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How to cancel Three Broadband

What you need to know about cancelling Three Broadband

Has Three Broadband’s service not worked out for you or no longer suits your needs? On this page, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to cancel your contract.

Three Broadband cancellation

As long as you’re out of contract, cancelling Three broadband will be a simple process. 

If you’re still under contract with Three, things get a little trickier and potentially more expensive.

It’s important to check the small print of your original agreement. You should also pay special attention to when you signed up, and how long your contract was for.

Check your contract

If you’re still in contract with Three, leaving early will mean you have to pay a termination fee. It’s best to wait until your contract ends before you look for another provider.

If you'd like confirmation on your contract end date, you can call 0333 338 1001.

Alternatively, you should be able to find this by:

  1. Logging into your Three account
  2. Selecting 'Upgrades and offers'
  3. Selecting 'Check if you can upgrade'
  4. You should then see your contract end date under 'Minimum term'.


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Find a new broadband deal

Unless you’re cancelling because you no longer need broadband, you need to look elsewhere.
Take a good look at the most current deals and decide which provider you want to switch to when leaving Three. If you still wish to make use of 4G and 5G deals for home broadband, you can find more information with our Home vs Mobile Broadband guide.

Finding a new provider is simple with Broadband Genie. To get started, enter your address and find out what’s available in your area:

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How to cancel a Three contract without paying

If you're out of your minimum contract period, you’ll be able to leave at any time without paying. You can talk to an advisor by calling 0333 338 1001 from any landline. Alternatively, if you have a Three mobile phone contract, you can quick-dial 333. You can also use the Live Chat Assistant, or access this through the Three app.

You can find more contact information on our Three customer service and contacts page.

Cancelling Three during your cooling-off period

If you want to cancel your Three Home Broadband contract during your cooling off period, you can download this cancellation form.

Three Broadband Cancellation Fees

If you want to leave Three before your contract is at its end, it's likely you'll be charged an early termination fee. This will be the equivalent to the monthly charge for every month you have left on your contract. However, a variable discount is deducted (currently 3%).

Example of 3 Broadband Early Termination Fees
Monthly Charge £25
Total of Monthly charges remaining during the Minimum Term £25 x 6 months = £150
Less discount of 3% £150-£4.50 (3% of £150) = £145.50
Cancellation Fee £145.50

When you cancel your contract, you won’t be able to view your bill on the Three App, so you’ll receive this through the post. You’ll be refunded anything owed to you over 50p within 14 days of your final bill. 

If you’re within the last 30 days of your plan, you’ll be able to quickly cancel your contract online. You’ll need your Home Broadband number to do this.

How to find your home broadband number:

  • On a device connected to your broadband, visit in your web browser
  • Enter the password found on the back/base of your Home Broadband Hub
  • Select My device
  • Your broadband number can be found under My number

Once you have this number, you can use this quick form to cancel your broadband.

Frequently asked questions about cancelling Three

  • What's Three’s notification period?

    You’ll need to give 30 days notice to cancel your Three Home Broadband contract.

  • Do I need to return my Three router?

    5G Home Broadband customers will have to return their hub once the contract is cancelled. Three will arrange for you to be sent a pre-paid returns bag.

    If you don’t return your hub, you’ll have to pay £350 if you’re within your money-back guarantee period. The cost for the hub outside the money-back guarantee period is £105.

  • Can I cancel for free if my Three broadband is too slow?

    Three isn’t signed up to the Ofcom broadband speed code of practice. If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds, you should get in contact with customer support. 

    You can do this via Live Chat, by calling 333 from a Three phone (0333 338 1001 from any other phone), or by writing to:

    Three Customer Complaints
    Hutchinson 3G UK Ltd
    PO Box 333

    All complaints will be handled by Three on an individual basis using its complaints code.

    If you’re feeling frustrated by slow Three Home Broadband, you can find more tips on our ‘making broadband complaints’ page.

  • Who do I speak to if I need to cancel Three Home Broadband due to a death?

    To resolve any issues, you can call 0333 338 1001 and ask for the bereavement team. If you'd prefer not to speak to anyone, Live Chat is another option.

    See also: 'How to cancel broadband if you're bereaved or terminally ill'.

Expert Summary

Three broadband offers mobile home broadband, a service that few of the big broadband providers offer.

Its 5G broadband deals give decent download speeds and can be practical if you don’t want a traditional broadband setup.

However, if you’re not happy with what you’re getting and want to cancel your broadband, this is a simple process. Just remember to check when your contract ends, as if you’re in contract, you’ll need to pay an early termination fee. But if you’re out of contract, or okay with the cost, use our deals checker to see what other options are available in your area.

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