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TalkTalk fibre broadband deals

Find out all about TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband

If you’re being held back by slow broadband, then an upgrade to superfast fibre optic internet could be just what you need. TalkTalk Faster Fibre broadband offers speedy internet at a low price. But what’s included, how does it compare to the competition, and is it right for you? Read on to find out more about TalkTalk fibre broadband.

All about TalkTalk fibre broadband deals

TalkTalk is perhaps the most well-known broadband brand in the UK. Available in most areas, TalkTalk relies on the Openreach telephone network. It offers three broadband packages: a basic option, and two superfast fibre optic broadband deals. TalkTalk is cheap, but should you sign up to its fibre broadband packages?

Can I get TalkTalk fibre broadband in my area?

Thanks to the Openreach (BT telephone line) broadband network there is a very strong chance that you can get TalkTalk fibre in your area. After all, over 95% of the UK is connected to the Openreach network.

To find out if you can subscribe to a TalkTalk broadband package, use our TalkTalk fibre checker:

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Why do we need your postcode?

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Enter your postcode, then check the results to see if TalkTalk fibre broadband is available in your area.

How do I get TalkTalk Fibre?

TalkTalk fibre contracts are 18 months long and packages have free unlimited weekday and weekend calls.as an optional extra.

There are no upfront costs with TalkTalk. Simply click the link in the postcode checker, select your preferred option, then provide your information to begin. They offer a 30 day "great connection guarantee" for peace of mind.

Already subscribed to another ISP? If you're still in the original contract period, it's likely you'll have to pay an exit fee in order to switch to TalkTalk. Make sure you know how to switch your broadband package before agreeing to a new subscription.

What fibre broadband packages does TalkTalk offer?

Along with the standard broadband package (Unlimited Broadband, £19.95 a month (or similar), 11Mb/s download speed, unlimited usage), TalkTalk offers two fibre broadband choices.
Unlimited Superfast fibre

For around £26 a month, the Unlimited Superfast fibre broadband package is six times faster than the standard option. Usage is unlimited, giving you the choice of incredibly fast fibre internet for every purpose. 
Unlimited Faster fibre

Often around £23 a month, there is little point in signing up for TalkTalk's basic broadband package when this fibre broadband option is just £5 more. At around three times the speed (average download is 38Mb/s), Unlimited Faster fibre broadband offers unlimited usage.

All TalkTalk broadband options come with an 18-month contract, free Wi-Fi router, and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. TalkTalk currently promises "No mid-contract rises" which should help you manage your finances for the duration of the contract.

Is TalkTalk fibre broadband any good?

With so many competing ISPs providing fibre broadband, why would you sign up to TalkTalk?

We like...

  • Fibre broadband packages are both under £30
  • Fixed price guarantee

We don't like...

  • TalkTalk has a poor customer satisfaction record

Find out more details about TalkTalk broadband in our full review.

TalkTalk fibre vs BT, EE, Sky, and Virgin Media

Provider Average speeds Cheapest price Fastest package price Notable extras
TalkTalk 38Mb / 67Mb £23.50 (38Mb) £26  (67Mb) Fixed price guarantee.
EE 36Mb / 67Mb £27 (36Mb) £30 (67Mb) Mobile data boost.
BT 36Mb / 50Mb / 67Mb £26.99 (36Mb) £31.99 (67Mb) Free Wi-Fi. Cheap BT Sport.
Sky 59Mb £27 (59Mb) £27 (59Mb) Free Wi-Fi.
Virgin Media 54Mb / 108Mb / 213Mb / 362Mb / 516 Mb £28 (54Mb) £46 (516Mb) Free Wi-Fi.

Prices correct as of 07/20.

TalkTalk offers similar speeds to other Openreach network providers but the price is what sets it apart; TalkTalk fibre deals are some of the cheapest you'll find anywhere.

Is TalkTalk fibre internet right for me?

Which of these fibre broadband packages is right for you? Do you even need fibre internet?

Modest internet usage that eschews video streaming and gaming in favour of basic browsing, email, and online shopping doesn't require the high speeds of fibre broadband. You should be fine with a basic option, such as TalkTalk 11Mb/s package at around £20.

Similarly, if you're in one of those remote rural areas that fibre broadband hasn't yet reached, the basic option might be all you can use.

Get TalkTalk fibre if…

You're a gamer. Fast fibre optic broadband lets you download the latest releases in far less time than ADSL broadband. Fibre is also a must if you stream on Twitch or YouTube, or host multiplayer matches.

You love to stream video. High definition Netflix and Amazon Video streams are a lot smoother with a superfast fibre connection.

You have a busy shared home. The more people sharing your connection, the greater the speed you'll need. Fibre optic can cope with the demands of busy shared and family homes.