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How to cancel John Lewis broadband

What you need to know about cancelling John Lewis broadband

Welcome to Broadband Genie! On this page you'll find everything you need to cancel John Lewis Broadband.

As of October 2022 John Lewis was operated by Plusnet Broadband: So, while these details are currently all correct- you may also want to consult our 'How to cancel Plusnet' page.

What to do before you cancel John Lewis broadband

Whatever your reason for cancelling your John Lewis broadband, there are a couple of important steps to take before you go any further.

Check your contract

John Lewis broadband deals had a 12-month contract term. When you cancel a broadband package early, you tend to get charged for each month you have left on your contract. If possible, you're best off waiting until the end of the minimum term.

Find a new broadband deal

Assuming you want to keep getting broadband, you’ll need to have a new deal in place to take over when your John Lewis broadband connection is cancelled.

Switching between providers is easy. In most cases, your new provider will handle the admin for you. 

  • What is Openreach?

    Openreach is the company that maintains the former British Telecom Network used for the majority of broadband and phone services. If a repair or installation is required, it’s Openreach who will send an engineer, not your provider.

    More than 650 service providers using the Openreach network. That’s the majority of the UK’s broadband providers. This includes Sky, TalkTalk and BT. The exception to this is Virgin Media - it uses its own, separate cable network.

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How to cancel John Lewis broadband

If you’re out of contract: cancelling John Lewis for free

First, a quick note: while you won’t pay early termination charges for cancelling if you’re out of contract. John Lewis did have a standard £25 disconnection fee which everyone must pay, regardless of your contract status. 

If you no longer need broadband, it’s up to you to contact John Lewis and arrange for the service to end. The best way to do this is by phone on 0800 022 3300 (lines are open from 9am to 6pm every day for customer service queries).

You can also contact John Lewis online or write to:

John Lewis Broadband
The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU

When writing you’ll need to tell them the package you have, the date it was ordered, your name and address and a contact telephone number, and a reason for cancellation; to make life easier, John Lewis has a cancellation form for you to print and complete.

For more information, have a look at our John Lewis Broadband customer service page.

Cancelling John Lewis if you’re still in contract

Cancelling when you’re in contract is exactly the same as outlined above (either switch and let the new provider do the work, or get in touch with John Lewis and arrange it yourself).

But the difference is when you’re in contract there are extra costs in the form of an early termination fee. Read on below to find out what this could cost.

John Lewis early cancellation fees

As found in its price guide, John Lewis charged the following fees for each month.

John Lewis broadband package Charge per month
Unlimited £10.07
Fibre £16.52
Fibre Extra £19.75

Prices last checked May 2023, but you should always confirm costs with your provider.

For any customer who signed up to a broadband contract after 9th December 2019, early termination charges are calculated as follows:

  • monthly charge (factoring in any monthly discount to which the customer is entitled);
  • deduct VAT at the applicable rate;
  • reduce the charge to take account of any costs saved because of leaving early, such as wholesale costs;
  • deduct 1% for early receipt of payment;
  • multiply this figure by the remaining months of the minimum term. Any part of a month in the remaining minimum term will be charged daily on a pro-rata basis.

For further information, please read the John Lewis Early Termination Charges guide.

Frequently Asked Questions about cancelling John Lewis

  • What is John Lewis broadband’s notification period?

    John Lewis requires 14 days notification if you’re moving providers, or ten days for any other reason. When you switch to another Openreach provider, John Lewis will accept the new provider's move order as notice.

  • Do I need to return my John Lewis Wi-Fi router?

    If you’re still in contract the router must be returned at your own cost. If you do not return it within 14 days of cancelling you’ll have to pay £40 for an ADSL router or £80 for a fibre router.

  • Can I keep my phone number?

    You can transfer your number to a new provider. Make sure your new network is made aware of this when you sign up.

  • Can I cancel for free if my John Lewis broadband is too slow?

    Some providers have signed on to Ofcom’s broadband speed code of practice, which gives customers the right to cancel for free if the broadband is too slow.

    John Lewis has not agreed to this, so you do not have this right. If you are unhappy with the service ,you should speak to technical support. If things aren't resolved, you'll need to submit an official complaint.

    Find out more about how to do this successfully with our guide to making broadband complaints

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