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YouFibre broadband deals

Get full fibre from this award-winning provider

  • Deals available on a 1-month contract
  • Very fast home broadband available up to 7000Mb!
  • Strict fixed price promise
  • Awarded 'Best Provider', 'Best Altnet' and 'Best Customer Care' in 2024

About YouFibre

Looking for the fastest home broadband package you can get? Check out YouFibre! Not only does it specialise in offering full fibre packages to customers across the UK, there’s a wide variety of speeds available to suit all budgets, with prices starting from a reasonable £30.

And when we say speed, we mean it. Its 7000Mb, You 8000 is outrageously fast.

We think this provider is so good, we titled it 'Best Provider', 'Best Altnet' and 'Best Customer Care' in our 2024 Broadband Awards.

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YouFibre: packages and average speeds

YouFibre’s services are scattershot across the UK. Currently, areas covered include the likes of Guildford, Woking, Liverpool, Wakefield, Lancaster and South West Belfast. However, we recommend adding your postcode into our deals checker to see if you can sign up at home, as many other smaller regions are covered too.

YouFibre uses the Netomnia and CityFibre full fibre broadband (FTTP) networks. This is separate from other networks such as Openreach and Virgin Media.

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There’s a fantastic level of flexibility on offer. As well as a varied mix of speeds, all of YouFibre’s packages are available as a 2-year contract, or a no-contract deal.

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What’s more welcome is that if you sign up to a YouFibre package, your contract price will remain fixed for the duration of your agreement. This is something that many large broadband providers aren’t doing as they hit customers with mid-contract price rises.

YouFibre home broadband options include:

  • You 150: Average download speed 150Mb / minimum upload speed 150Mb
  • You 500: Average download speed 500Mb / minimum upload speed 500Mb
  • You 1000: Average download speed 900Mb / minimum upload speed 900Mb
  • You 2000: Average download speed 1800Mb / minimum upload speed 1800Mb
  • You 8000: Average download speed 7000Mb / minimum upload speed 7000Mb

All packages offer a symmetrical download / upload service.

All of YouFibre’s ultrafast and gigafast deals will be suitable for larger homes, or those who carry out intensive online data tasks.

The reality is that most homes would be very comfortable using YouFibre’s entry-level 'You 150' package. However, if you’re really keen to speed up your downloads, here’s an example of how long it would take to download the film Oppenheimer in 1080p (HD) with a file size of 10.1GB.

Example download time for Oppenheimer in HD (10.1GB)
YouFibre Package Download Time
You 150 8 minutes 58 seconds
You 500 2 minutes 41 seconds
You 1000 1 minute 29 seconds
You 2000 44 seconds
You 8000 11 seconds

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What router do you get with YouFibre?

When you sign up to YouFibre, you’ll receive an eero 6 Pro router. This is an easy to install device and has the capacity to work with Alexa. It has a wide coverage range, although if your Wi-Fi coverage is struggling to reach every room, you can sign up to YouMesh. For an additional £7 per month (per booster), you’ll receive a YouMesh node.

Alternatively, if you’re signed up to 'You 2000' or 'You 8000', you can get YouMesh Pro - whole house coverage for £14 per month, per unit.

The Genie

The Genie says...

All YouFibre deals come with a strict fixed-priced promise. You won't get any nasty price rises mid-contract.

Does YouFibre offer home phone packages?

YouFibre offers three different landline packages:

  • YouPhone: free unlimited evening and weekend UK landline calls (£3 per month)
  • YouPhone Plus: free unlimited UK landline calls (£8 per month)
  • YouPhone Pro: unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles (£12 per month)

As it’s a fully digital VoIP service, there are no additional line rental charges.

It’s worth noting that a digital VoIP phone service won’t work if there’s a power cut, which would mean you’d have to access to emergency calls. However, this is unfortunately an issue for all digital phone services. By the end of 2025, traditional copper phone lines will be switched off, so this will be a common problem.

Does YouFibre offer broadband and TV bundles?

YouFibre only offers broadband only deals with a landline add-on. There are no TV bundles available. If you’re interested in accessing premium channels, you’d need to sign up to a standalone TV subscription, such as NOW TV.

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Is YouFibre available on a social tariff?

If you’re receiving state benefits, you may qualify for YouFibre’s Social Tariff - ‘You 50’. For this, you’ll receive average download speeds of 50Mb on a 24-month contract.

If you think you qualify, you can speak to a member of the YouFibre team on 0800 270 0100, or get in touch through its live chat service.

Will YouFibre raise its prices mid-contract?

YouFibre won’t raise prices mid-contract. It's pledged to honour the contract terms, price and length agreed during a customer’s initial sign-up.

What’s important is that this fixed price promise isn’t just for 2024 - it will last for the duration of the minimum agreement, even if that’s two years. Many other internet service providers are now raising their prices on an annual basis.

YouFibre: pros and cons

Pros Cons
  • Very fast, symmetrical broadband speeds
  • Reasonably priced packages
  • Easy and affordable landline add-ons
  • Static IP option available
  • Social tariff available
  • Rolling monthly deals available
  • Good customer care
  • Limited coverage areas

Frequently asked questions about YouFibre

  • What network does YouFibre use?

    YouFibre runs on both the Netomnia and CityFibre networks.

  • Can I get YouFibre in my area?

    One of the easiest ways to check if you can get YouFibre in your area is to enter your postcode into Broadband Genie’s deals checker. Once you’ve added your address, you’ll only see YouFibre deals if you have access to its network at home.

  • How long are YouFibre broadband contracts?

    You have a choice when it comes to contract lengths with YouFibre. Deals are either available on a 24-month or rolling monthly basis. No contract deals are priced higher for their flexibility.

  • Are there upfront costs with YouFibre?

    There are no set-up fees to pay when you sign up for YouFibre.

  • Does YouFibre broadband include a home phone line?

    YouFibre’s plans are broadband only. However, when you come to check out, you can easily add on set call plans.

  • Do I get a static IP with YouFibre?

    A static IP address doesn’t come as standard, but if you’re a keen gamer, work remotely using a VPN, or use external devices and websites, you can request a static IP for an additional £5 per month.

Expert Summary

Enter your postcode into our deals checker to see if you can sign up to YouFibre. If you can, we think it’s a hard one to beat. So much so, it's officially our choice of 'Best Provider' in 2024. As well as a great selection of reasonably priced, fast deals, there’s a choice of contract lengths. If you’re after a temporary, flexible solution without forfeiting fast speeds, then YouFibre’s 1-month deals are worth looking at. There aren’t many providers who offer gigabit broadband without the lengthy commitment.

More importantly, we applaud YouFibre for its fixed price promise. This means that new customers can be sure they won’t suddenly have a change of contract term or new monthly tariff for the entire duration of their contract.

For a more in-depth look into YouFibre's offerings, visit our full YouFibre review.

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