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  • You can add to your package with a variety of flexible service 'Boosts' including extra download allowance, calls or mobile minutes
  • Free customer and technical support.
  • Existing TalkTalk customers can upgrade to Essentials TV or Plus TV

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

No wins for TalkTalk in the 2014 Home Broadband Survey but it was nominated in the Best Budget category for the "incredible value" of its Simply Broadband package, and in the Best Bundled Provider award for its affordable YouView TV bundles.

Who are TalkTalk?

After a nasty hiccup in the mid noughties (where it failed to properly prepare itself for the amount of people that went for its 'free broadband' campaign, leaving many unconnected and decidedly miffed), it has recovered well. Its prices are competitive for both straight broadband and telephone deals. But while cheap, it may not make you cheerful when things go wrong: support can leave a bit to be desired.

It was launched in 2003, after the consumer arm of Opal Telecom was bought and rebranded TalkTalk by The Carphone Warehouse. Through a series of acquisitions (most notably AOL, Tiscali and Pipex), TalkTalk became one of the biggest names in UK fixed-line broadband.

TalkTalk has become the third largest ISP in the UK, behind BT and Virgin Media, with more than four million customers. The TalkTalk brand stayed part of Carphone until becoming a wholly separate company again in 2010, merging back in with Opal's business broadband company.

In early 2011, TalkTalk said 90 per cent of UK households could now enjoy 'unbundled' broadband on its own network, with its equipment being in more than 2,000 BT exchanges. This LLU (local loop unbundling) technology should increase broadband speeds for its customers. However, speed has been a constant thorn in TalkTalk's side, not least because of acquiring many customers on slow services – particularly from AOL. Customer service issues have also led to customer dissatisfaction and a small drop in subscriber numbers.

While the 'free broadband' offer is long since past, its recent pricing relaunch introduced an interesting 'Boost' range of options which allows you to bolster the standard package by paying for extra download capacity, extra call time or even extra mobile call minutes.

TalkTalk has also launched 'TV Plus', a broadband, phone and TV bundle which includes a YouView PVR/IPTV box that normally retails for £299.

Customer reviews

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  • unhappy

    by Michael kelly at 09:11 on 23 Nov 2014

    Nothing but trouble since moving house. Was lied to and told fibre was available at new address. Talk talk claimed we had to start on basic then upgrade to fibre, another lie. We now have the worst speed ever and the modem is always red and needs switching off then back on. Sent us a new modem, nothing changed. Fraud team investigating over money taken out of account and talk talk couldn't explain why.

    We have been to citizens advice over their absolute useless service but contract nearly up. Once we are out of contract they won't be receiving our custom ever again. Nothing in regards to compensation ever offered. I can't stress enough DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. We now have 4g phones and tether and it is fantastic.

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  • neutral

    by Rachael at 14:08 on 11 Oct 2014

    Awful. I didn;t even go through with getting it in the end - loads of problems getting order/set up sorted, not helped by poor communication from them about it - they cancelled my order without telling me, leaving me waiting for it to be switched on! Equally poor customer service and repeated, long and expensive calls - I've chosen to pay a bit more but get decent service.

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  • neutral

    by david at 19:30 on 7 Oct 2014

    Worst customer service so far. They (ISPS) generally have bad customer service anyway, but TT this today really pushed the envelope. I am not even with them. I was just thinking of joining.
    a)Listen and allow the customer to explain why the telephone call. Then get the caller to repeat what has been said as the person was not listening and pretending that they were listening.
    b) Do not do what the person wants. Do not do what is asked. "You are not helping, so could you put the phone down. This would be the most helpful thing you can do". Reply "No. I am not allowed to put the phone down. But you can". Reply "Why is it more important that I end the telephone call by placing the phone down on you, rather than you doing what has been asked? Is that not rude - not doing what is asked?". Reply "No." Reply "Then if you cant put the phone down on myself then I expect you to still be here in 10 minutes time, or even is 6 hours time." Reply " Yes, I will still be here as I am being paid no matter what happens." So the phone is walked away from, but the call has not ended. Within ten minutes despite saying all that has been said about the phone cannot be put down by himself. The phone is indeed put down Which shows that the phone call could have ended by the request that was made a lot sooner and that he could at anytime put the phone down when requested.
    c)Turning the conversation around to not taking the blame for anything.
    d)Accusing myself of being awkward with them - after being refused my request.
    e)deliberately, not listening to not answer the question, and to change the conversation for their own ends.

    I could go on. The list is endless. I mean being charged 5 pounds for delivery of something which is not required, and tham saying they have no control, despite them sending the unwanted package. That router is just an extra barely disclosed cost. Their arguement is that the reciever is not paying for the router - just the delivery. So of course you are coughing up an extra five pounds to which they deny. Will I be five pounds better off I ask. To which the subject is again skewed in a different direction.

    Dont signup with talktalk. You can do better.

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  • neutral

    by Peter L at 18:27 on 26 Sep 2014

    Having just left TalkTalk for Sky, I can honestly say that the stability of my broadband connection is now like day is to night. After multiple heart-sinking calls to TalkTalk's technical support (you just know that each time you dial the support number you are embarking on at least a 1 hour journey through the same scripted questions) I was prepared to discard the final month of my pre-paid line rental to get away from them.

    As for all these people on this forum complaining about charges, have they never heard of "The Direct Debit Guarantee"? All you have to do is inform TalkTalk in writing that they have charged you incorrectly, give them a reasonable deadline to correct it (say 2 weeks), then if there's no satisfactory action contact your bank and tell them that there's been an unauthorised charge on the direct debit. The bank will reverse the transaction AND charge the company a fee for doing so, too!
    I found myself invoking the Direct Debit Guarantee against my electricity supplier a few months ago; it mightily p*ssed them off, but reversed the situation of who owed money to whom instantly.

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