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Are you one of the 7 million broadband users that can save £100s?

Author: Emma Davenport | Last updated: 31 October 2023

Yep, that’s right! Seven million is the number of broadband users currently out of contract. If this is you, you’re likely paying far too much. The great news is you can probably switch right now, for free, and save £100s with a new deal.

Switching has never been easier. Enter your address to see the deals available to you and begin your journey to massive savings.

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Alternatively, these are a few of the best deals we’ve got right now.

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Not sure if you’re out of contract? The easy way to check

Firstly, if you’ve been with your provider for more than two years, you’re almost definitely out of contract. That means you’re free to switch!

Contract lengths can vary, though. Find your provider below to find your estimated contract length. If you’ve had your broadband for longer than this, chances are you’re free to switch and save.

Provider Average contract length
BT 24 months

18 months

Virgin Media 18 months
TalkTalk 18 months
Plusnet 24 months
Vodafone 24 months
NOW 12 months
Shell 18 months

We’d also recommend checking with your provider. You can find their contact details quickly and easily by using our provider directory page.

Switching’s easier than ever

It’s also never been simpler to switch broadband, and here’s why:

  • The majority of the time, your new provider will do all the switch admin for you.
  • You might not even have to get in touch with your current provider.
  • There are stacks of great offers and freebies for new sign-ups.
  • Some providers, such as Sky, will give you a credit for switching early (up to £200!)

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Why you’re best off switching Broadband Genie

We’re the UK’s biggest specialist broadband comparison, but why else should you switch with us? Here are just a few reasons: 

  • Amazing exclusive deals: We work hard to secure great deals from different providers. You'll be able to find offers on Broadband Genie that you won't find anywhere else.
  • We do broadband: We love broadband! We’re unashamedly broadband geeks. So, if you want advice on the best deal, broadband tech help, or guides for getting the most out of the internet, you can trust the experts at Broadband Genie.
  • We love our customers: Whether it's getting great deals or making things simpler, we like to go the extra mile to make your switch sweeter.
  • Our customers love us: We're proud to be rated 4.7 ('Excellent') on Trustpilot! We think this makes us the UK's best-rated broadband comparison site. When it comes to broadband, you can certainly trust us.

So what are you waiting for? Switch and save with Broadband Genie today!

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Broadband Genie's Editor, Emma Davenport, has been contributing to the site since 2007. She has 20 years of experience writing articles, guides and tutorials on consumer technology for magazines and online.

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