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  • You can add to your package with a variety of flexible service 'Boosts' including extra download allowance, calls or mobile minutes
  • Free customer and technical support.
  • Existing TalkTalk customers can upgrade to Essentials TV or Plus TV

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

No wins for TalkTalk in the 2014 Home Broadband Survey but it was nominated in the Best Budget category for the "incredible value" of its Simply Broadband package, and in the Best Bundled Provider award for its affordable YouView TV bundles.

About TalkTalk

After a nasty hiccup in the mid noughties (where it failed to properly prepare itself for the amount of people that went for its 'free broadband' campaign, leaving many unconnected and decidedly miffed), it has recovered well. Its prices are competitive for both straight broadband and telephone deals. But while cheap, it may not make you cheerful when things go wrong: support can leave a bit to be desired.

It was launched in 2003, after the consumer arm of Opal Telecom was bought and rebranded TalkTalk by The Carphone Warehouse. Through a series of acquisitions (most notably AOL, Tiscali and Pipex), TalkTalk became one of the biggest names in UK fixed-line broadband.

TalkTalk has become the third largest ISP in the UK, behind BT and Virgin Media, with more than four million customers. The TalkTalk brand stayed part of Carphone until becoming a wholly separate company again in 2010, merging back in with Opal's business broadband company.

In early 2011, TalkTalk said 90 per cent of UK households could now enjoy 'unbundled' broadband on its own network, with its equipment being in more than 2,000 BT exchanges. This LLU (local loop unbundling) technology should increase broadband speeds for its customers. However, speed has been a constant thorn in TalkTalk's side, not least because of acquiring many customers on slow services – particularly from AOL. Customer service issues have also led to customer dissatisfaction and a small drop in subscriber numbers.

While the 'free broadband' offer is long since past, its recent pricing relaunch introduced an interesting 'Boost' range of options which allows you to bolster the standard package by paying for extra download capacity, extra call time or even extra mobile call minutes.

TalkTalk has also launched 'TV Plus', a broadband, phone and TV bundle which includes a YouView PVR/IPTV box that normally retails for £299.

Customer reviews

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  • neutral

    by Alan at 18:05 on 30 Aug 2014

    I left Talk Talk after just 4 days, when they blocked my phone no. after trying to report a problem. Thereafter, they agreed to talk to me 'but not about the problem.' Since; six-weeks of threats and runaround, demands for amounts of money they appear to have plucked out of the air and cannot substantiate when I ring them.
    They are obstructive and evasive, and, in at least ten contacts, include three letters to UK addresses, have not produced a final bill for the two-weeks before I moved to Sky, who, incidentally, have been excellent.
    Talk Talk - 'abandon hope ye who enter here.'

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  • unhappy

    by chris at 10:39 on 10 Aug 2014

    My partner and i signed up to talk talk about 2 and a half months ago,so far we have had 1 months worth of services from them as they sent us broken eqiupment, on my first call to them after waiting on hold for nearly an hour on hold from my mobile, was informed by a guy i could hardly understand that i was going to be charged £50 for a new box, despite wanting to use some foul language at the guy i just hung up cos the guy sounded misserable and i got the feeling he was getting some kind of sattisfaction from this, eventually i got through to somebody about five days later who then booked a guy to come and replace it about a week later, so far we've had about a months services (with only 1 extra add an) to be charged a £177, i fear to god what our bills will be like when our half price 6 months run out. Dont use talk talk!!!!!!

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  • neutral

    by Peter Mortensen at 18:19 on 8 Aug 2014

    How to describe TalkTalk without having to ask the kids to cover their ears... well, it's almost impossible. I have had internet problems with them for months and all I ever hear is an Indian or Philippine person promising me all will be well once we have gone through some tests, for the millionth time, during this, my millionth call to them. If ever there was a company that make you want to smash up your computer and your phone, this is it!

    I have tried everything, writing to them, calling them, online chatting to them... I have tried to complain, close my account with them, change my packages, ask for refunds, discounts and compensation but every time I get nowhere in actually getting the issue fixed. I am either not speaking to the right person or the right department, whoever I speak to, and sometimes they just plain put the phone down on me when they realise they can't help.

    A couple of days ago I actually had a service centre person ask me if I'd had lunch and he then proceeded to tell me about how important lunch is, before telling me he needed to transfer me to someone else. I guess he could tell how frustrated I was, although I always remain calm and polite. I have spoken to people in India, the Philippines and, I think, the UK and none of them had an original idea about fixing this issue. I have just been told yet another engineer has been booked. If he actually turn up he will be the 5th one. They all say the same thing; the problem is not at my end. I get the feeling Talktalk support does not keep records of their support requests because it's like starting from scratch with them every time you call.

    On their webpage, they have a page that explains how one can complain, but the link on that page that is supposed to take you to an email form actually takes you to their repair page. Typical for them.

    I am supposed to be on a discount, but when they sold me that one they forgot to mention that they were now telling me the prices ex. VAT. With VAT I am still paying what I was always paying and I am still getting very slow speed, 2/3 of what I was promised and what I pay for.

    I would love to find a different supplier but I am not sure how to cancel my contract with them without incurring ridiculous penalties. If anything, they should give me money back!

    To anyone who is considering signing up to Talktalk: I used to sing their praises and they are great as long as you don't have any issues. If you are unlucky and have issues that can't be rectified by a restart of the router or an upgrade of it's software, then forget it.

    In summary, Talktalk sell you really really bad service and worse products all based on sweet promises of reasonably priced quality, which they are wholly unable to deliver.

    I would not recommend them to anyone. They are entirely incompetent. I know because I work in IT and if I did what they do I'd be out of a job.

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  • unhappy

    by Lauren at 23:32 on 31 Jul 2014

    Really wish I had read the reviews on here before I took out a contract with this terrible company on 18/07/14 I have rang every day since we went live due to account problems,I have been fobbed off from about 20 different people being told it will take 24 hours,48 hours or 72 hours to sort. I have been hung up on 3 times and had to re-explain the issue several times as everyone seems to be totally stupid that works there. Today someone eventually rang back after both myself and husband ringing call centre constantly,online chatting and email all for the same problem and now they are saying it will take 28 days to change account settings,told them this was not good enough and I wanted to cancel and was stunned and disgusted to be told it would cost near £70 to do this. Their customer service is atrocious and I would not recommend anyone to go with them,you might think you are getting a good deal with them but the only thing you will get is a headache.

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