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Vodafone launches unbreakable Pro broadband deals

If you work from home and rely on rock-steady internet access, or you’re simply fed up with broadband letting you down, then the new Vodafone Pro Broadband range should be on your shortlist when it’s time to switch.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of us to work from home in the past year and hammered home the importance of a reliable internet connection. But judging this aspect of a broadband provider is nigh-on impossible until it’s up and running. 

Vodafone Pro Broadband aims to solve that issue by promising “unbreakable" broadband, among a host of other benefits. 

4G fallback and Super Wi-Fi

Key to Vodafone’s “unbreakable” claim is the 4G backup connection bundled with all Pro deals. If your main broadband line goes down then the router will switch over to 4G until the link is restored. 

But stable broadband isn’t just about the internet connection, it’s also important to have a solid home network. To that end, Vodafone Pro “Super WiFi” will ensure you can get Wi-Fi coverage in every room by supplying boosters to fix weak signal. And if that doesn’t work you can leave the contract for free. 

Pro customers also get access to an expert support team for assistance if anything goes wrong. 

Ultrafast and gigabit broadband

Vodafone Pro Broadband starts at £35 per month for 35Mb fibre or £37 for 63Mb. But if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with ultrafast broadband connectivity you also have the option of 100Mb, 200Mb, 500Mb, or 900Mb FTTP. Pro customers who don’t currently have FTTP can get a free upgrade when the service becomes available.

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In addition to the features mentioned above, Vodafone Pro Broadband also includes 12 months of free Norton anti-virus protection (with parental controls). And for only £8 more you can get “Pro Xtra” with a free Apple TV 4K box, free 12-month Apple TV+ subscription, and anytime landline and mobile calls. Xtra also comes with a fixed price guarantee that protects you from mid-contract price rises.

If you’re not interested in the extra benefits of Pro then the standard Vodafone Broadband deals are still available and still some of the best value fibre optic packages around. Prices start from just £22 for 35Mb. 

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