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Hyperoptic, Post Office, Sky & Zen top broadband speed charts

Network connection speed / istock - Oleksandr PupkoThe first results of our annual home broadband survey are in, and it’s good news for Zen, Hyperoptic, Sky, and Post Office as they all came away with awards for speed.

Fibre provider Hyperoptic had the fastest results overall with an impressive 211Mbps average download speed and 165.6Mbps upload speed. 

But not everyone is lucky enough to be able to get a full-fibre connection as coverage remains limited compared to ADSL, Openreach and Virgin Media fibre. When it comes to broadband for the majority of us, Zen Internet - available to most premises around the country - had the fastest download speeds for both standard and superfast broadband, while Sky and Post Office had wins for upload speed in the superfast and standard categories respectively. 

Read on to see the full results of the broadband speed awards 2020...

Standard broadband (up to 24Mbps down/1Mbps up)

Provider Download average Provider Upload average
Zen Internet 8.3Mbps Post Office 0.55Mbps
Sky 7.7Mbps Zen Internet 0.53Mbps
EE 7.4Mbps Plusnet 0.527Mbps
Plusnet 7.1Mbps Sky 0.523Mbps
BT 6.7Mbps EE 0.519Mbps
Post Office 6.59Mbps TalkTalk 0.50Mbps
TalkTalk 6.58Mbps BT 0.47Mbps
Origin 3.9Mbps Origin 0.39Mbps

Superfast broadband (up to 80Mbps down/20Mbps up)

Provider Download average Provider Upload average
Zen Internet 38.5Mbps Sky 11.9Mbps
BT 34.7Mbps Zen Internet 11.5Mbps
Virgin Media 34.2Mbps Gigaclear 11.2Mbps
Hyperoptic 33.6Mbps BT 10.9Mbps
Sky 33.4Mbps TalkTalk 10Mbps
Plusnet 30.6Mbps Plusnet 9.9Mbps
TalkTalk 30.2Mbps EE 9.7Mbps
EE 30.1Mbps Vodafone 9.1Mbps
Post Office 28.8Mbps Post Office 8.8Mbps
Origin 26.9Mbps Origin 8.4Mbps
Vodafone 26Mbps Virgin Media 7.7Mbps
Gigaclear 15.3Mbps Hyperoptic 5.6Mbps

Ultrafast broadband (above 80Mbps down/20Mbps up)

Provider Download average Provider Upload average
Hyperoptic 211Mbps Hyperoptic 165.6Mbps
Vodafone 168.4Mbps Gigaclear 139.5Mbps
Virgin Media 156.1Mbps Vodafone 136.1Mbps
Gigaclear 142.5Mbps Zen Internet 105.1Mbps
TalkTalk 140.3Mbps TalkTalk 95.7Mbps
Zen Internet 138.1Mbps BT 37.9Mbps
BT 102.7Mbps EE 31.4Mbps
Sky 96.1Mbps Sky 27.6Mbps
EE 76.5Mbps Virgin Media 22.7Mbps

The overall average download and upload speed was 41Mbps/11.4Mbps. 

For the 2020 awards, we took a different approach to the speed tests and sorted the results into several categories. The standard broadband category covers speeds up to 24Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Superfast broadband is a download speed up to 80Mbps and upload speed up to 20Mbps. And connection speeds in excess of 80Mbps down/20Mbps up were classed as ultrafast broadband, which includes very fast Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) services.

Charles Davies, Managing Director, at Hyperoptic, said: “We love the fact that Broadband Genie has independently tested our network to its limits and found Hyperoptic to be the best on the market ultrafast for both upload and download speeds. The beauty of our full fibre broadband is that we can offer symmetrical speeds, with unmatched reliability and customer service. With the advent of 4K media services, gaming and the dramatic proliferation of multiple connected devices in the home, the customer need for high upload and download speed has never been greater. Our goal is both bold and simple – to pioneer the shift to full fibre.”

Georgina Lord, Managing Director, at Zen Retail, said: “Having access to a fast and reliable internet service has become more important than ever but UK consumers are still being let down by slow speeds or poor reliability. This is such a fast paced industry it is essential we are always at the top of our game and awards such as these from Broadband Genie help to demonstrate just that. Our superfast broadband makes everything from uploading and downloading photos to watching movies, gaming or listening to music a seamless experience. We work hard to keep our customers happy and believe that putting their needs first is the best way to attract and retain customers.”

Meet the author:

Broadband Expert

Alex came on board in October 2016 and in that time has risen to Broadband Genie’s resident broadband expert. For the last 7 years, he has appeared all over the UK press, giving expert advice about anything and everything related to broadband.

Specialist subject: Fighting the consumer's corner on all things broadband.

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