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Alternatives to TalkTalk Broadband and TV

Tired of TalkTalk? Searching for a new broadband, phone, and TV provider that can match TalkTalk? In this guide to TalkTalk alternatives, we’ll show you some of the best providers which can offer a similar choice of speeds, services, and prices.

What are the best alternatives to TalkTalk?

Thanks to some very cheap deals, regular free gifts, and the option to get a budget “triple-play” TV, phone, and broadband package, TalkTalk is an enormously popular choice.

But what can you do if you want what it has to offer, but from a different provider?

In this guide, you can discover some of the best alternatives to TalkTalk services.

Alternatives to TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk is an Openreach (BT telephone line) network provider, which is the same network used by almost all internet service providers (ISPs). That means that you don’t have to look too hard to find alternatives which can deliver the same kind of broadband speeds 

Here are a few of the best deals which deliver comparable speeds at a similar price:

NOW Brilliant Broadband is the same speed as TalkTalk Fast Broadband, with prices starting from under £20 per month.

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Plusnet Fibre Broadband is approximately the same price as TalkTalk Fibre 35. It does have a slightly slower average speed (36Mb vs 38Mb) but it’s a minor difference.

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Keep in mind that all these broadband speeds are an average, not a guaranteed figure. Since these providers share the same underlying infrastructure the differences between them are small. Within each speed tier, you can expect similar performance when moving between ISPs.

Alternatives to TalkTalk TV

BT TV is nearly identical to TalkTalk; both services come with a similar TV box and provide approximately the same number of channels. And like TalkTalk, BT’s premium channel packs are flexible, with the ability to swap them every 30 days free of charge.

NOW TV provides access to selected Sky TV channels via streaming, using passes that you can purchase without signing up to a long contract. It’s a great way to get access to the most popular channels but will be more expensive than other services if you sign up for all the passes at once.

Sky TV
Sky is a leading premium TV provider. While not as cheap as TalkTalk, it can offer a huge number of channels and includes the excellent Sky Q TV box.

Virgin Media TV
Virgin is a direct competitor to Sky, with a similar number of channels and extra features. Again, it is pricier than TalkTalk, although Virgin is able to offer incredible broadband speeds that for many of us will be the fastest available.

Top three alternatives to TalkTalk

Vodafone Broadband provides great value fibre optic deals that start from just over £20 for fast 63Mb fibre. It also offers regular special offers which include free gifts.

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As well as some very cheap broadband deals, NOW TV also makes a great alternative to TalkTalk TV if you’re mainly interested in the most popular Sky channels and don’t want to bother with long contracts or the need for additional equipment. All that’s required for NOW TV is an internet connection and a compatible device to view the streaming service.

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BT is the most directly comparable alternative to TalkTalk. It provides the same kind of broadband speeds, and its TV package is near identical to TalkTalk. However, you will have to pay more for BT, and sports fans should be aware that, unlike TalkTalk, BT cannot give you access to the full range of Sky Sports channels.

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