd service, well worth the cost. Installed into new home in August. Keep it up BT.Thanks.

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  • unhappy

    by Tennisplayersson at 19:30 on 29 Nov 2013

    BT tell lies.
    My hub broke, BT said it would take 2 days to get a new one, 3 days later when I asked where it was they said that the minimum time is 5 days - of course working days!

    Despite that I have just signed up my Dad, 93, to a BT phone, broadband and TV package. Everything went fine until I tried to get the free sport - there were no channels showing. To cut a long story they had sent the wrong box, or rather they said I had ordered the wrong one! But as there is no choice on their website how can you choose the wrong one.
    They agreed to send a replacement - but only after trying to get extra cash by trying to get my Dad onto Infinity.
    They then tried to get £10 for the viewing card, this I reminded them was to watch FREE Sport...........................eventually they relented and said it would be 2 day to get the box. Guess what it didn't arrive. They then said it hadn't been ordered. After much discussion they agreed to get the box delivered TOMORROW - hurray.
    Guess what tomorrow never comes, and neither does the box!
    It is now the day after tomorrow and the box is still not here. BT then tried to push a second hand box off on my Dad because he was changing the order. That was supposed to be sorted a new box was coming in 2 days time.
    It must have been my masochistic tendency that made me check - they were still delivering a second hand box! I am now promised a new box in 3 days time.

    OK so anybody can make a mess of an order, it takes a really bad company to make such a mess, but when they have a company policy that clearly amounts to telling lies I do wonder why anybody should use them. I am almost tempted to go back to TalkTalk.................. are they really worse than them?

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