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Gaming survey - 25% prefer to buy online, but 27% still have slow ADSL

With E3 taking place just a few weeks ago we recently ran a poll asking a series of questions about gaming and broadband in the UK (helped along by the chance to win a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One). Do you play online? Is lag a problem? How do you prefer to buy games? These were all things we wanted to find out about the UK's estimated 33.5 million gamers.

Do you have unlimited broadband?

2,064 responses.

What type of broadband do you have?

2,064 responses.

Do you regularly play games online?

2,064 responses

How often do you play online each week?

1,037 responses.

What is your favourite type of game to play online?

1,037 responses.

Do you regularly suffer from lag when playing online?

1,037 responses.

How do you prefer to buy games?

2,064 responses.

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