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  • You can add to your package with a variety of flexible service 'Boosts' including extra download allowance, calls or mobile minutes
  • Free customer and technical support.
  • Existing TalkTalk customers can upgrade to Essentials TV or Plus TV

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

No wins for TalkTalk in the 2014 Home Broadband Survey but it was nominated in the Best Budget category for the "incredible value" of its Simply Broadband package, and in the Best Bundled Provider award for its affordable YouView TV bundles.

About TalkTalk

After a nasty hiccup in the mid noughties (where it failed to properly prepare itself for the amount of people that went for its 'free broadband' campaign, leaving many unconnected and decidedly miffed), it has recovered well. Its prices are competitive for both straight broadband and telephone deals. But while cheap, it may not make you cheerful when things go wrong: support can leave a bit to be desired.

It was launched in 2003, after the consumer arm of Opal Telecom was bought and rebranded TalkTalk by The Carphone Warehouse. Through a series of acquisitions (most notably AOL, Tiscali and Pipex), TalkTalk became one of the biggest names in UK fixed-line broadband.

TalkTalk has become the third largest ISP in the UK, behind BT and Virgin Media, with more than four million customers. The TalkTalk brand stayed part of Carphone until becoming a wholly separate company again in 2010, merging back in with Opal's business broadband company.

In early 2011, TalkTalk said 90 per cent of UK households could now enjoy 'unbundled' broadband on its own network, with its equipment being in more than 2,000 BT exchanges. This LLU (local loop unbundling) technology should increase broadband speeds for its customers. However, speed has been a constant thorn in TalkTalk's side, not least because of acquiring many customers on slow services – particularly from AOL. Customer service issues have also led to customer dissatisfaction and a small drop in subscriber numbers.

While the 'free broadband' offer is long since past, its recent pricing relaunch introduced an interesting 'Boost' range of options which allows you to bolster the standard package by paying for extra download capacity, extra call time or even extra mobile call minutes.

TalkTalk has also launched 'TV Plus', a broadband, phone and TV bundle which includes a YouView PVR/IPTV box that normally retails for £299.

Customer reviews

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  • neutral

    by david at 10:27 on 26 Jul 2014 | registered | 29 posts

    There is something that has dawned on me since looking for a replacement isp. There are at least two isps talktalk and plusnet (so far that I have found) that are sneakily charging extra, when you signup. In talktalks case they are forcing you to pay for a router, whether you want it or not. I have contacted them about this. They try to be coy by saying the router is free, but its the delivery that you only pay for. When pushed that this is in fact the cost of the router you get the reply but, but, but the router is free. Its a charge - an extra charge. I imagine they have bought a shed load of these measily routers, and they have to get rid of them. No matter what they claim they are making extra money from the router just like an ebayer will make money from selling a book at 1p but the delivery is 4.95 - get it.

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  • neutral

    by Adam at 18:04 on 30 Jun 2014

    TalkTalk is the worst ISP I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Following months of dropouts and really REALLY slow connectivity TalkTalk expects to fix my issues with a £2 a month discount for 6 months or a new router, but only if I renew my contract for a further 18MONTHS!!!!! Stay away from TalkTalk at all costs. They will take your money, provide you with the bare minimum in service and never ever fix any issues should they arise. You have been warned.

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  • neutral

    by david at 17:10 on 26 Apr 2014 | registered | 29 posts

    Sorry, just wanted to add. When you say you are leaving they come out with the polite-threat that there is always a chance that you will need to pay 130 pounds should you leave after the contract ends to the new provider for reconnection.

    Another thing while we are about it. When you question the excessive and ridiculous security questions they will try to bamboozle with "we are following the DPA". This is in the hope that they can politely-manipulate you with hopefully your lack of knowledge of the DPA or with any fear you have of rules and/or authority. If you say that the DPA doesnt actually state how many questions should be asked or what questions should be asked, in other words one question would suffice, they dont know what to do apart from politely-deflect by changing the reason.

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  • neutral

    by david at 17:00 on 26 Apr 2014 | registered | 29 posts

    I have just left talktalk, and write this to list the reason why. First, there was never any real problem with the internet connection, but the phoneline was always quite for others that I am calling.

    The real problem is the customer support, right through from the automated response to the phone being put down on me. The automated menu at the beginning asks for the talktalk telephone number to be tapped in to speed up the process. When you get through to someone you are then asked for the telephone number. How does that make sense? So I generally and made a point of refusing to answer the same question again. And this is part of the problem with their representatives as well. They will ask for the same information at least three times as they either cannot or will not remember. Just to add insult to injury the representative are usually from india or south africa and cannot be understood that well. They insist when asked whether they think they are speaking english that they speak good english, to which I reply "I am english and english speaking all my life and I can barely understand you".

    At one point it took 1 and a half hours to get a representative who would actually deal with me as all the rest had just disapeared or put the phone down. However, this one indian lady came out with the "please wont you give us one more chance". By this time not just because of this call but others of the same nature I was not in the mood and gave notice to quit.

    Which brings me to another point. If you have paid in advance and are leaving early surely they owe you money, not as they claim that you owe them money?

    Anyway, needless to say but dont consider joining if you think decent customer service is part of what you are paying for.

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